The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Classless Pet build updated: The Fat Fwuffy - Classless Pet Build

and it can now do SR65 :3

Just crossposting here in case.

In the OP, can find it under:


Can also do Crucible upto wave 160 :yum:
Healer Trio in wave 161 heal too much :sob:

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Guide updated (Both online and downloadable versions)

Finally the thing is complete (other than any future updates necessitated by balance patches or typos and such).

Now, time to hibernate :3


Btw, since the thing is now 175 pages long, I may have missed stuff, made errors, etc. So, if you guys find any, do let me know.


@Maya Hello, first of all, I’ve downloaded and partially read your pdf, and two things, one I absolutely love how you write and your jokes. And second you are a legend for writing practically a book of GM pet builds!

Now my question, I’m a new player and want a pet build, but I don’t want pets to do all the work while I sit in the back, I want to do my share with spells (piano if possible, where pets tank and I deal damage). So far I’m lvl 16 Occultist with no second class yet, waiting to find the correct one, but can’t find a build that suits me (I’ve seen many, not all). Any suggestions? Thanks again for your holy work!

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You did that deliberately, didn’t you? Made the guide 175 pages long just to match the number of Grim Misadventures Zantai’s written. :rofl:

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First of all, welcome to the forums and ty for the kind words :blush:

Now, personally I do neither hybrids nor piano builds. So, I don’t have any such builds of my own. However, you can have a look at these and see if anything strikes your fancy:

And if you have something specific in mind not covered by any of those builds, I’d recommend starting a a new thread with your idea and see if anyone else has already made such a build or might be willing to make something similar for you :slight_smile:


@Maya Oh, thanks a lot for links to these builds, I didn’t know that those kind of builds were named hybrid builds. I do really like the chaos hybrid pet cabalist you suggested. I’m really grateful, thanks again! :3

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Friendship ended with Gate to Many Worlds, Mythical Codex of Eternal Storms is new friend :3

Guide updated It is now 178 pages long :sweat:, added Inanna- Pet Ritualist to OP.

In case anyone is curious, currently my pets are ranked as following on the basis of their strength:

Fluffy Squishy > Ishtar > Inanna > Will O Wisp > Skulls & Bones

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Not sure if you’ve had a chance to look through all the patch notes yet (looks like a lot!), but I’d be interested to know if you anticipate any changes on this ranking now.

The person that posted this thread is permabanned.

like the guy above said, their acc is suspended. so if you wish to reach maya, you wiil probably have to do so through reddit:

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Why is maya banned??


Hello Maya, which will you consider to be a ssf pet build?

Maya has been making new builds in reddit.

this one uses a farmable set.

For some reason forum won’t let me link to reddit and says it is not allowed to link to that particular host(reddit). so the link above is tinyurl one leading to the same reddit post.

You can also contact them on reddit directly > MayaGD

Holy shit, you guys banned Maya?

Thats a bummer

There was a new update to the guide it seems. Link to reddit post here

The discrepancy should be limited to the mini guide section with the Doctor - Pet Ritualist and Necromancer devotions.

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They basically walked deliberately into getting banned from memory, complete with direct warnings telling them to knock it off.