The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

So, with all the forum changes and stuff, I decided to roll all my builds into a single thread + include guide of sorts and make it a pdf for easier viewing.

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Both download links point to the same file, just different hosts.

Let me know of your thoughts and stuff.


List of all my Pet Builds:


Single Mastery builds :

Occultist: Birds of Bysmiel - Pet Occultist

Necromancer: The Spoopy - Pet Necromancer

Necromancer II: Ghololol.. - Pet Necromancer

Shaman: Gaia - Pet Shaman


My Top 3 :

Conjurer: The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer

Cabalist: Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist

Conjurer II: Sanguine Lupus - Pet Conjurer


The rest of my builds :

Deceiver: Scheherazade - Pet Deceiver

Cabalist II: The Rawr God - Pet Cabalist

Cabalist III: ScareCrow - Pet Cabalist

Ritualist: The Witch Doctor - Pet Ritualist

Death Knight: Ghouls & Ghosts - Pet Death Knight

Oppressor: The Rawr Fiend - Pet Oppressor

Pyromancer: Fire Birb - Pet Pyromancer

Apostate: Fat & Fwuffy - Pet Apostate

Witchblade: Birbs of War - Pet Witchblade

Defiler: Divine Defiled - Pet Defiler

Apostate II: Friede - Pet Apostate

Warlock: The Fat Birb - Pet Warlock

Reaper: Booette - Pet Reaper

Cabalist IV: Skulls & Bones - Pet Cabalist

Cabalist V: The Lazy Hour - Pet Cabalist

Cabalist VI: Woof - Pet Cabalist


A Pic on how I do Crate of Entertainment:


Where to Farm:

Ever wondered what do to after hitting level 100 with the budget builds?
The usual response would be to do Skeleton Key Dungeons on Ultimate and maybe Crucible once you can.

But personally, I would advise against all that. Instead, what I find easiest and at the same time efficient is to do Shattered Realms Shards 65-66 on Normal. You do need to grind your way to there first before you can Craft Celestial Waystones and start on Shard 65, but that is a one time thing and we are talking about doing it on Normal difficulty. So that shouldn’t be a problem.

If you are worried about dying, then don’t be. Unless you are playing on Hardcore where death is permanent ofcourse. Because on Normal, even in Shattered Realms, enemies do not heal their health upon your death. It makes the entire thing much easier compared to Skeleton Key Dungeons and the Crucible.

If you are wondering about what the reward looks like, here it is with my Budget Occultist:

If you are wondering what the reward looks like if you cannot complete it in time:

Now, you might be wondering, why 65-66. Why not say 75-76, maybe.
Well, the answer is simple. It is just easier and there isn’t much of a difference interms of reward.



For those who don’t want to bother with the .pdf files, Here is a bit more Compact Version.
Some stuff had to be removed due to word limit on the forum.

(It is still recommended to read the .pdf version as it has more information)

The Carnival - A Guide to Pets (Formatted by @Ceno)

The Carnival: A Guide to Pets

By, Maya


  1. Introduction
  2. General Guide to Grim Dawn
  3. Classes
  4. Beginner’s Guide to Pets
  5. Crucible & Shattered Realms
  6. Useful Tools
  7. Abbreviations
  8. Conclusion

Note: The guide is made with the assumption that you have both
Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods Expansions. If you do not
have them, then some information presented will not make any


@Ceno for formatting this for the Grim Dawn forums.
@Powbam for helping to fix the formatting.

Thanks and :heart: you.


Who I am, is not important. We are all but faceless names here anyway. But what is important is what I have to offer you, stranger. The Carnival is, as the name suggests a festival; a festival of man and beasts. I could tell you more about it, but you won’t listen and probably just berate me for wasting your time. So instead, let me just show you that which has led you here. The prize at the end, or perhaps I should say, beginning of your journey. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

As the sand trickles down in the hourglass, we shall find you all you need to carve your name in the Hall of Heroes. And while I cannot lead you to your fame and glory, I hope to show you the way to
immortality. Whether you seek to bind Eldritch creatures to your will, or reap and use the very Souls of your fellow man or perhaps a more noble approach in becoming a simple master of Beasts blessed my
nature, you will find your path here.

But I must also warn you of something. To become a summoner is no easy task and it demands much of you. Should you hold steady in your current course, you must be willing to give yourself entirely to the art. Attempts at trying to mix it with traditional roles of spell casting or close combat will end only in tears and blood.

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General Guide to Grim Dawn

So you have decided to enter this grim and dying world. Glory, power, perhaps wealth, whatever your obsessions or reasons might be, I welcome you. Though there is not much wealth to be had and power
always comes at a price. You may strive for glory then, but what use is fame in a world of corpses?

Ah, forgive my ramblings. Do not let them concern you much. Now let us get straight to the point, for the journey you are about to undertake is a long and perilous one and I do not wish to keep you here any longer than necessary.

So, you know the story. A stranger from a far away land happens upon those in need of help and rises to the occasion, thereby becoming their hero and savior and eventually going on to fight and hopefully win against some great evil.

Here, of course you start at the end of a hangman’s noose and is no more of a hero than a swamp rat. But hopefully that can change with time and to do so, you need to learn some basic things. That is what we will be discussing here.

  1. Resistances and Resistance Reduction play an important part. Do not skimp on either.
  2. You get to choose 2 Masteries that will then combine to form your Class. Choose wisely for once you have made your choice, there is no turning back.
  3. Devotions play another important part in shaping your destiny. You need to either present certain offerings once you uncover a Shrine or cleanse it of the corruption that has set upon the once holy place of worship, in order to gain the favour of the gods.
  4. Skill and Devotion choices are not permanent and can be changed at the Spirit Healer for a cost. Do note that the cost increases with the number of times you do this.
  5. Area of Effect skills, or in this particular case, Skills that damage in an area are good for leveling up with and this applies to all Masteries.
  6. When it comes to choosing sides on faction quests, Allying yourself with Anasteria the Aetherial Witch & with Barrowholm is generally a good idea.
  7. Do not ignore Augments and Components. They make a lot of difference. Augments can be purchased from Faction Vendors once you have enough reputation. Some Components can be found while others have to be Crafted using Blueprints.
  8. It is generally not a good idea to farm for specific items at lower levels as you will out level them rather fast. Focus instead on Leveling up and on gaining Devotion points.
  9. When leveling up Attributes, focus on Physique. Put points in Spirit & Cunning only as needed. You will get a special potion later on that lets you reset your Attributes.
  10. Relics are special items that can only be crafted using their Blueprints & materials.
  11. Take a note on Vinelton. He is a vendor from Ancient Grove. He can be found in the Feral Thicket and sells blueprints for a lot of useable items
  12. Exclusive Skills are special skills in that only one can be active at any given time. So, make your choice carefully and do not waste points in a second exclusive skill.
  13. Devotion Bindings are not permanent and can be changed any time you want. Certain devotions can only be bound to certain skills. It is by design.
  14. There are 3 types of Resistance Reduction(rr) : -%rr, rr & %rr. Sources of “-%rr” stack while the highest “rr” and “%rr” gets counted instead. “-%rr” stacks additively with “rr” and they both stack multiplicatively with “%rr”
  15. Cool down reduction applies to both skills & devotions, but not to item granted abilities.
  16. Every skill can be upgraded by 10 more levels from its maximum, using specific items.

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So you seek a companion to aid in your quest. Who doesn’t?

After all, all life craves someone or even something to share it with and why should you be any different. But fret not. It is that search that has led you here and it will not be in vain.

But enough of all that, let us look into your options first, shall we?

Companions, henceforth addressed as “Pets”, come in two distinct forms. There are those that gain their strength directly from you and are mostly immortal extensions of your very being and then there are creatures which willingly follow you or are either bound to yourself by some strong and ancient magic. For ease of differentiation, we shall address them as “Player Scaled Pets” & “Pet Scaled Pets”.

Player Scaled Pets are those like Wind Devils and Wendigo Totems, the Guardians of Empyrion and even the likes of Blade Spirits. We will however be focusing primarily on Pet Scaled Pets, or True Pets. I am fully aware of how it sounds to say it out loud, but do bear with me for the moment.

While you shall learn more about them in the next section, let us focus on the various masteries and classes that you have the option of pursuing for now.

Occultists, Shaman & Necromancer, are the three basic masteries that you’d require if you are planning to focus on Pets. But in the world of Grim Dawn, you are not limited to a single mastery as you have the option to select a second one once you acquire sufficient experience (Lvl -10). So, in other words, you need not start with one of the three Pet Masteries unless you want to. And even then, you do not have to start with pets right away. You may decide to simply acquire more power before eventually switching over to the path of a Summoner. Now let us look at the choices in a bit of detail shall we?


I may sound like I am being partial to my Lady Bysmiel, but I assure you that my judgment has not been clouded by my adoration of my mistress. Occultist is widely considered by many as one of the best choices for any aspiring summoner. You might be wondering why that is. The answer is quite simple. It has everything needed within the confines of the mastery.

The Great Raven & the Hellhound both serve as reliable minions. The acidic Blood of Dreeg not only heals you and protects you, but also serves to strengthen your blows against your enemies. And it also affects your minions, both healing and strengthening them as well. Possession, as sinister as it sounds, also serves to protect you from harm and bolster your resistance against the chaotic energies. It does however prevent you from using another “exclusive skill” for Solael does not like to share.

And now, to talk of my mistress, Lady Bysmiel, the “Bonds of Bysmiel” and its subsequent skill “Manipulation” empower your pets in such a way that you could not even dream of.

But it does not stop there, for with just a word, your Curse of Frailty can both weaken your foes and empower the attacks of your minions against them in a way very few skills can hope to. Another one of Dreeg’s Blessings, “Dreeg’s Evil Eye” lets you weaken the physical blows of any who gets struck by them, provided you take “Focused Gaze”.

So, if it is not already obvious, what I am trying to tell you is that for every situation you may find yourself in, there is a tool in the Occultist mastery. Also as I have said before, even though we are looking at it from the view of a summoner, you need not invest in pets at all and can go for a more traditional route as a spell caster or even use the mastery to support another. Its uses are many and will certainly not disappoint.


Ultos and Mogdrogen will be your patron gods should you decide to become a Shaman. The things available to you are mostly beasts and spirits of nature and should you delve deeper, the power of storms and the dark and savage side of life. Do you seek brute strength? Do you seek to tame the beasts of the wild? Do you perhaps desire to be an embodiment of both Nature’s Kindness and its Cruelty?

No matter your pursuit or the nature of your quest, you will most likely find your place in Gaia’s Bosom.

Before we delve deeper, I must turn your attention to what I have told you before regarding Player Scaled Pets. You will see that Wind Devils and both Wendigo Totem & Storm Totem are Player Scaled Pets. That means, their uses for a pure summoner like ourselves will be limited. But they are not entirely useless either, well except for perhaps the Storm Totem which we will avoid for now.

When it comes to Wendigo Totem, it is a decent source of Area wide Heal. A single point in Blood pact might be worthwhile, but any more is a waste. Now, as for Wind Devils, avoid putting points in the skill itself. Instead, you should be focusing on leveling up “Raging Tempest” as it reduces the elemental resistance of your enemies and make them take increased damage from elemental attacks. Do keep in mind that a Shaman does not naturally possess any true pets that do elemental damage. So you will either have to convert their physical damage into elemental by some means or use pets like the Raven Familiars from the Occultist mastery to make use of the Wind Devils.

But, enough about that. Let us look at the actual Pets of the Shaman mastery. Briarthorn will be both your sword and shield here. Primal Spirit, which you will be able to summon once you have invested enough in the mastery, is a Temporary spirit. While it functions just like any other true pet, it will disappear after a certain duration and will need to be summoned again. Keep that in mind.

Mogdrogen’s Pact and Primal Bond empower both you and your pets. In the case of Mogdrogen’s Pact, it is because the skill is an Aura. And as is the nature of all such things that affect allies in an area of radius, it also benefits your pets provided they do not leave the Area of Effect. And yes, “Heart of the Wild” and “Oak Skin” both affect your pets too.

Devouring Swarm reduces your enemy’s resistances against Bleed & Vitality. So if you are focusing on those, putting a few points here will help you tremendously. An example would be Bleed based pet builds focusing on Briarthorn & Primal Spirit or Vitality focused Ritualist that combines both Shaman and Necromancer masteries.

Grasping Vines won’t do us much good since we are focusing on pets, but it is still a decent skill to bind Devotions to as it damages in an area and hits for multiple times. So note it down as well. The rest of the skills from the Shaman mastery are unfortunately not of much use to us as we are trying to stay far away from the action as possible and will not be joining our pets in direct combat.

However, just like when it comes to Occultist, you can level up without using pets and in such cases the skills that we are avoiding here, will be of use to you.


Perhaps you do not like to serve the Gods. Perhaps instead of submitting your being to other powers in return for their gifts, you wish to make other beings submit to you. Or maybe, you simply like playing with life, death and life after death, just like any aspiring necromancer. It could also be that you find the dead, strangely alluring. Whatever your reasons are, I am not here to judge, but to aid.

Now, let us get straight into the pets at your disposal. As one might expect of necromancy, you have Skeletons. They are your basic pets and pretty fragile, but come in numbers. Then there is the BlightFiend, a bloated corpse of pestilence that can be used as a great source of area wide damage. And finally, you have the Reap Spirit skill that lets you attack someone and then summon a Spirit at the location of your enemy. The Spirits are temporary minions that disappear after a short period of time, but are basically immortal.

Master of Death, as the name would suggest, bolsters both you and your army of undead, along with any other minions or pets that you may have. Call of the Grave empowers your minions for a duration, both strengthening their attacks and giving them some regeneration.

Spectral Binding bolsters your health and damage even though the damage part is kind of useless for a summoner. Spectral Wrath weakens the resistances of anyone or anything foolish enough to attack you and makes them more susceptible to the attacks of your minions.

Mark of Torment, helps you take more punishment than otherwise possible, by absorbing part of the damage intended for you and then then reflecting it to the unfortunate foe that bears the Mark. Its only real downside is the cool down period on the skill.

Ravenous Earth is a decent skill to level up with if you are not interested in doing so with pets. But outside of that, it is still useful to us for binding devotions to. Also, if you can afford to put points in Decay, it lowers the damage of affected enemies, giving the skill another use.

Honorable mention also goes to Bone Harvest. While we won’t be using it much, its usefulness comes from “Soul Harvest”. If you are going for a Vitality Pet build using Skeletons, the extra damage from it will be of use to you. Otherwise, I would only recommend the skill if you have points to spare.

Also, due to how they work, putting points in the main skill of neither Ravenous Earth nor Bone Harvest is recommended for Summoners as it will only serve to increase their mana requirements as pets are our main source of damage.

And thus we say farewell to this section and move on to the next.

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Beginner's Guide to Pets

So, you have looked up the ancient texts on how to make some of the most powerful armies of minions to serve your nefarious ambitions. But getting there is no easy task and the path before you is a perilous one with many hidden dangers. It is dangerous to go alone, even with pets. So take some wisdom from here.

Note: The author has lost all sense of sanity at this point and goes by the name of Fwuffy for some reason. So the great wisdom you are about to receive might not be the best.

Note 2: Do not listen to the above note.

Note 3: The author is also an ardent worshipper of Lady Bysmiel and hence is not going to provide directions on how to be a great and powerful Ritualist.

Note 4: The above note is a Lie.

Note 5, from the editor (Ceno): I don’t know what I just copy/pasted.

Budget Builds:

Dodo – Pet Conjurer:
Wisp – Pet Cabalist:
Rawr – Pet Cabalist:
Doctor – Pet Ritualist:

Birb – Pet Occultist:
Boo – Pet Necromancer:
Thorns – Pet Shaman:
Nights – Pet Deceiver:


Instead of marking out the path for every single possible combination, we are instead going to focus on just one that can be applied to any elemental pet build. But before we go there, there is something else I want to tell you.

Something that might come in handy when dealing with Devotions is knowing how Affinities work. You will see in the step by step devotion part that I ask you to buy back the points at certain steps. I will try to explain the process behind it with an example:

Shepherd’s Crook is an Ascendant devotion that requires 1 point in Purple before you can get it. So, let us say that you put 1 point in the Ascendant Crossroads. Now note that Shepherd’s Crook also has a Complete Constellation Bonus that provides 5 Ascendant devotion points.

So, once you complete it, you can buy back the point from Purple Crossroads since its requirements are already met as the constellation provides 5 points for completion. In other words, it is now self-

Do note that if you wanted to remove Shepherd’s Crook now, you will need to put that point back in Purple Crossroads again or get at least 1 more Ascendant point from Completion Bonus of some other devotion. Also, some devotions provide Points for two different Colours as their Completion Bonus. For example, Assassin’s Blade requires 1 point in Order and provides 2 Yellow and 3 Purple points once you complete it.

What it means is that not only will Assassin’s Blade be able to sustain itself after completion, it will also be able to unlock and sustain and Purple devotion that requires 3 or less points and any Yellow devotion that requires 2 points or less.

The key to making a good devotion setup is to work out which devotions you need/want and what is the best way to get them. There are also multiple paths you can take to reach the same place, so feel free to experiment. That is half the fun.

Now for the Step-by-Step mini Guide to the Devotion setup:

  1. Purple Crossroads
  2. Shepherd’s Crook
  3. Remove Purple Crossroads
  4. Green Crossroads
  5. Raven
  6. Rhowan’s Crown
  7. Remove Green Crossroads
  8. Yellow Crossroads
  9. Tortoise
  10. Remove Yellow Crossroads
  11. Eel
  12. 4 Points in Amatok to get Blizzard
  13. Panther
  14. Crane
  15. Sailor’s Guide
  16. Solemn watcher
  17. Ishtak
  18. Blue Crossroads
  19. Tree of Life


Much of the information you will find herein has already been discussed elsewhere. But we will be doing it again, one last time. We will be going over the various tools you may find in your disposal, in a brief manner. Skills from Occultist/Shaman/Necromancer masteries.

Exclusive Skills:

Exclusive skills are special skills in the sense that only one of them can be active at any given time. They can be toggled on or off and are passive skills.

Primal Bond:

Useful for every pet build. You can’t really go wrong with taking this as your exclusive skill if you have the Shaman mastery.


If you do not possess the Shaman mastery and are not going for a Vitality pet build, this is the best choice.

Master of Death:

For Vitality Pet Builds. Or if you do not possess Shaman/Occultist masteries.

Aura of Censure:

This one is a bit special since it is from the Inquisitor mastery. But if you are going an elemental pet build and going for the Inquisitor as your secondary mastery, then give this a consideration.

Toggle Skills:

They can be toggled on or off and are passive skills.

Bonds of Bysmiel + Manipulation:

Boosts pet Health, Total damage, Total speed & Energy regeneration. Total Speed includes Cast speed, attack speed & Movement speed.

Mogdrogen’s Pact + Heart of the Wild + Oak Skin:

Is an Aura. The affects apply in a radius around the summoner and applies to all allies in the area of effect including the summoner and pets.

Spectral Binding + Spectral Wrath:

Since Summoners do not generally find much use for Offensive Ability, Spectral Binding only really provides extra health for us. Spectral Wrath however, does provide Resistance Reduction, but comes with the problem of having to get hit first in order for the skill to activate.



Heal + High Damage. Extremely Useful Aura. Ranged attack. Won’t die easily despite having mediocre health.


Tank + Damage. With proper investment, can be a decent pet. Situational Aura useful for particular builds.


Durable Tank + High Damage. Extremely Useful Aura. High health.

Primal Spirit:

Temporary Pet. High health + damage. High mana cost. Considerable Cooldown period.


Comes in numbers. High damage. Mediocre Health and weak to Area of Effect attacks.


Tank + Area damage. Mediocre Health. Useful Aura. Can be used as Un-living Bombs with Unstable Anomaly. Slow attack speed.

Reap Spirit:

Temporary Pet. Immortal for the duration. Low Cooldown compared to High Duration. High damage. Pet attacks do not trigger Devotions, only initial cast of the skill itself does.

Wendigo Totem:

Temporary Player Scaled Pet. Stationary Pet. Heals in a Radius around the Totem.

Wind Devil:

Temporary Player Scaled Pet. Used with Raging Tempest for reducing enemy resistances in Elemental Pet builds.

Other Skills:

The list for those that do not fall in any other category.

Curse of Frailty + Vulnerability:

Used primarily for Resistance Reduction and Triggering Devotions. Despite not doing any damage, can trigger “proc on attack” devotion and item skills. With high enough Offensive Ability, can also trigger “proc on crit” devotion and item skills.

Blood of Dreeg + Aspect of the Guardian:

Area wide Heal with a temporary passive Aura. Both the summoner and the Pets benefit from Heal and Aura. Double the Duration of the Skill Cool Down and hence the Aura will be active without pause, provided you remember to activate the skill at least once every 30 seconds.

Call of the Grave:

Provides Pet damage and Crit damage bonuses. Also provides health regeneration to Pets. Due to High Cooldown, there will be a significant downtime between casts.

Items & Factions:

The reason why these two are given a combined section is rather a simple one. What items you may find on your journey through the world of Grim Dawn is something neither of us can predict. The future is uncertain and so we shall simply manipulate it to our advantage rather than waste time trying to prophesize it.

And so, we will focus on what you are guaranteed to find and ignore chance. But when it does come to chance, there are certain guidelines you can follow.

  • Resistances are important. That of the summoner and that of the minions.
  • Anything that improves the Pets in any way or form is good.
  • Anything that provides extra Pets is also good.
  • Anything that provides “+# to Skills” is also good.
    Empowered Essence of Beronath is a good example for the above.
  • Since the summoner will not be fighting alongside their minions, anything that only improves offensive capabilities for the summoner is bad and should be avoided.

Now back to factions, the only way to get Augments is to buy them from their respective Faction Vendors and to do that, first you need to increase your faction reputation and in turn, your status within the faction. Besides augments, Faction Vendors also sell some useful items and Blueprints.

You can aid a faction by slaying their enemies or undertaking quests given out by the various members of that faction. However, you will only begin earning reputation with a faction from slaying monsters once you have completed an initial quest for that faction.

Once you have earned enough favor with a faction, they will begin to unlock unique rewards such as discounts at vendors, access to previously inaccessible quests, and faction only items.

Factions offer Bounties via their respective Bounty Tables. These are small quests where you can earn additional rewards and reputation.

Writs and Mandates are special items sold by the faction Quartermaster, to boost reputation gain on the next difficulty and with your alternate characters.

Do not ignore Augments and Components. They make a lot of difference. Augments as said previously can be purchased from Faction Vendors once you have enough reputation. Some Components can be found while others have to be Crafted using Blueprints.

Speaking of Crafting, it also applies to items. Relics for example cannot be purchased, but need to be crafted at a Blacksmith after acquiring their blueprints.

“Hysteria” Relic deserves a special mention due to how easy it is to acquire the blueprint for it. It can be bought at both Homestead and Coven of Ugdenbog, making it the Relic of choice for most aspiring summoners. The previously mentioned Vendor, Vinelton, from Ancient Grove sells Blueprints for a lot of useful items, including the Blueprints for Beastcaller’s Cowl & Empowered Essence of Beronath.

“Ancestor” also deserves a mention for being pretty good for starting out and being rather easy to get. The blueprint can be purchased from Hyram, the Rare Goods vendor in Steelcap District. He can also sell the blueprint for Haunt which is required to make Ancestor. The blueprint for Mistborn talisman (also required to make Ancestor) can be found from the Troll boss at the end of the Smuggler’s Passage.

A bit more on Crafting:

Horrus - Cursed Smith, is a Blacksmith found in Gates of Necropolis. He is unique in offering the following crafting material trades:

 1 Ancient Heart for 1 Blood of Chthon
 1 Blood of Ch’thon for 1 Tainted Brain Matter
 1 Tainted Brain Matter for 1 Ancient Heart

Kaylon - Forgemaster, is a Blacksmith found in the SteelCap District. He is also unique in offering the following crafting material trades:

 6 Ancient Hearts for 1 Wendigo Spirit
 6 Tainted Brain Matter for 1 Aetherial Mutagen
 6 Tainted Brain Matter for 1 Aetherial Missive


Forgotten Gods expansion introduced a new mechanic called “Transmute” that is available at the Inventor NPC once you complete The Tome of Eanatum quest for Kargon at the Conclave of the Three.

Once the quest is completed all Inventor NPCs are able to exchange one piece of an item set for another random piece of the same set for a cost.

For example:

If you manage to acquire the Blueprint for Mythical Beastcaller’s Cowl and have the necessary materials in abundance, you could theoretically get the Entire “Nature’s Call Regalia” Set 1 by making enough Helmets and then using the Transmute feature to turn them into other parts of the set.

For Cabalists & Ritualists, the Entire “Ghol’s Malice” Set can be crafted this way provided you have the Blueprint for the Ghol’s Raiment Chest Piece.

By no means is it cheap and can be quite expensive, but if you can get the complete set, it will be quite powerful. So, that is an option if you are not having much luck with Legendaries.

Faction Choices:

There are certain points in time where you will asked to make a rather difficult choice and the one you choose will change the fate of the world forever. But more importantly, it can help or hinder the progress of your quest for power. So, keeping that in mind this is what I ask of you:

Ally yourself with The Outcast (Anasteria) and with Barrowholm.

You have very little reason to side against Anasteria and you don’t have much of a choice with Barrowholm if you want to make the best of Pets.

Kymon’s Chosen vs Death’s Vigil is your choice. That said, Death’s Vigil does provide more useful items when it comes to pets. Also, should you decide to be a Necromancer, you won’t have a choice here but to join the Order of Death’s Vigil.

You can go with any of the Witch God Cults as choosing one does not lock you out of the other two. However, as a worshipper of Lady Bysmiel, I must implore you to choose the sect of my Mistress.

Pet Stance & “Pet Attack Command”:

How to use the “Pet Attack” Command

If you are using the pet attack command, remember to first click on the ground near the enemy you want them to focus and then on the enemy unit itself. What it does is make your Familiar move close to the enemy and then attack, which in turn makes all their projectiles hit the same enemy creating a “shotgun” effect for more damage. If not using the Familiar, you can skip the step of clicking on the Ground first.

The Pet Attack Command can also be used to move your pets out of danger and Area of Effect skills and abilities of your enemies, like the various damaging ground effects.

Pet Stance

Most pets have three stances; Normal, Defensive & Aggressive. To toggle it, right click on the pet health bar, on the top left, after summoning it. The default stance is Normal. If you want to use a different stance, you have to set it manually for every pet you have and re-set it each game session. I prefer to put everything on Aggressive since the “Leash” range on pets is otherwise too short. You can experiment with it to see which works best for you.

Note that for pets that do not display a portrait with health bar, you cannot manually set their stances.

Build Diary :

I wanted to take Single Mastery Pet builds from lvl 1-100 and chronicle the journey through GrimTools Links for every 10 levels. Note that since the items are mostly random, those should not be given much importance.

The purpose here is to showcase an example of how you can plan out your skills and devotion path. As for why Single Mastery, it is so that you can mix and match to your liking as needed instead of having to go with any particular class combinations.

Also note that I went into the Crucible at lvl 10, did waves 1-10, a few times to get tributes and then exchanged them at Torralia, the Immortal Archmage, for Devotion Points. I repeated it enough times to get the complete Shepherd’s Crook Devotion so that my pets would start out powerful from the very beginning. And then I went back into the Campaign. You can ignore it if you do not have the Crucible DLC or don’t want to bother spending time there gaining tributes for extra devotion points.

Also, it might be a good idea to get into Shattered Realms early on and complete just 1 shard to get the shrine from the rewards room. You can also buy Medal Augments to use as a movement skill from the Conclave of the Three. I went with the “Emblem of the Leaping Mantis” one since it is available early on and is pretty decent.

Try to get enough Homestead Reputation as soon as you can and then buy the Blueprint for Hysteria Relic and craft it for an extra pet. Save your Aether Clusters for tough encounters. You can also buy “Wrath of the Beast Tincture” potions from the Rovers faction to use as a temporary pet buff to help you tackle powerful enemies.

Occultist 1 – 100 :

1 – 10:
10 – 20:
20 – 30:
30 – 40:
40 – 50:
50 – 60:
60 – 70:
70 – 80:
80 – 90:
90 – 100:

Occultist Final Build:

Occultist Budget Build:

Milestones –

10-20 : Shepherd’s Crook & Raven Devotions done.
40-50 : Loghorrean done, Hidden Path quest completed
51 : Ancient Grove Skeleton Key Dungeon completed
61 : Theodin Marcell done.
66 : Korvaak done. Normal mode finished. Starting Elite.
67 : 55/55 Devotion Points. No further Shrines needed.
70 : Hidden Path Quest Completed on Elite.
75-77 : Bastion of Chaos Skeleton Key Dungeon completed on Elite.
Loghorrean done on Elite difficulty.
Empowered Og’Napesh Off-Hand Recipe from Vinelton.
Ancient Grove on Elite.
Ravager summoned on Normal + Elite.
82 : Theodin Marcell done on Elite Difficulty.
Revered with Malmouth Resistance. Xp Potions purchased.
Skipping Forgotten Gods content and going into Ultimate.
90 : Hidden Path Quest Completed on Ultimate.
95 : Loghorrean done on Ultimate Difficulty.
96 : Bastion of Chaos done on Ultimate Difficulty.

Remember that the above are simply a showcase of how I went about it and you will probably do most of those things at different speed.

Necromancer 1 – 100 :

1 – 10:
10 – 20:
20 – 30:
30 – 40:
40 – 50:
50 – 60:
60 – 70:
70 – 80:
80 – 90:
90 – 100:

Necro Final Builds:


Necro Budget build:

Comments –

So, you have noticed that instead of “Milestones”, it instead says “comments” up there. You have also probably noticed that in the Necromancer links for 1-100, I am using a Legendary item set called “Lokarr’s Spoils”. That is the reason why there is no milestones section here.

The above mentioned set is farmable from the end boss of a secret quest in the Ashes of Malmouth Expansion. It provides quite a bit of resistances early on along with a +1 to all skills, while also being wearable from level 1. But the main attraction is the increased bonus to experience gained, which allows us to level up much faster.

It is however, not without drawbacks as the set does not have any pet bonuses and provides very little armor, making you much more susceptible to physical damage. Also the boss you need to farm for the items; Lokarr, is a Celestial tier Superboss. Because of that, you will either need a strong character already at your disposal or trade for the items with someone willing.

While the Set remains unfeasible to build around for beginners who are only starting to venture into the world of Grim Dawn, it is still sought after due to the boost it gives while leveling new characters, especially when used alongside Potion of Clarity and Faction Mandates.

And so, I wanted to see if I could use the Set to level up a pet build from 1 to 100, or at the very least, to lvl-94 before having to switch to pet focused items. And in case you are wondering, the “Lokarr’s Spoils” set is not required, and is entirely optional.

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Crucible & Shattered Realms

Here I shall discuss some strategies, if you can call it that, to help you conquer these strange arenas of glory and wealth or a gruesome death. Do note that conquering both the Crucible and the Shattered Realms are only possible once you have grown strong enough to tackle their challenges and thus is not for someone who has only just begun their life as a summoner.

The Shattered Realms:

A broken world abandoned by its creator, the Shattered Realm is chaotic and unpredictable. But to those brave or perhaps foolish enough to attempt it, it holds untold riches. Or so the legend says.

Unlike the Crucible, death is not the end of your journey in the Shattered realms unless you are taking your chances in a parallel world of Grim Dawn where death is permanent. However, do keep in mind that if you fail to complete the Shards within the allocated time, your rewards will be considerably less.

And speaking of Shards, sooner or later you will run into rooms where you will find the number and strength of your enemies to be overwhelming. That is where the strategy of “Divide & Conquer” comes in. The trick is to go to the nearest wall and keeping your back to it, move inch-by-inch to either side until you lure an enemy, at which point you go back to your starting position and hopefully kill it with great care and as little movement as necessary lest you unintentionally garner the attention of another enemy.

Some general Tips on Crucible:

We shall be focusing on Crucible Waves 150-170 as they are the hardest and the lower waves are comparatively much easier to complete. Also note that this is for when you have become a Gladiator of the Crucible, attempting to finally conquer it with powerful items and artifacts and with the full might of your minions and the blessings of your Gods.

  1. Pick Crucible of the Dead. It is the best map choice for us.
  2. Place the Vanguard banner in Bottom-Left corner. Skip this part if you don’t use banners.
  3. Get your blessings. Skip this part too if you don’t use blessings.
  4. Camp the Bottom-Left Spawn. Most of the things that you want dead as soon as possible, spawn here.
  5. On wave 154, kill the monsters that spawn from Bottom-Right first and then Kubacabra if playing with blessings & banner. If not, then take care to avoid his blood pools and you may want to focus on other bosses first and leave him for last.
  6. On wave 159, always kill Sentinel first. He is the one that causes the most problems for pet builds.
  7. On wave 161, head to Top-Right Spawn and kill the Healers that spawn here. If Aleksander comes to you before you can kill them, then quickly run to the Bottom-Left Spawn and fight and kill him there. It will take a while for the healers to get there, so you should have plenty of time.
  8. On wave 163, head to Top-Left and then lure the spawns to Mid if playing with Banner or just fight and kill them at their spawn if not. Another choice is to head Bottom-Right and kill the monsters that spawn there instead. While fighting the 3 Bosses in the middle, remember to take out the Healers first. Otherwise they will heal the Bosses quite a lot, making the wave last too long.
  9. On wave 167, head to Top-Left and kill the boss’s first form. Try to take out his second form before wave 168 starts for an easier time.
  10. On wave 169, stay within the banner radius and focus Theodin/Korvaak first. If playing without banner, then take care to not lose your pets to Anasteria. You may need to use the pet attack command a bit to reposition your pets and to make them focus on a particular enemy. Here the important point is to kill Theodin/Korvaak before wave 170, meaning you need to kill both their forms as soon as you can. Otherwise, you will have to face their second form along with whatever spawns on the next wave.
  11. On wave 170, go back to Bottom-Left and kill whatever spawns there. Then just kill the other 3 however you want. Just take care not to die to Aleksander’s Aether meteors to the face.
  12. Collect your loot, speak to Lokarr and go for round 2.

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Useful Tools

As I have mentioned previously, it is dangerous to go alone. Take these:


An excellent multi-purpose tool for Grim Dawn, created by Dammitt. The Checklist and Build Calculator will turn out to be extremely useful for any hero wishing to make their mark on this dark and damned world. The existence of Item Database is the reason why I am not giving you a detailed list of all the equipment and trinkets that will be of use to you. As a bonus, there is even a detailed explanation on Pets therein.

Grim Internals:

Another great tool for the collection of anyone wishing to have a better understanding of the workings of this world. Made by GlockenGerda.

GD Stash:

I might be scorned for providing you with this, but while it lets you play God in the world of Grim Dawn, it need not be used in such a way. It also has many other uses and can also help revert some unfortunate past mistakes. Made by Mamba.

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You may come across certain words while on your journey. Some, familiar & some, strange. It helps to have a list of commonly found words and their meaning in the common tongue.

  • RR = Resistance Reduction.
  • OA /DA = Offensive Ability / Defensive Ability
  • AoE = Area of Effect
  • CD / CDR = Cool Down / Cool Down Reduction
  • DoT = Damage over Time
  • Proc = Programmed Random Occurrence: Chance on attack/crit/being hit
  • BiS = Best in Slot - Best for a build in its slot
  • CC = Crowd Control: Stuns, freezes, slows, blinds, confusion etc.
  • Transmuter = Transmuters are skill upgrades that are branched out from the skill trees instead of going along with it. They are represented with an Aether Crystal symbol.
  • Total Speed = Affects Attack Speed, Cast Speed & Movement Speed.
  • (%)WD = (%) Weapon Damage: Skills can have %WD on them, which makes them deal the amount of flat damage you gain from gear, skills and devotion, to the given percentage.
  • Crit = Critical damage. When you Crit, your damage is multiplied by your Crit amount.
  • MI = Monster Infrequent: Occasionally, enemies can equip certain items that will drop when they die. These items are known as Monster Infrequents.

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Who I am, is not important. We are all but faceless names here anyway. But what is important is what I have offered you, stranger. The Carnival is, as the name suggests a festival; a festival of man and beasts. And I hope that during your stay here, you found something of use to you. I may not be the best guide to show you the path you are about to undertake, but I have tried my best. The rest I fear, is on your shoulders.

But do not limit yourself to my narrow minded teachings. After all, not everyone finds pleasure in serving my mistress, Lady Bysmiel. Who knows where your path may lead you or what wonders await your presence. The world is vast and full of experience to be earned, some good and others, not so much. Yet, they all serve to shape you into the legend you will become. Learn from them and carve out your own path through the ages. Use my wisdom as mere guide lines rather than absolute truths. And when possible, gain knowledge from wherever you find it.

In the end, may you find what you seek and may Lady Fortune bless you in your endeavor.

Mayst thou thy peace discov'r

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Other Beginner friendly Guides/Resources for new players

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I find google drive useful for that, just create “shared link” to the file and if someone clicks on that link they will be able to download it. Like my fire paladin guide :

Need a google account for that. I have taken a vow never to make one ever since they added the phone verification requirement. I had an older account but ended up losing it somehow.

But yeah, war with google acounts :stuck_out_tongue:

Dropbox is nice too but it costs money.
I think looks nice too.

EDIT: I saw you added more links now, great!

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Very impressive work though, I admit I didn’t know a few things before.

Dropbox is just as ‘free’.

Dropbox Help Article

To prevent abuse, Dropbox accounts have the following limits:

  • Basic (free) accounts: 20 GB of bandwidth and 100,000 downloads per day
  • Plus, Professional, and Business accounts: 200 GB and unlimited downloads per day

If it’s bandwidth you’re concerned about I think a GD pet .pdf isn’t
in any danger of exceeding 20GB’s of bandwidth in a day.

As far as ‘storage size’ is concerned, I suspect Dropbox is in the
same ballpark (2GB’s?) as your WeTransfer. One isn’t anymore
‘free’ than the other from what I can see.

I didn’t exactly forget :stuck_out_tongue:, I didn’t include it for the same reason I didn’t include things like Webweavers. That you need to attack to summon them. Not really hard when You have things like Curse of Frailty, but I would then have to add in the rest of item based pets.

Hence the thing about “without requiring any special conditions”. Exceptions only made for Eldritch Hound and Reap Sprit because Devotion pet and Mastery one.

Updated some stuff. Skills section done. Build Dairy in the works. :cow:

Also, if you have something particular in mind that you’d like to see in the guide, let me know.

That is of course true, the basic dropbox is free. Thanks for pointing that out!

I can’t seem to pass the human verification on DropBox apparently…

Will get someone else to do it for me :joy:

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