Bane of Uroboruuk. (Pet Cabalist )

Seems like a gr8 build.
Could u please list the order of atts/devotions for leveling?

Thanks and nope.

Folks, can’t wait to get my hands dirty on some fancy new ideas, see you guys post-launch!!:p:p:p:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: @TPOM


Hey…Great read. I just recently got back to Grim Dawn after awhile. Any conjurer guide that you can point me to?

Wait for the FG release, there is gonna be some major changes in lots of pet builds, I’ll answer this question once the meta stabilizes.

@ Parrot

I remember this build of yours from ages ago and I always liked it - and I’m happy you’re still active with it - but for the love of whatever you pray to would you please put a gt somewhere visible?


LOL, I’ll update this repo once the expansion released and I have a new, more powerful build in mind, stay tuned.


Thinking of starting over, can i follow your build or should I wait till you update it?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Huuuuuury :stuck_out_tongue: I absolutely LOVE this build, my main pure and simple.

Thx. Glad you love it.

New version coming after the warlock build, now you can have both Mog and Dying god, the build is a little OP.

Sounds fun!

Can’t wait to see your new theorycrafting ! loving this build. Maybe will it be on grimtools ?

thx for your extended work

I can’t wait for you to update your build. I need an updated summoner guide that uses Skeletons. Thank you so much for your plan to update you guide.

i had droped Juggernaut - still dont have witching - shall i use it or stick to plaguebearer

Where can I get the taskmaster pants ?

The pair that is being worn in the build drops from the Reaper of the Lost but you’ll need to be rather lucky to get “Taskmaster + Caged Souls” combo. I just farmed normal 55 - 59 in the shattered realms and I eventually got one.

Without seeing OP’s Grimtools link, I can’t do much, but you definitely don’t need a double rare MI green pants to make pet builds work.

If you are interested in a Pet Cabalist, I’d recommend either mine or Sigatrev’s builds. Atleast until OP updates the thread.

All my Pet builds can be found here: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

As for Sigatrev’s, look here: SkeleWraith Lost Souls Cabalist / SkeleWraith Lost Souls Cabalist

There is also another one by Squib that has an interesting take with Dual Wielding: [CABALIST PET] MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF SUMMONED SKELETONS POSSIBLE BUILD - dual wield to squeeze out more!

Looking forward to the update, this has been one of my favourite builds. Thanks, OP.

From v1.1.4.1 patch -

  • Raise Skeletons: increased base % Physical Resist by 10% and increased Health for Skeletal Warriors and Archers
  • Will of the Crypt: increased % Armor scaling at ultimate ranks to 198% by max ultimate rank

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