Need help with my Cabalist

Hi, so I started playing Cabalist a week ago, RE carried me through the game so far, I have some basic gear like Dark One’s set, but I decided to respec to summoner, as RE starts lacking dmg a bit. I am, however, totally confused and disappointed, because not only this build is much worse in terms of dmg (even single target dmg is lower, wtf??), but also everything literally oneshots me. This build is completely incapable of farming anything, my crucible record is… 11. At third attempt. I know this gear is far from optimized, but I’ve heard that summoner is very beginner friendly, but it doesn’t seem like so. Even my Purifier without gear is much more tanky and deals higher dmg. Please tell me, where I made a mistake.

Do you mean wave 11? on Gladiator? or gladiator 150-170 in 11 minutes?

Beginner friendly is a relative concept, do not expect that a summoner can get you through everything. They are gear dependent as any other build (almost)

Yes, wave 11. But, I mean, people claim it’s very good for the beginning while running in some green gear, as you can see I have already farmed some decent legendaries but this char is absolutely unplayable.

On gladiator?

Well your resistances, health and DA sucks. Also you have no damage reduction/absoprtion. And just because you have 3 legendaries does not mean that the build is “good”. Also skeletons are very squishy.

Have you looked at this guide? The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

On glad.
Yes, I’ve read all those guides, but I just wanted someone to point my mistakes in skills, maybe some suggestions towards components, augments, faction gear.

Here are the two Budget pet cabalist set ups from Mayas guide

As you can see. he gets Possession for dmg abs, and focus on Blight fiend and Raven which are more durable than Skeletons.

I don’t think they can push that high in glad crucible, but it is at least a starting point so you see which skills, devotions and stats that are important to build upon.

Thanks, I’ll just try to copy every single item and see how it goes.

Keep your gloves, chest, pants and medal. Boots you can use what he has if you need more resistnaces and slow res (make sure you shop a good pair).