Ishtar - Pet Ritualist

Thank you :smile:

Just tried Crucible.
Clear time is nearly 12 mins though :frowning:

Hello Maya,
Is there an alternative to the medal? I only have the non-mythical version.

You can use the non-mythical version for now :blush:

Hello master :slight_smile: pls im rly new in this game and i want use this as my 1st character…can u give me some tips or guide how to exp and skills use ? :slight_smile: tyvm

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First of all, welcome to the forums and hope you enjoy your stay :blush:

Now, you asked for a guide. Here it is: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use the online link or download the entire thing for offline use. Do note that some places have blocked Zippyshare (the host for the file download) and you might need to use a VPN (opera browser has an inbuilt one) if you are getting an error.

Read it and you will find the info you need on how to get it started and level it to 100. After that, it is just a matter of farming the required items and transitioning to the complete build :yum:

Any idea for a version with green items?

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No need for greens. If you mean a budget setup, that no, that won’t be a good idea.

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Greens with the right affixes can be really powerful, though. I don’t think the idea should be neglected.

Nah, that doesn’t really apply to pets. Most of what you want can only be found in Legendaries.

Honestly wondering which of your 3 (Cab, Rit or Conj) pet builds to use.

I want the one that has the easiest and safest time with super bosses. Easy enough to fit in extra AoE if needed. Much harder to make an AoE farmer build tanky.

If I get my Reap Spirits on a boss and don’t pull agro will bosses just happily beat away on invincible pets?

I already have a 100 Cab (2 even lol) and Conj so I guess a Rit is my last one.

I am thinking of dropping the BH for Briathorn with Howl. Should give me similar DPS with a little better survivability (extra phys res and tanky pet). Plus is one less attack to pull agro.

Then maybe drop Ill Omen (clunky to use) for suicide bomber Blight Fiends just to give me an agro free way to spend my energy. Also means another dropped attack so less agro pulling.

Then you want Conjurer.

Then you want Ghol Cabalist.

No, they will still come after you every now and then.

Both changes will make this build much worse.

Just wondering how much value you are getting out of Bone Harvest.

50% All damage and 33 flat vit

Briathorn aura gives 50% all OA phys resist and bleed resist not to mention the Briarthorn that goes with it.

Plus you don’t need to recast every few seconds.

Briarthorn needs to stay alive. That is the problem :frowning:

On mobile so my setup is a bit wonky but thinking something along this:

Same thing as what I said before. It will only weaken the build since the entire concept is built around pets that can’t die so you don’t need to focus on Pet defense.

Briarthorn is not a Pet that can’t die. It won’t do any good when it is dead, which it will be for most of the time.

Bone Harvest on the other hand is useful to increase your Reap Spirit’s damage and will always be on.

If you want to change to Briarthorn, feel free. I am just explaining my thoughts on the matter and why I personally didn’t go for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats the thing though. The concept may be about Pets that don’t die but all gear is fully capable of supporting pets.

You have Wendigo regen, life regen, plenty of pet resists.

Add to that it would just be one of 6 pets and even then its more a support main then a main one. If it dies now and again so what?

Like I said, it will make the build weaker and I don’t want that. I test my stuff against Callagadra, SR 90+ etc. Stuff dying too fast makes them useless for me under these circumstances that they might as well not be there at all. But you do you.

If there’s one thing you can take to the bank. It’s that Maya knows pet builds.


So, I tried a setup with DG since I was curious about the dmg increase. It got about 3 min faster Crucible (still like 8 mins clear), 1 min faster Cally time and managed to reach SR 95 with plenty of deaths along the way.

In return, it lost a lot of its survivability. So the experiment ultimately was a failure :frowning: