Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist

What are you currently thinking then for strong pet builds, fluffy squishy?

Ghol Blightfiend builds actually. They got both defense and offense and the only real advantage Familiar based builds have over Blightfiends is being able to kill Crate of Entertainment due to Familiar builds not having the AoE of Blightfiends.

Not an experienced GD player and mainly not an experienced summoner (more of the melee kind), i started this build just a few days before the patch. I get that comparing to its previous strenght it got nerfed, but in layman’s term, how much?

My goal was to get a character which can safely (deathless) kill all the quest bosses on ultimate (messenger, Ancient grove, Lokarr included), farm skeleton key areas (SoT and AG) and SR lvl 60-75 for legendaries for endgame gear builds. I will probably end lvl100 mainly with the faction gear version of this build, that’s why the farming need.

Only lvl 48 in normal yet, and pretty satisfied with it. As a casual player I wouldn’t like to start a new char. In that scope how hard hitting is the nerf? if it is really hard, any other viable cabalist build link? (PS: I’m not HC, so occasional deaths are acceptable, just not with every boss in every skeleton dungeon…)

It lost more than half its power.

You don’t need to start a new char however, just go for this instead: The Rawr God - Pet Cabalist

Thank you very much for the quick answer. I checked that build too, but as a new player couldn’t tell how much it will work with ragtag gear until I manage to farm out the suggested endgame gear. Some of them I already have, so will try it. Wish me luck :slight_smile:

If you are talking about leveling, look here instead: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Ok… Update on stuff.

There is going to be absolutely no change to the build. After a bit of testing it seems that the Old one is still the best choice to go with.

And um… it seems that I had been drunk with Ghol’s power when I called this a #Deadbuild. After testing the performance before and after the patch again (thank the gods for GoG), it seems that we actually didn’t lose anything notable.

So, the Good News is that Will O Wisp is back, Ladies & Gentlemen :blush:

Edit: Also another thing I wanted to note is that the Reap Spirits seem to have got better at holding Aggro, or I am imagining things somehow. Cally kill time for example, remains the same 13 mins but feels easier as it goes after your Spirits even when your Birbs and Dirge pet are dead, leaving you more room to breathe.

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Is the Ghol build the lazy witching hour one or is there another ghol build out there crushing things?

This one:

Not imagining at all. This is DEFINITELY something I’ve been feeling from it and other times I’ve played with Reap Spirit. Then again, I might be drunk to and no change was made at all, but it certainly feels that way to me as well.

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Build Updated.

With Reap Spirits actually tanking now (did not imagine it :eyes:), we are saying farewell to Skeletal Servant from Dirge and taking up Mogdrogen’s Ardor instead. There are also other changes.

Callagadra kill time went down from 13mins to 11mins, but Crate kill time went up by 30sec to 1:30mins.


Yeah, been awed by the tanky Spirits. It’s actually kind of nice. Haven’t gotten to the big guns yet but should be in the next few days. So losing Dirge, hmmm. I’ve been wondering about that for a while but I hadn’t actually played it BEFORE the new patch because I was still leveling.

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The big reason for dropping Dirge was its 30 Sec CD and the Pet still dropping like a fly against Callagadra & high SR bosses. So I figured that if it was going to die that much and Reap Spirits can fill the role of Tank, why not :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now this I have noted, with some of the heavier bosses in Ultimate and Nemesis. So that makes great sense. I may change this out. I’m in HC so I do like having a perma pet initially in case I’ve got no Spirits out on running into something but it might not be that big a factor.

Hm… I might recommend keeping it in case of HC as the difference isn’t that much while having an extra Shield does help. Or just try both out and see which feels better :yum:

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Decided to do the Rigg’s Quest solo, as I hadn’t done that yet in Ultimate, and use the Mogdrogen’s Ardor to see how much aggro would be happening. I keyed one birb to be aggressive and one to be defensive.

It’s smooth. I had no real problems at all. The Reapers tank so well now. Looking forward to testing this out even more on some nemesis, SR, and dare I say, the “C” word?

Also, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the build use to run Voidmancer belt? Reason I ask is that was the only piece I didn’t have yet so I was actually using Shadowfiend as a replacement. I actually like the Shadowfiend and you just saved me more farming. :smiley: Seriously, I may be misremembering a different build so ignore this is it is my bad memory.

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It did use Voidmancer to get the Birbs to 26/16. But with Mog’s Ardor that is not necessary anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

And Callagadra is easy. Unless you mean Crate :expressionless:

I actually meant Celestials. But obviously Crate is the scary one. :flushed:

Yeah, only Crate should give you any real trouble. But that is mostly because how easy it is to die both in the actual fight and on your way there…

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Okay, so really funny story. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve done all the rogue dungeons, hit several nemesis (Kuba, Aleksander, ), did SR 50-51. All with Mogdrogen’s Ardor. Had maybe 2 moments where I felt ‘pressed’ but never once procced my Turtle Shell.

Why is this funny? Because I was looking over stats just now, trying to figure out if I should take the one extra left over devotion point where you had it in Light of Empyrion, or first star of Lion or first star of Obelisk, when I realized after switching out to take the Ardor I’d forgotten to bind the passive to my keys.

I’d never turned it on. :flushed:

So yeah, I’d say were looking at it being pretty damn good.

EDIT: So, activated Ardor, played for about two-hours (farming nemesis rep) and also decided to take on Ravager. About 4 minutes. Lost a birb (:cry:). Proced Turtle twice. No potions or consumables except Tonic of Mending.

So I’ve now done just about everything with this build except some nemesis (still farming rep), SR 75-76, Mogdrogen, Calagadra and, um, Crate.

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