Build for brand new player

Hi guys I’ve never played this game before. I would like a simple and easy build to start to get used to the game’s mechanic.

Would like to be a dark 2H knight or a dark caster (such as warlock, necro etc…).

I looked for some topics and found many builds, i’m a bit overwhelmed and didn’t know if many of those builds are still up to date.

I have just the base game, no expansions.

Just want to enjoy the base game with an easy and funny build, thanks a lot for the help!

The build compendium has a selection of builds for beginners. I’d suggest a pet build to start with, as they’re fun and powerful.

Thanks @arcane_undo for the link!

@gurugeorge thanks I visited it but don’t know if these are okay with this patch level and just with the basic game.

Would be nice to receive also a 2hander dark knight build :dark_sunglasses:

Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Guys, neither Dark One’s set nor the beginner guides are available with only the base game.

That said a pet based Conjurer is pretty easy to gear, but you pretty much leave the pets to do all the work for you so might not be your thing. I believe Maya does have some base game pet builds in her collection.

A vitality based Conjurer might also be possible for the base game.

Necromancer isn’t available in the base game, for that mastery you’d need the Ashes of Malmouth expansion.

Commando (Soldier/Demolitionist) can be a fun build as you have plenty of things to throw around from the Demolitionist mastery.


Physical or Chaos Witchblade comes to mind, but Chaos Pyromancer may works too although a bit less on defensive but have more offensive.

@medea_fleecestealer thanks!! pet build doesn’t look that attractive to me, same for demolitionist. But anyways i’m gonna check for more conjurer builds.

@arivus Chaos Pyromancer sounds good, any build for base-game?

Generic question, if I just decide to jump into the game and do my own build? which i know it’ll suck but you know, it’s my first char and I just want to enjoy the pve.

Should i face any issue with that??

Nope, learning as you go along is fine. Of course, you’ll probably make mistakes, but skill and devotion points can be bought back at the Spirit Guide. Only thing you can’t do is change your class.

There are some Pyromancer builds in here for the base game, but remember they are end-game builds and also very old now. A lot of things may have changed since they were made so use them as a general guide only.

For chaos pyromancer item selection will be a bit harder for melee but quite plenty for ranged. At least here’s some item you want to looking for if you go melee

But if not specific to chaos, this build by Kolonel may be a way to go, it use fire which both mastery have great synergy


but skill and devotion points can be bought back at the Spirit Guide. Only thing you can’t do is change your class.

nice to know, is it hard to respec skills/devotion points? Thanks for the pyro link.

@arivus thanks for advice, yea ranged pyro is nice but would be better to have some Chaos oriented guideline on it. No matter if ranged/melee

Anyways also 2h dark warrior build are welcome ^^

Thanks for all the informations

No, you only need iron/aether crystals depending on which you’re respeccing. The cost does go up gradually since it’s mainly meant for small tweaks in a build, not wholesale redoing over and over.

You may find this useful as well

Blade Arc witch blade.

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As @arcane_undo mentioned I am currently doing a ssf beginner vitality Conjurer. I am using some xpansion gear, but a vitality caster Conjurer can still be played (almost) the same way without any expansions as it is a vanilla class and it’s strong even without any gear.

Witchblade is another great beginner class for vanilla.

My strongest 2 builds from vanilla were a retaliation Warder and a Elemental Cadence Battlemage.

(Both were very straightforward to build, with plenty of fairly obvious picks as far as skills Devotions and gear, but the warder was definitely stronger)

Do you have any guide about these builds? I’m totally newbie need a tutorial :smile:

Thanks a lot, so I may finally start to play…

I dont but there’s about a billion beginner guides on the forums, you could try searching for them.

I take more of a mad scientist approach, building characters just to experiment with certain skills and functions, but with no aim to participate in end game content.

I have done this with all of my 40+ builds I’ve made, and only now as the remaining things I havent tried dwindle down to gear and damage conversions specifically, do I feel I understand the game. There is so much to learn, if I had to go back I would tell a new player;

Whatever you decide to do, the most important thing to focus on before you write off a build idea entirely is

  1. are your resistances good
  2. is your OA, DA, and Armor rating good
  3. is your armor absorption good

Seek to maximize these elements (certain builds may prefer higher OA than DA and vice versa). Your playthroughs will feel a lot more legitimate with these values squared away.

Got these YT video guides right now.

Vitality Conjurer:
beginner leveling playlist
endgame build highlight

A series useful for any beginner for any build:
Grim Dawn Basics