The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer

Glad to hear that it is helpful :blush:

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Tried the build (HC) and it seems pretty nice & safe . i just cant figure out if im supposed to send the pets far away from me to kill everything or stick close to them for the auras :smiley: that’s prolly just my inexperience tho. This is also the first pet-build i tried.

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Keep them in Aggressive stance (click on their portraits on top left and you need to do it every time you restart the game). The aura radius is big enough to not have to worry about it. Think it covers the entire screen tbh, or nearly enough.

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Cross posting from this thread: GrimSheet: Endgame Build Table - ETE edition [v1.20]

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Very nice build. I have right now 42 lvl and really enjoy the game. I’m rather noob so wondering if you can share with me the end game build based on factions items, please?

Apologies if this is somewhere in this forum but searching for specific information here is not that simple for me.


Welcome to the forums, the budget setups have been bundled with my guide here :stuck_out_tongue:

The Carnival - A Guide to Pets (2nd post of this thread has the link to the guide also)

But the GT link itself to the budget conjurer:

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Wow. I’m impressed how quickly you’ve responded. I was not expecting this.

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Anyway . For now I’m following your 10-90 guide from [Feb '19] so I trust its still valid.

Yup, while there were numerous patches since then, the items, skills and devotions used here were mostly left untouched, so you are good to go :+1:

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last question regarding factions
Outcast, Barrowholm (even if I dont like them) , Death’s Vigil and worshipper of Lady Bysmiel?
Ps. English is not my first language so I hope I’ve not mixed something.


Barrowholm has very good pet stuff so they you wanna go with, same with Bysmiel :slight_smile:

you do not like scorv?! :scorv:

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With Factions, only Barrowholm is really necessary. The rest are all upto you.

Bysmiel’s is what we need the most. But you can pick any of the 3 without getting locked out of the other 2 Witch God Factions.


Thanks. Starting to play after I will put my kids to bed :wink:


A slightly different version of Fluffy Squishy with Permanent 80% Phys Res for the player:

(Don’t like the Aether res sacrifice that had to be made though :frowning:)

Another Variation for those who don’t like Shepherd’s Crook Devotion: :3

…Aandddd the Version without Shepherd’s Crook manages to kill Callagadra in 10 mins, 1 min faster than the original version in the OP :sweat:

I’m levelling the original build when you posted a new version. Just to recap, is the new version (with wild thorn and without crook) just an upgraded/better version of the original (with Rifthound and crook)?

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Hi Maya,

qq. Wondering if while I’m playing always better to look after items which give extra 1 point to all occultist skills or not really ? Example have this shield +1 but currently to focus on Bonus to all pets?
Btw How this is possible that I can have it right hand instead of weapon ?

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No, no. the new version is still under testing. I will update the main post if I like it better. But normally, there is not much of a reason to not choose Crook.

Calagadra kill time becoming faster is not an indicator since Pets got more survivability in the new version against Cally. So further tests need to be made before I can conclude.

EDIT: New version is up :yum:

All items that start with “Totally Normal” in their name are weapons with Shield skins, intended as a joke by the devs. The items themselves are pretty powerful though, for what they are.

As for the question of +1 to mastery vs Pet bonuses, it is complicated…

Early on, you want raw Pet stats. But as you unlock more and more of the mastery, that +1 to skills become much more attractive.

Like say you have 5 skills unlocked, with +1 to skills, you now have 5 extra points invested into those skills for free.

If you have 10 skills unlocked instead, it is worth double that now. Pet builds being skill point intensive later on, make really good use of +X to skills in general. So it is always a good idea to keep an eye out for them.

But it is generally not needed while leveling unless you have something like Reap Spirit which lets you summon an extra Pet at 17/16 points.

Easiest way to find out whether it is worth making the switch is to see how many free points you will be getting and whether you can use those points effectively to balance the loss of raw stats.

It is also better to look for items that come with both, if you can.

Fluffy Squishy has been updated.

New Features:

  • Added the proper image in the original post to convey accurately how to play the build.
  • Now with even more laziness, no more need to bother with keeping up Shepherd’s Call buff because we are not taking that devotion :triumph:
  • Pets get Life Steal because someone complained that they die…
  • Even more health regen for both Pets and the Player because people die when they run out of Health Points…
  • Permanent 80% Phys Res because not capping your resistances like some Pheasant is not something we do around these parts.
  • Faster and easier Callagadra kills, because you need to actually facetank it while standing in its Tornadoes to die…
  • Slower Crucible Clear Speed, because who the hell cares about Lokarr’s entertainment :3

Previous version with Shepherd’s Crook can still be found in the third post of this thread

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