The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer


Yes, the title, I know…

Ever wanted something that you could play half asleep?
Ever wanted to kill the Gods themselves?
Ever wanted to conquer the crucible while having no idea what you are doing?

If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. This is one of the laziest, easiest builds in existence and you can do absolutely everything ingame with it, including killing Celestials or Farming the Crucible. It is also 100% Hardcore Viable.

Note: Requires both Ashes_of_Malmouth & Forgotten_Gods.

  • [Pet] [] (g3) (c+) (sr+) The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer (Maya)

    • Damage: Pets
    • Active Skills: Summon Familiar, Summon Hellhound, Summon Briarthorn, Wind Devil, Curse of Frailty, Blood of Dreeg, Call of the Beast, Bysmiel’s Authority
    • Passive Skills: Bonds of Bysmiel, Mogdrogen’s Pact, Primal Bond, Mogdrogen’s Ardor, Presence of Might (x2)
    • WPS Skills: none

O) UwU:

Shattered Realms, 90-91:
No Potions/Consumables/Shrines used except for Tonic of Mending. Do 75-76 for farming.

Crate of Entertainment:
Took about 1 min. No potions/consumables used. Pretty easy fight. Just kite him away from his Crates and you will be fine :yum:

Callagadra, The Scion of Sands:
Took about 8 mins. No potions/consumables used. Just avoid its Sand attack and you will be fine :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want a more Offensive Version of the same build (at the cost of some defense): The Weeping Queen - Pet Conjurer


A Small Budget/Beginner Guide:

[>> The Carnival - A Guide to Pets <<]



How to Level:

Personally, I simply went for Solo Occultist all the way to 94 and then changed the skill points around.

(Look in the above guide if you want to see the step by step build diary or click here if you just want the GrimTools links)

That should still work, but with just enough points into Shaman early on to get a 16/16 Briarthorn for the extra pet for an easier time.

The points needed can be taken from what would have gone to the Hellhound’s skills.

But after getting a Briarthorn, going back to Occultist and focusing on it (except for the Hound skills other than 1 point in Ember Claw) should be the most straightforward route.

Something like this should do:

L10 -
L20 -
L30 -
L40 -
L50 -
L60 -
L70 -
L80 -
L90 -

Don’t mind the items, the links are just modified Occu ones from my build diary :yum:

You can also get Assassin’s blade for the extra Physical RR for Briarthorns until you can convert pet physical into elemental.
Look here for the devotion setup in that case:


Alternate Version with Mythical Blood Orb :

O) Lazy Birb:

NOTE: The Off-Hand is only for the stats it provides. Do not use Blood Rite

NOTE 2: Performance should be similar to that of the main build, but a bit weaker offensively


How do you find 1 Familiar, 0 Primal Spirit compares to 0 Familiar, 1 Primal Spirit?

by 0 familiar I actually mean 1 point in the base skill plus whatever you like in Storm Spirit

Interms of clear speed, they both showed similar results. (The build I tried it with)

But since Familiar provides a steady source of DPS whereas P.spirit unloads its damage in burst (I have 30sec CD & 20sec duration), I prefer the Familiar here.

With a Bound Spirit or something, however the Murder Kitty should overtake the birb.

Ravager of Minds:
No potions/consumables used. Took about 9 mins. But pretty easy :smiley:

How about making a pet build, where all the summons comes from skills granted by items? :wink:

Nice build, added to my thread. :wink:

This along with all the buffs on items etc you turning the game into guitar hero

Challenge accepted.

Ok… pet build with item only pets? done :smiley:

The Crazy Fluffy:

I wanted to keep it green free and hence no Salazar’s. Also chose Dirge over Primal Instinct because I wanted the skeleton thing, for some reason…

Some changes due to FG.

Ty :smiley:

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Archive (Old Builds)

O) The Fluffy Dodo:

Took about 10 mins. No potions/consumables used.

Crucible 151-170, with 4 Blessings & Banner:
No potions/consumables used. Easy enough to do half-asleep :smiley:

Shattered Realms, 75-76:
No potions/consumables used. Pretty easy actually :smiley:

Crate of Entertainment:
Took about 2-3 mins. No potions/consumables used. Rather easy for a Superboss :smiley:

O) The Fluffy Maiden:

O) The Sand Fluffy:

O) The Veil Fluffy:

O) The Veil Fluffy II:

O) The Fluffy Hound:

O) The Frozen Fluffy:

O) The Sparky Fluffy:

O) The Flaming Fluffy:

Next one HAS TO BE a pet build WITHOUT pets! :smiley:

Already done, unfortunately :cry:

Dracarris hybrid with the pets there to only provide the auras.

Or, you could always go for player scaled pets too :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated everything for FG :smiley:

Do you really think those rings + that weapon are the best?

Figured the 2 elemental rings + elemental dagger would be unless going a full theme like spark of ultos + 2 lightning rings or something along those terms.

That would mean no maxed Briarthorns though. But…

Elemental Fluffy:

You think maxed briar is better?

EDIT: max briar is probably better just wondering though

Maxed Briar comes with Azrakaa, which you can’t use in the Elemental version. And Shifting Sands seems pretty good.

The difference between them would probably be Defense vs Offense. With the Physical build being more sturdy with the Elemental doing more dmg.

And no need to bother with Wind Devils on the Physical versions, so less micromanagement :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you know where I can see shifting sands in game from one of the dev streams?