The Carnival - A Guide to Pets


And Veteran is not worth it unless you find Normal too easy and want a challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry to keep asking so many questions lol…

My current char working up to the Ishtar build:

I managed to find the blueprint for the Diviner’s Mask! I crafted 2 more, transmuted them, and have 3 set pieces now. I’m wondering if I can ditch Blight Fiends and Briarthorns once I get the 4th piece, or if I should wait till I get the gloves that give me some more minions for more clearing ability?

Just gotta get to Malmouth now in Ultimate to get some more Aethereal Missives to craft another piece for transmuting, lol… Or I could farm tainted brain matter but eh

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Feel free :stuck_out_tongue:

You only really need Diviner’s. So you can ditch them once you get the full set :yum:

The gloves are mostly just for the stats it provides (extra Vit dmg for pets). The minions from it are unreliable since it only procs if you get the kill on an enemy instead of your pets.

Ohhh. Good to know. That’s a bummer, they seem like mini Reap Spirit minions, would be cool if they procced off pet kills too lol. So the Deathrite Handguards I have are basically doing the same thing anyways then. Sweet! Thanks

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Hi Maya,
what Pet build would you say ist the strongest and best recommendation for new players?

The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer & Ishtar - Pet Ritualist are my strongest builds atm.

But of those, only Fluffy Squishy really lets you play the game without even paying attention to most of the stuff. So, I will go with that.

Regarding new players, a pet Conjurer is easier to gear up and get running since it is easy to make an elemental pet build compared to other types. That plus all the auras and stuff gives it an advantage over Cabalists and Ritualists.

My Ishtar for eg, relies in endgame gear to perform. My Fluffy, even on faction items will perform adequately enough.

So, definitely Elemental Pet Conjurer.

I know atleast some players who don’t like Familiar due to the nature of its auto attacks and feel that it needs to be micro managed more. But even then, something like this would work rather well: (Briarthorn is the focus here rather than Familiar)

Hm… remember when Skeletal Servant (Dirge of Arkovia Pet) used to have more than double the health of Hellhound?

Dis is sad :frowning:


I didn’t know it used to have more health lol. Using it rn since I think it’s the best thing I have access to before I find the Bysmiel’s Domination blueprint, but yeah, it dies pretty quick in SR. It’s doing fine while I clean up the Ultimate story and achievements, though!

EDIT: Ooooon second though, Mortality looks kinda cool too now that I’ve got the full Diviner set. Hmm. But I’ve got + to reap spirit on the completion bonus on Dirge and it’s nice anyways, so eh, whatever.

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With the change from Bysmiel’s Domination to Primal Instinct with the Ishtar build, Master of Death would be a better choice than Primal Bond damage-wise, right? Cuz then you’d be converting most of the Swarmling’s physical damage into Vit damage as well for more scaling and stacking. You’d lose the sweet damage absorption on Primal Bond of course, but I’m not sure how much of an impact that has since I don’t have the gear to try this out yet lol.

Nope, The Crit dmg and Dmg absorb is far more important than the dmg conversion.

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Maya: “Fluffy Squishy is my strongest build. It can do everything, is lazy mode, blah,blah,IceCram,blah…”

Fwuffy: “But what about Mogdrogen?”

Maya: :sob:


Part 2:

Fwuffy: “So… what is your strongest build atm? Is it still Fluffy Squishy?”



Didn’t want to make a whole post out of it. @Maya mono-class pets are still a thing:


Yeah, but that is SR 75.

My Pet Battlemage can do it :rofl:


Wow… well, I have unoptimized SSF in the league with a couple of under-leveled items
SR75 is good enough :slight_smile:


Looks solid! Are you planning on getting Occultist at some point? :scorv:

Ok, I know some have been wondering when I will update my Ghol Blightfiend based builds.

And I believe I have the answer.


I am not saying that they are no longer viable. But Blightfiends are no longer upto my standards. And no, it is not because of, but the patch before that, which saw Mythical Circlet lose its CDR to Blightfiend, effectively killing the Unstable Anomaly Ghol builds.

So, what about non unstable anomaly builds, you ask?

Well… I rather redirect you to Diviner Reap Spirit based Cabalists and Ritualists or… I can’t believe I am actually saying this, but… Skeleton Pet builds… over Blightfiends…

To me, Blightfiends have become what Skeletons once used to be. That is in retrospect rather ironic since I once stated that there was no reason to use Skeletons since Blightfiends with Unstable Anomaly were simply better skeletons…


Currently I’m just challenging myself with a mono-class setup.
Might go completely south with a non-pet second class.

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Blightfiends are still fine as support units right? They have an aura that reduces enemy’s DA and can cause fumble/impaired aim. And the huge AoE + confusion from Blight Burst stops trash mobs from fighting altogether. It has been pretty helpful for my Pet Ritualist.

Blightfiends are still fine as main pets also. But if using Ghol (which you want if going Acid Pets due to RR), you are pretty much stuck without Unstable Anomaly.

And that makes Blightfiends much worse compared to other pets for my needs, which basically amounts to lazily killing superbosses, doing deep SR etc.

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Fwuffy, unsurprisingly goes insane:

EDIT: Another failure :frowning:
Takes more than 15mins to kill Callagadra. Also tried Primal Instinct in place of Mog’s Ardor, but same result :sob:

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