Builds that can solo everything in the game

Hi Guys i wanted to try another build or two but i would like to know which builds can solo everything in this game

Pet Conjurer


Welcome to the forum. :grinning: What do you have of the game atm? Just the base game or the expansions as well?


what is everything? Mogdrogen, Ravager, Calla? SR 130?

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I can provide you with 2:

Do note that being the Jack of All Trades means being the master of none. So if you want to focus on farming Crucible, you will find better builds even though they might suck against superbosses for example.


i have it all

what is the best build for crucible and for shattered realm?

Then see if you like anything in here

reading that wont help there is tons of useless builds in there that cant finish most things sadly i wanted someone experienced to suggest strong builds for me to try out


None of those builds are useless, they wouldn’t be in there if they were. Any of those can deal with Crucible and Shattered Realm so can handle the main campaign as well. Might have to tweak a little for superbosses and a few Nemesis, but otherwise they should all be fine.


@medea_fleecestealer IS an experienced player so the advice is still very very good.

i am playing a very squishy demolitionist from there and i checked all the necromancer builds in there i liked one which am running i wanted a caster build and a malee build which are Gods and dont just die because they dont have their end game gear yet from base game boss like my demo lol

i know he is we talked on discord but thats not the point we are talking about really

To be honest, that’s a bit unrealistic. Even the best planned out character may struggle if they can’t get the gear they need at the right time.

If you want more levelling help and ideas on what gear to look for before end game then have a look at the beginner builds in the compendium. They have that sort of info as standard.


If you need help GETTING to end game thats a different matter. Post your build in grim tools. Everyone here is really great about offering tips to help strengthen your build.


i wanted to play 2 more classes which i haven’t tried yet a melee and a caster i guess i will just check the compendium and hope to find a good one

Just keep in mind they all have different play styles. Many of them will come with videos so you can see how the character actually plays, this might help you narrow in on something to your tastes.

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Best is Subjective. And I am primarily a Pet player/builder, so I can’t speak for non pet builds.