The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Something similar, yes. Basically I took my Sanguine Lupus and instead of making it Bleed based, tried to make it fire based. But problem is that as I mentioned earlier, other options simply end up being better, like even when simply looking at the stats page :frowning:

I no longer have the GT links for the Conjurers, but here is a theorycrafted Cabalist:

Sorry, just woke up and clearly not conscious enough to have proper reading comprehension. Many thanks!

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Thanks for the detailed answer. I guess that also answers picking Murmur if dmg also increases when linked to pets.
But would Murmur or Amarok still offset the boosts received from staff of Rattosh?

So for T1, a cabalist has more to win from those 2 points in Menhir and stag, while a conjurer can go for more pet boosts.

Lastly, it seems you’re not fond at all of skeletons, so should I get all my points refunded at some point?
When do they really start to fail and the points better spend elsewhere?

I’m lvl 40 in HC and at the moment, they still do the dps well.

Murmur provides Resistance Reduction. It is not for the dmg on the proc.

And Murmur/Amatok vs Rattosh depends on the build. If I picked them over Rattosh, then it is because they are better for the builds they are chosen for.

No, depends on the build. Class combination has nothing to do with it. Also Menhir is T3

It is a personal thing. You can use them for as long as you want. But I don’t like their fragile nature compared to other pets. I replace them as soon as I have enough points for a Briarthorn/Blightfiend.

Hi @Maya , is my first time learning about a summon build, your guides got me very interested in summon builds :slight_smile:
some advice needed from you, grim dawn is always buffing and nerfing stuff, with the new current patch which is the best for a first playthrough solo self found Softcore. i saw your top 5 , but i have no knowledge in deciding which is better for first playthrough with no end game items. could you recommend me your top 2 build thats working for this patch?
Thanks in advance

I want to say that all of them work since pets have only received buffed in the last few patches. But since you asked for my Top 2, The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer & Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist

And of those 2, Fluffy Squishy should be the most striaghtforward to build and Pet Conjurers tend to be naturally tankier, so it should be easier for your first playthrough. It is also my strongest build so far :yum:

If Will O Wisp is the build you are interested in, note that it would need to be leveled a bit differently and then respec’ed later on.

You can follow the build diary in my guide for Conjurer & Cabalist (near the end of the beginner section of the guide) to see where to put points every 10 levels.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask :blush:

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Wow you’re so helpful! thank you so much i appreciate your time and effort, writing great guides like these for newbies like myself <3.
im guessing your top 5 was also in order which is the best to the worst in the top 5 list? (seeing how organize you are) :smiley:
may i ask whats your favourite from the list? just the playstyle.

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Yes, it is ordered from best to worst :smile:

Favourite would be Fluffy Squishy, since it is both one of the very first builds I made and also because it has a lazy playstyle compared to the rest.

Thats some creative names you’ve come with.
Not sure if im doing this right but im interested in Fluffy Squishy, Correct me if im wrong but
im reading Fluffy Squishy, i clicked on the link and it lead me to here with fully geared character

the only guide i can find was your
and u mentioned near the end is page 56-57 / 90 right just follow that 10 levels closely all the way to 90? then at level 100 i want to follow the gears of your official The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer
i want to follow conjurer for Fluffy Squishy?

is this the correct steps? thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Correct. Do note that the items early on are mostly random drops and hence other than a few ones that you can get rather easily like the Hysteria Relic from Homestead faction vendor, you shouldn’t worry too much about them while leveling.

Is there any faction or side i have to side with for some quests during the game? i heard theres factions, and the order of light or kymon, stuff like these that i have to beware of while playing Fluffy? dont want to choose a wrong option and its no more as powerful :smiley:

Yes, Ally with Barrowholm. Kymon vs Vigil does not matter.

There is also The Outcast who you can choose to spare and be friendly with, or kill. While it doesn’t make any major difference, you have no gameplay reason to kill her, so I would recommend being friendly instead.

In Forgotten Gods expansion, you get to be friendly with all 3 of the Witch God Cults even if you can only choose one to follow (you can always change the choice in the next difficulty). But I would recommend Bysmiel since it has an item we need for the build, the weapon and you gain reputation faster for the faction you choose due to quests and bounties.

Got it. I’ll follow exactly the skill tree and devotion tree, devotion tree nothing changes right even though when i open grim tools it says is an older version.
and again Thanks so much for helping and answering my questions, <3 your guide. im actually playing it right now! <3 Have a nice day @Maya

Correct. GT says it is an older version because that is when the build was uploaded. But nothing has changed since then, so you are good :stuck_out_tongue:

And glad to be of help :blush:

Acid/Poison Beastcaller conjurer concept:

Do you know how big of a difference 2x bird is vs 2x briar? Both would be ele.

Also theres an item that makes bird projectiles pierce through enemies??

The last time I tried to go Elemental Briar against Cally, I went at it for about 20 mins before giving up because pets dropped like flies. Haven’t tried it since, so can’t say how things are atm.

Also not sure about Crucible/SR performance since I didn’t bother testing those after the Cally fail.

As for Birb projectile pierce, yes. The Eldritch Conduit with the Familiar affix. But since you can’t use it alongside Trinkets, not really useful.

Stupid question from me but is double birds healing is separate and can stack?

The answer is, yes :blush:


Random Pet Cabalist build using Mythical Dreeg set :

EDIT: Just changed some augments and components around for better Resist overcap.

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