Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist

Oh snap, got busted :grin:

hi Maya,compared Overlord Iron Grip and Aethereach,which glove is better for this build? And Deathwalker’s Grace and Fiendflesh’ Greaves,which is better?

Fiendflesh and Overlord

GT Link updated. Build is now capable of Killing Calagadra in 13 mins and Crate in 1 min.

If you are wondering what brought on the sudden strength to it, well blame the pierce res on Voidmancer Cord. Previously I had to swap it out for Shadowfiend’s and couldn’t use Dirge pet since I needed to use Mog’s ardor for 26/16 Familiar. Now with the patch, I can use Voidmancer belt again. So, yeah…


Ok, so Crucible is whipping my ass and I don’t think there is anything I can do about that.
Yes, yes… 1 min Crate, 13 mins Calla…
But those are pretty much 1v1 fights and there is no need for pets to tank (not like they could even if they wanted to)
On SR, you can still lure bosses 1 by 1.

But on Crucible, the problem seems to be that there is not enough dmg to burst everything down in time even with all 4 blessings + banner and with everything hitting like a truck now and both Birbs and Ghosts being terrible at holding aggro…
Also yeah, Arcane bomb needs you to lure enemies to step on them + Spectral Binding needs you to get hit to proc.

Funny thing is that the build used to steamroll Cruicible pre patch with closed eyes. Now I need to get lucky to survive it or probably change the build drastically to get more defense from somewhere and in the process be a lot weaker offensively.

So my choices atm are leave it as it is and Crucible becomes worse than SR interms of success rate, or build it for Crucible + SR and make it much worse for superbosses. I think I am going to wait till the hotfix to decide.


hi,maya. i used this build,and i find myself very hard to finish the SR 75-76. every time all the boss come to me and then my pets died soon. What should i do?

Nothing you can do if you pull all the bosses at once. You are supposed to pull them 1 or 2 at a time, never all at once.

If you want to survive even with all the bosses on you, then The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer is pretty much the only build that is capable of surviving that.

i dont want all the boss come to me XD.But my pet would hit the bosses randomly.them the bosses come to me…

Ok, I tried really hard to find information and understand what “Bind your minions to your will” on the eldritch mirror component means but I find nothing. Can someone help me on that one? What this passive does?

The wording is just for fluff. It just gives the bonuses stated.

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Oh my god :rofl:. Well, ok then… Thanks it was giving me headaches

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Build was updated (again). Nothing major, just some shuffling of stuff to other stuff.

Hound and Blighted Fiend preforming so bad now that they aren’t even worth points?

It is more like, leaving them as 1 pointers doesn’t make much difference when it matters. They just get swatted like flies and the only place I can really afford to take points from is Mend Flesh, which I did try but ended up having problems surviving.

Do you think I/we can play this build from like mid-game? say lvl 60+? Or would it rely to heavily on the sets, and I should play another build until acquired? If so, what other Cabalist build would you recommend in order to farm Ultimate?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

A budget build from the guide will be better. Also don’t farm in ultimate, farm in SR 65+ on Normal. It is easier and more efficient.

So i am going crazy here and it’s probably the most simple thing in the world but i just copy this build to try it the thing is i seems to miss 1 point in Summon Familiar and 1 in Reap Spirit i don’t know why? have the same exact gear, all the other skills are fine but i can’t get pass 25 for spirit and to get 26 bird i have to put one more point any idea what i’m missing?

No idea. Upload your build to GT and paste the link here.

I can get the familiar to 26 (i thought you didn’t maxed it) but still 25 on Spirit


The last point in Reap Spirit comes from the completion bonus on Dirge relic

Jesus, i read all the items twice and i forgot about the bonus! thanks! i was going crazy