The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Zippyshare one is the updated link. Easy way to tell it is to look at the download number next to it in the forum :stuck_out_tongue:
(It resets if you change the link)

I can just keep on updating the Online one at the website without the link getting changed and hence why it shows like 23.4k clicks atm. As for making it downloadable, that requires the publisher to buy a premium service from their website :frowning:


Guide further updated (both online and downloadable versions) and now is 110 pages long :3



We need nerdy bird with glasses :bird: :nerd_face:

Also the symbolism, the biggest animals are 110 ft, they literally can’t grow bigger than that, just like the guide :smile:


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The guide can Fwuff%20Scorv

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New patch (hotfix) dropped: Grim Dawn Version Hotfix 1

My Blightfiend Bomb builds got nerfed.

Hellhounds… the numbers need to be seen, will wait for GT to update.

I will let you guys test if this makes Crucible worth it for pets or if the change while making this better, still isn’t enough.


Fwuffy repeatedly slams its head against the wall in a Ice cream fueled drunken dizziness, trying to make sense of all the stuff that stopped making sense anymore

It doesn’t work and Fwuffy just ends up falling down face first onto the floor

Ok… so, first things first, I haven’t updated to yet since I wanted to play around with Ghol a bit more…

But that aside, a general outline of how things stand atm:

  • I never was a fan of non transmuted Ghol. So future for Bomb fiends look grim. Can’t use them with Birbs anymore like I once did, going for Elemental Blightfiends. Probably going to be focusing on Vitality I suppose. Something like:

  • Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist is now competing with Fluffy Squishy for the title of my strongest pet build… Yes, the same Will-O-Wisp that I once pronounced dead… It is also currently my only build that manages to get <7min Cruci clears (4+1 b).

  • The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer Good old Fluffy keeps going somehow. Then again, pet conjurers were always sturdy and with plenty of ways to build them. So in the end, shouldn’t be a surprise. Still holding on to the title of my strongest pet build (for now), but is much weaker than Wisp in Crucible.

  • Ishtar - Pet Ritualist was supposed to be as strong or even stronger than Fluffy Squishy. Instead, it now dies in Cruci 164 if you are not careful… But given that it is still the strongest Ritualist that I have atm…

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Random Lightning/Fire Lost Souls build that may or may not work:

That looks like around 8 minutes(?) and that’s with me running it, so someone with more experience in Crucible can probably push this time in the 6-7 minute range. I definitely feel the Crucible buffs, it was very kind of Zantai to bestow these buffs to us.

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That is good news. How much is the time difference from previously?

It used to be well over 10 minutes, and even worse depending on whether the Skeletons would survive the onslaught or not. The changes to Skeletons, the Crucible buffs, the flat damage bonuses, everything turned out better. The high priority targets I couldn’t kill fast enough before are now a lot more comfortable to face.

I suspect the future of Ghol’s Ritualist will be permanent Blight Fiends with the assistance of Primal Spirit and Vitality to Acid converted Reap Spirit. Here’s a Grimtools I’m going to test with it - Primal Spirit + Reap Spirit should be more than enough to help out single target problems, while Blight Fiends do what they do best.

Unless you have really high CDR, such as a CDR weapon + Beastcaller’s + Sovereign or Oppressor pets, taking the transmuter is not going to be worth it, as without the CDR, you average 2 Blight Fiends in the 12 second life-span, which you can do easily enough with permanent Ghol.

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Good, good. Nice to see the boner gang back in action :yum:

For my part, I have decided to take a break from Ghol for now. Will be trying to see what to do with non Ghol Blightfiends instead.

Shame though that unless you go for generic items or another pet set, you still end up with Ghol set pieces in the build, except for the medal ofcourse :frowning:

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Terrible Energy Regen aside, I’d like to see how much 1 Raven + 3 Blight Fiends compares to the above 2 Ravens + Skeletons. Surely not worth it for superbosses, but I want to see how much AoE I can squeeze from a concept like this. Crucible running is going to be fun for the next testing session, that’s for sure.

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Just wanted to point out that while farming a particular necklace off Benevald, the hidden vendor in Blood Grove, I found the recipe for Empowered Black Grimoire of Og’napesh in his vendor table. I was lvl 81 at the time, and in case it’s relevant, this was on Veteran difficulty.

I mention it because you said in the “Milestones” section that you’d purchased the Grimoire off Vinelton, who is quite a lot harder to farm than Benevald.

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I have a question about a particular item that I’ve had a hard time finding the answer to. It’s only tangentially related to this guide, in that it’s about Curse of Frailty, but I couldn’t think if anyone else more qualified to answer this, so I figured I’d ask you.

Does Guardian Of Death’s Gates’s “Reduced target’s Resistances for 3 seconds” prod trigger from Curse of Frailty? Or do you have to deal damage to trigger it?

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You have to apply weapon damage to cast it

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D’oh! I figured as much. Guess it’ll be best suited for a Reap Spirit build, then. Though I guess there are other sources of Reduced target’s Resists…

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Yes there are.

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Ty for mentioning it. I will add it in the next update for the guide :blush:

Unfortunately, s @Ulvar1 said, you need a source of weapon damage.

And unless I am misremembering it, you also need to do atleast 100% weapon damage to get the full effect of the RR. So if the skill you are using deals only 50% weapon damage, only half the RR value is applied. Do note that it has been a while and it could have been changed or I might be remembering it incorrectly, but hopefully not… :sweat:

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I remember same thing. With necro based pet build one can use bone harvest for application

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So… nearly a month later, the Fwuffy finally got around to actually testing the patch… yes long story and way overdue…

  • No updates on Blightfiends for now. I still haven’t recovered from not getting enough CDR for the transmuter when using the Ghol set.

  • Hellhound buff feels nice. But something like making a build focused on hellhounds and being able to compete with say BeastCaller Briarthorns for eg, is a different issue. But a buff to Fluffy Squishy is a buff to Fluffy Squishy and I will take what I can get.

  • Crucible is still the same despite pets supposedly getting indirectly buffed there due to increased bonuses from blessings.