Make "On hit" Devotion procs bindable to Pets?

haha, right i just had diner so yeah good time for it. :smiley: but yeah maybe your right. But no healing rain

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Do note that Pet builds also have no way to heal other than devo procs and stuff like Blood of Dreeg, Mend Flesh, Totems etc.

yeah but they have loads of hit points and can be summoned again and as you mentioned they have plenty ways to heal

I am talking about the player. Not the pets themselves. Pets getting the benefits of healing rain doesn’t make any real difference. The buff from being able to attach it to Pets would be for the player since it would proc more. But stuff like Callagadra can still destroy you (and pets since superbosses do more dmg to summoned units and receive less dmg from them) through all those healing procs while the likes of Warlord can just stand there and face tank.

Also, note that pet builds are pretty lack luster when it comes to variety. Sure, I make a lot of pretty weird builds, but if you want a proper one, it pretty much goes like this:

  1. Pick 2 classes from Necro, Shaman, Occu
  2. Pick a Pet Set
  3. Pick Ishtak or Mogdrogen
  4. Done.

Necromancer for eg has no access to heals from the mastery when it comes to pets. A Pet Defiler for eg would have to rely entirely on Devotions and Potions.

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i see yea my traditional view is that pets only work with certain classes. A necromancer can just summon them again. But i understand some pet builds would have huge problems against certain bosses. but a big pet that gets beat up like a briar or these big things from necro that just heal all your pets is a bit too lazy too me.

True, but there are items that support even hybrid pet builds, even though currently there is no real way to make them work.

And again, it is not the Pet’s lack of defensive options. It is the player’s. Pets have no problem surviving even in setups that do not go for Ishtak or Tree of Life. For eg: all the Mogdrogen based Pet builds. However, the player’s survivability would become an issue.

To give an example: Sanguine Lupus - Pet Conjurer does all the superbosses easily, even Callagadra. But take it to high SR and you will die a lot due it lacking healing for the Player.
Pets die against Cally (using it as a reference) in the above build just as much as in my The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer even though this one is mch more defensive.

well i think that if you create something like healing rain for pets everybody will take that you know its one of those things that cant be avoided.

People already take it if they go for Ishtak and are playing non Vit/Chaos Pet builds (since those tend to go for Dying God). And going for such a setup means you will lack damage from instead going for say, Mogdrogen.

Sig’s Mogdrogen + Meteor setup has much more damage than my Ishtak + Tree of Life for eg. Both can do Crucible and SR 75-76 just fine. Mine might have an edge against superbosses due to the more defensive nature, but will lose out to his everywhere else.

Pushing SR past 76 is pretty much for bragging rights since it offers no reward and takes too long after a certain point. So I am not taking that into consideration for the record.

Look, ice-creams are real. None of it is real. Besides you can have ice-creams in any which way, cones, bowls, popsicles, you name it. Pets - this is all and the same. Have ‘em tank for you and think you’re tough. Thing is, you ain’t tough! You can’t even proc on hit devotions! Serves you right.


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Serious, though, I see no reason why Empyrion and such can’t proc off pets if this excludes skeletons. Chance from AoE hits would rise 10-fold with skeletons. But max 2 summon pets, why not?

Spear already got 50% chance so scoring a few more hits per second would not break it frequency-wise. However, what about scaling? @Maya, dare you say you want pet scaling on those devos, too? :thinking:

I actually wouldn’t mind if you could bind them to skeletons either, since unlike the old Fiend’s proc, they have Cooldowns. And tier 3 devotions are supposed to be powerful anyways.

(And maybe it would make Skeletons stop being so terrible image )

And obviously Pet scaling on the devotions just like with everything else.

You can convert Meteor entirely to elemental dmg for example, but for Spear, no Aether to X conversion for Pets afaik. Though it does have Weapon dmg which I can see being somewhat problematic, but one must also look into the Affinity requirements. Things might end up being balanced that way.

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A side effect with this is it would allow pets to deal Retaliation added to Attack via Targo’s Hammer, Trample, Fist of Vire, Hyrian and Fetid Pool which is probably the only issue (whether or not pets are intended to have access to RATA).

Outside of those specific cases though, I don’t see too much harm in it. Besides, I’d love to see bizarre stuff like Black Blood on Blight Fiend for some novelty.

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An exception I’ve found to pet related procs on pets - I’ve Bysmiel’s Command attached to Reap Spirit on my summoning cabalist. Though technically it’s an attack, the wraith slapping things has a chance of spawning the special hound, which is nice.

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Are you sure on that? Should just be the initial cast from your character that does it, not the Wraith (else there’d be big issues with the game trying to handle a pet summoning a pet).

Not sure at all. It’s possible it’s only on initial cast, but I’m pretty sure(?) I’ve seen the hound spawn when the wraith punched something in the face.

It should only be on initial cast. Otherwise as Baka said, there would be a ton of issues. Can you confirm it and if it does proc off of the pet’s attack, submit a bug report.

(Pets proc’ing from other Pets would technically be weaker since they won’t benefit from the Pet bonuses that your character provides through items, skills & devotions as your Reap Spirits in this case would be taken as the summoner/player char for eg)

I like the idea. It will allow to have more interesting approaches for pet-based builds.

I am not experienced enough with Grim Dawn (just 600+ hours according to Steam statistics and most of that time was played with new masteries from mods). So I cannot predict how unbalanced some builds can become. Future will show us.

Would binding pet based procs like “arcane bomb” to a pet skill cause such a big balancing issue when the proc rate can be adjusted accordingly? I mean look at word of pain in max range with all the DoT ticks on huge enemy packs. Did I oversee something or would pets procing pets would actually be a thing? (Beside maybe engine limitations). Would open up some nice combinations and more build diversity. Especially for more lazy build :slight_smile:

The problem with binding pet skills like Arcane Bomb or Elemental Seekers to pets is more mechanical than it being a balancing issue. The game is not designed to work out and handle a pet of a pet of the player.