Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist

I’ve been following your build, and this is what my char looks like currently. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p6nmJZ (Don’t mind the points in Hellhound and Blight Fiend, I’m just fooling around a bit. Also, I don’t have ) and I need advice on piloting - specifically Crucible. I can’t seem to draw aggro away from me and to my pets, so I end up running around while monsters chase me until I get trapped or frozen or something.

This is my preferred strategy for Crucible:

  1. Pick Crucible of the Dead. It is the best map choice for us.

  2. Place the Vanguard banner in Bottom-Left corner.

  3. Get your blessings.

  4. Camp the Bottom-Left Spawn. Most of the things that you want dead as soon as possible, spawn here.

  5. On wave 154, kill the monsters that spawn from Bottom-Right first and then Kubacabra if playing with blessings & banner. If not, then take care to avoid his blood pools and you may want to focus on other bosses first and leave him for last.

  6. On wave 159, always kill Sentinel first. He is the one that causes the most problems for pet builds.

  7. On wave 161, head to Top-Right Spawn and kill the Healers that spawn here. If Aleksander comes to you before you can kill them, then quickly run to the Bottom-Left Spawn and fight and kill him there. It will take a while for the healers to get there, so you should have plenty of time.

  8. On wave 163, head to Top-Left and then lure the spawns to Mid if playing with Banner or just fight and kill them at their spawn if not. Another choice is to head Bottom-Right and kill the monsters that spawn there instead. While fighting the 3 Bosses in the middle, remember to take out the Healers first. Otherwise they will heal the Bosses quite a lot, making the wave last too long.

  9. On wave 167, head to Top-Left and kill the boss’s first form. Try to take out his second form before wave 168 starts for an easier time.

  10. On wave 169, stay within the banner radius and focus Theodin/Korvaak first. If playing without banner, then take care to not lose your pets to Anasteria. You may need to use the pet attack command a bit to reposition your pets and to make them focus on a particular enemy. Here the important point is to kill Theodin/Korvaak before wave 170, meaning you need to kill both their forms as soon as you can. Otherwise, you will have to face their second form along with whatever spawns on the next wave.

  11. On wave 170, go back to Bottom-Left and kill whatever spawns there. Then just kill the other 3 however you want. Just take care not to die to Aleksander’s Aether meteors to the face.

Now when it comes to piloting, it is basically about Divide and Conquer. You want to focus on one boss at a time if you can. Hence the part about camping the Spawn.

I am however, aware that it is not easy and things did get a bit harder for the build after the Crucible Buffs (for the enemies).

When kiting, the best advice I can give you is to abuse monster pathing. For example, the likes of Kubacabra and Reaper has problems when you run through the gap between the banner and the Spike thingy (4 corners in the center, the corner near the banner) in the Crucible of the Dead.

You can also herd them to one end of the arena and using your movement skill (Medal Augment) and some running, get to the opposing end thereby separating the slower ones from the faster bosses.

Also don’t fight near Crystals, Shards etc and you can clear out Benn’Jahr’s minefield by making your pets run through them using the pet attack command.

Also Aleksander always aim his Meteor a little bit forward to your position, in the direction you are moving in. So it can be avoided by simply moving back or sideways once you see him casting it.

Other than stuff like these, if you are are having any problems with a particular Wave or enemy, let me know and I can offer a more precise advice.

Btw, when it comes to aggro, you can also try putting 1 point each in Rotting Fumes and Blight Burst (Blightfiend nodes) and see if that helps.

Unfortunately though, there is no real way to completely avoid getting aggro, so while it will help, it won’t solve the problem.

If you want videos to help get a feel of how to pilot, I’d recommend watching Sigatrev’s Videos as he also plays pets and is a much better pilot than me.

His channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW3QpBnekeJ0qL1C17qObJQ/videos

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Hello, i am beginner for pet build and i wanted to make yours, so my first question is how you have a hellhound in your SR screenshot without putting any points in summon Hellhound.
I dont have good gear atm so i tryed your build and i ended up with 1 litle bird.
So can i make a good pet cabalist build without the gear witch summon more pets ?

It is an older screenshot, from a time when I did have Hellhound. But even back then, I only had 1 point in it just for an extra pet and it wasn’t doing much. So I took it out. Same goes for Blightfiend.

For starting out, refer to beginner builds since they are mostly made with faction items and such which are easy to get. Looks here for more information: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

If you want a more indepth or detailed response regarding something, feel free to let me know :yum:

@Maya you are by far one of the most respected Pet builders around. I love your input, also TheUberElite when it comes to pets. If I may ask a simple (albeit a tad retardo question), if my goal was to farm 75-76 SR, which one of your builds can do it taking into account I am a complete klutz and will most likely pilot like a 4 year old. I just finished this Diviner Cabalist, I am really grateful because my poor Cabalist was just lying around not being used at all.


First things first, let me say that 4 year olds could probably pilot better than me, so you are good there :yum:

Now, if you are looking for a build where you can make the most amount of mistakes or run around with absolutely no idea what you are doing and still stand a good chance at farming SR 75+ on Ultimate, then this is your best bet: The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer

You want the Lazy birb version (no green one will do fine too) for an even easier time.

But if you are talking in context of Cabalists, then the main build in this thread, given in the first post, or this one: The Rawr God - Pet Cabalist or this: Skulls & Bones - Pet Cabalist

Do note that Cabalists tend to be harder to play than Conjurers due to the comparitively fragile nature of Necromancer pets + the fact that having to cast stuff like transmuted Blightfiends or Reap Spirits every few seconds won’t be easy if you also have to kite.

Also, speaking of Conjurers, if you ever feel like you want an offensive oriented version of it while still following my lazy playstyle, this is the best I have to offer atm: Sanguine Lupus - Pet Conjurer
The Mogdrogen based devotion setup can make it harder to play than The Fluffy Squishy, however.

Now, if you have something particular in mind that you want to try but haven’t found the perfect fit yet, do let me know and I can try to tailor make a build to suit your needs (But no promises there, though I can still try).

Also if you have further questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

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Hey Maya. First post and just want to say thank you for the awesome build! Very helpful for newbie like me.

I’m currently playing normal veteran at lv 53 at Fort Ikon. I was playing with skeletons but they began to die quite often due to aoe, and I was a bit bored with skeletons as well knowing they won’t be FG ready. So I checked your guide and using your budget will o wisp build right now. It’s a lot of fun, especially casting the reap spirits. They have a dash animation that push enemies away. Pretty cool. I do have one question about the devotion, you put devotion in stag on grimtool but your guide puts devotion on panther. Which one is the better?

Also I edited my save and replaced necro with shaman because I wanted to try your fluffy squishy conjurer build. It supposes to be more powerful than the pet cabalist, but in my case the Briarthorn along with the raven, hound are not good enough to hold large groups of enemies. A few of them will fight with the pets, and remaining all rush to me so I have to kite a lot. I switched back to the cabalist because of that, and now 2 reap spirits are doing better job than one Briarthorn in terms of holding the enemies. Will the conjurer build get better if I put max on Rotting Fumes and Ground Slam?

  1. Different builds = Different devotions. Stag is mostly for the capped move speed. You can switch it to Panther i you prefer :wink:

  2. Fluffy Squishy is indeed more powerful, but how did you manage to get a Blight Fiend on a Conjurer? O_O

Thanks. My bad. Editted my post.

Btw, one thing I think is happening is that you haven’t set your pet stance to aggressive. On top left, you will see your pet’s portraits. Next to them do they have a red sword or a yellow sword and shield icon?

Hi Maya. I’m at normal AOM and got 23/16 for reap spirits. So I can summon 3 spirits. Each one lives for 18 seconds and there are 3 seconds cd to summon them. What I’m doing now is spamming the summon button to keep 3 spirits at fight. But the issue is, by doing this, each spirit only has 6 seconds real fighting time (or 5 seconds consider the time needed for the dash move and then begin to attack). Am I doing it right? Is it worth to summon 3 spirits given I don’t have the divine set? Or Should I just summon 2 and put the points saved into different skills?

3 is better than 2.

And I too always spam the skill, but since the spirit is summoned near the target, don’t worry about it :yum:

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Great thanks Maya! I’m having a lot of fun using your budget build even with the random equipments I found so far.

I modified the devotion a bit to fit my play style. I dropped stag, turtle and crane, and added lion, lizard, panther and dryad. Still can get the same top tier devotions in this way. I like the + movement speed from lion and lizard (run faster feels great in game), and the 100% trigger rate on dryad’s blessing by binding to reap spirits.

Thanks again for the awesome build! Without it, I’m sure I will still stuck with the skeletons. :slight_smile:

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Time to say a big “THANK YOU” for your guides and builds - and your tireless efforts promoting birbs! :sunglasses:

I’m playing both your “Fwuffy squishy” and this build. I only recently started playing SR (I was more of a Crucible fan before). Now I’m beginning to realize how much your builds shine in SR and other harder content. I’m really having a great (and mostly relaxed…) time. Thank you!

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Glad to be of help :blush:

Hi Maya,

In regards to leveling this build, should I follow the Budget link and follow that setup until I get most final pieces of gear?
What skills should I prioritize while leveling?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Actually, follow the GT links in this post: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Hi Maya,
what do you think about this alternate setup for crucible?
My goal was to have more armor and the blightfiend for aggro. Since the poison damage is partially converted to elemental it should also add nicely to the damage.
The Hellhound is just for a bit more aggro in the first few seconds.

Should work :+1: