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@medea_fleecestealer @adoomgod He’s referring to the comment above him concerning the Crate of Entertainment boss.

Derp. My bad yper

For a completionist, tackling the hardest boss in the game doesn’t need an icon achievement, but is one of the goals.

Every character? Never said anything about every character. The problem is, maybe 0.1% of the builds can do it. I’m not kidding. It’s that insane.

You need to follow the guidelines I gave in the previous post to be able to. ~60% physical resistance, over 4k armor with 100% absorb, high DPS, 80% stun/petrify/freeze resists, and access to war cry. How many builds can fill all of those?

I’ve heard people being able to clear it with summoners, but never seen it.

see Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist. As long as you can dodge and kite the crates properly it’s not that bad.


Now the weather is back to normal in the UK i can now comfortably play the game again! i am really enjoying the increased difficulty for the main campaign and makes the transition to the expansions much smoother. The new visuals are awesome too!

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4 of my pet builds have done it. Don’t know if anyone else did it with pets.

Another bit of feedback on the update (didn’t seem worthy of starting a whole new thread about it): I think it would be better if there stil lwas an option to craft partial components. The reason is, say I get 1 piece of a Black Tallow as a reward for a quest, or it dropped somewhere. I don’t have the option to complete that component now until I get 2 more pieces randomly somewhere (if I even can, didn’t keep an eye on whether quests now reward full components or partial), because I cannot craft the 2/3 Black Tallow I need, I have to craft the whole thing.

Well, that confirms that pet builds definitively can do it. And the Soldier builds I mentioned.

That’s about it, though. Seems a pretty terrible design to me if a boss requires one of two archetypes in the game (uber tough soldier or a summoner).

For a completionist, this means having to make a new character if you don’t have any of those.

Shieldbreaker also did it: BomberMan The Cratekiller- Ulzuin's Shieldbreaker 5:30 crucible [g3][c+][vid]

But not sure if it can still do it since the nerfs

I tried. He can’t. Neither can other people who did it on youtube at least (after the nerfs from early FG release). Octavius Warlord can’t do it anymore. 50% DR Deathknight can’t do it either anymore.

Unless you fish for leeching mutator, maybe. haven’t tried that.

How do you get 50% DR?

ugh, i’m sorry, using Diablo2 terms again :joy:

50% physical resistance.


Hi, just stopping in to say I don’t like the difficulty increase because it seems to drastically slow down and limit my previous play patterns for speed leveling new characters. I’ve voiced this in reddit comments and been upvoted so I assume Zantai has seen it there but just in case, I’ll echo it here.

I used to like to level with weird ability choices to admire their mechanics/FX while not bothering with gear and/or playing self-found. In the current patch, even if I pick the best skills and keep gear up to date the enemies are still giant HP sponges. The amount of kiting necessary isn’t even a difficulty increase in a lot of cases, it’s just a tedium increase. The damage values are fine, it’s good if enemies are threatening, they just have way too much HP early game, and particularly on elites/bosses.

Also question was normal difficulty untouched? I realized veteran was going to be too hard when I got to Moneybags Martin and swapped vet to normal, his HP went from 45k or so to like 25k. Was still struggling a little bit on normal but at that point I wasn’t sure if it was because something was changed or my build was just the worst I’ve ever made (totally possible). I’m fine sticking to normal mode and I don’t think you need to change anything if you tell me that’s been untouched.

Great patch otherwise.

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I’ve complained a bit about the leveling in the preview thread, but a lot of people would disagree with me on the matter that even speed leveling feels like a massive waste of time if you have made tens of characters. For twinked gameplay, you would normally just murder everything even with “suboptimal” skills, making it a massive snoozefest. I am not going to level another char because I find it too boring at this point, but a difficulty increase maybe - perhaps - makes it less boring to play through the game?

I am not entirely familiar what is the exact speedfarming method for “2 hours to level 100” people were telling me about. Except the obvious (lokkar set, XP potions, etc.). I don’t know if peeps play regular game or use cruci/SR for that. So I’m no expert on the matter.

Try starting in elite difficulty. That saves a lot of time leveling and is perfectly manageable untwinked.

The expectation that all methods of builds should level similarly is unreasonable if you also want to experience mechanically diverse gameplay. Cadence won’t level like forcewave. Single dmg type abilities are going to struggle until you get RR. Etc.

edit And normal is being somewhat reverted next hotfix anyway in terms of enemy health so no worries?

Can you still get revered with “all” factions at level 70 then to get armor augments asap?

You REALLY don’t need to get it with all factions. You just target the one you want and farm some bounties and can get revered pre 70 no problem. Assuming you have the Mandates

We’ve addressed this possibility in the upcoming hotfix. No more partials from any other source if the Component is crafted.


Normal difficulty is a little harder than before, but it is definitely the mode to play if you just want to take it easy.

We wanted to return Veteran difficulty to the challenge mode it was always meant to be, but that had waned over the years of buffs to player gear/skills.

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Sure but before this patch they were a lot closer to similar because it was so easy. That isn’t my point though, my point is they have so much HP now it’s tedious even with the best abilities.

Glad to hear it.