Making the jump from MC to harder content like SR/Cruci

I’ve played a lot of hours like 1.5K but usually I level my chars to 100 get bored of them and end up restarting. I wanted to try harder content like SR/Cruci or maybe some celestials so I looked up a few builds I have a max level elemental pet conj with all maxed rep and optional skill/stat points gotten. I chose it because it seems generally people on forums think pets/retal are very easy/strong and the guide seemed very popular ~~~ The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer

My char=

I’m playing HC SSF if that matters the 8th slot is for clusters ingame :slight_smile:

I was aiming for beastcaller’s/bysmiel’s set but I don’t have any 94 set legendaries yet bercause I always delete my saves and recipes on a new patch. I’m making due with random affix MI’s and faction gear/recipes atm. I’m willing to just grind out better green gear but is seems like all the pet items are a pain to farm (the bloodsworn signets, zaria amulet and wendigo gaze). I want to jump into SR seems like that’s the way to go for legendary drops per hour I think.

Where does the damage come from in pet builds I did up to SR25 with this as is for the skill point rewards and it made me want to throttle myself why is it so damn slow? I’m guessing I’m just bad lol is there anything around guide wise specifically for how to speedily clear shards this is miserable.

Tips for better easily farmable gear or just devotion and skill changes for faster clears would be stellar!

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Everything seems fine with your build. Your DA could be improved, but there’s no need to touch devotions or skills. Your equipment can be improved a lot. The ideal set for the build would be the Bysmiel one, but there’s no way to farm it. There’s no blueprint or any ways of crafting any pieces so it depends on sheer luck. I have 1.5k hours like you and i have found only three pieces so far.

The Beastcaller set has a blueprint for the helm, so it’s possible to complete it by just farming enough materials to crafts four helms and using the Transmute option on the inventor to obtain the other pieces. If you don’t have the blueprint then you will need to find the pieces or the blueprint by just clearing dungeons, totems and such things in the campaign. Until you can get one of those sets, you will need to work with faction gear.

It is possible to farm the Bloodsworn rings from the vendor inside the Bastion of Chaos. He is located in the second area of the dungeon. You just need to exit the area where the shopkeeper is located (either go back to the previous area or advance to the next), wait about 30 seconds and then come back to the vendor. His inventory should be updated. It is a very easy and safe method (if you can handle the Bastion of Chaos), but it is insanely boring. I almost fell asleep the last time i went there to farm the rings, so a lot of patience is required.

When it comes to advancing on the Shattered Realm, you can play on normal difficulty and you will still obtain the blueprints for the waystones that allow you to skip to higher levels of SR without playing through the whole thing on the higher difficulties. It is slow, but you will need to do it only once. I think the next checkpoint for you is 35.

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I generally don’t invest in the bird directly unless I have two of them or am building around it… Maybe more points in it’s Storm Spirtt aura (remove from bird) to supercharge the briar and hound. Maybe a Savage relic for another pet until you get better gear? I think you’ll be doing much better once you get a couple of Bysmiel rings and finish the Nature’s Regalia set to get a second briar (or Bys set to get two birds). Right now you don’t have a lot of conversion for the phys damage, the rings will help there.

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I had no idea that vendor sold the rings that’s very useful, thanks!

I do have the beastcaller helm but it’s not the level 94 version would that even be worth the costs to make that set compared to faction gear?

Not sure if storm spirit aura will do much for me I consider briarthorn and hound just to be there mainly to tank hits because the birb shotgunning with projectiles seems to do the majority of my damage.

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The stats on the set are definitely fine and you also get access to Call of the Beast from the helm, but it’s outdated for level 100 characters. It’s probably worth conserving your resources as the set isn’t cheap to create. The main problem is the number of Manticore Eyes and Mark of Mogdrogen. Manticore Eyes can be a bit too slow to farm and Mark of Mogdrogen uses a lot of aether crystals. It requires many trips through the usual farming routes to craft multiple of those. Faction gear should work fine until you obtain the blueprint for the level 94 set. You may also be lucky and just find the pieces randomly.

You also have the Bloodsworn Codex and Zaria’s Amulet equipped. The mods on those items make the Briarthorn and Hellhound much stronger than Birb. But Birb long range attacks are also helpful, so i don’t think you need to take points away from it. Storm Spirit adds some elemental damage, but what you need is the conversion from the Bysmiel rings. Without those, you won’t reach the full potential of this build. Unfortunately, it will require a lot of luck.

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