Random Question of the day - What're your favourite builds?


@maya: Thu king’s Thunderous striking Druid.

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I really don’t know. Would it be fwuffy?

@mad_lee favorite build too!


Picking 1 from each class, my top 5 would be:

o) The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer
o) Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist
o) The Witch Doctor - Pet Ritualist
o) Scheherazade - Pet Deceiver
o) Birds of Bysmiel - Pet Occultist

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I uhh only play the builds with pets.

That’s fine mate. Toss 'em in.

Any elemental conjurer that uses fissure whirlpool elemental storm. It’s very colorful and fun to actually have aoe on a conjurer.

Sorry maya. Your builds may be better but eye candy and aoe is more fun.

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Sounds like makeup to me!

What’s underneath however, is a grim reality you really don’t wanna face :stuck_out_tongue:

No offence intended. Just couldn’t resist making that joke.

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I actually did make one like that, but with Ultos added into the mix: The Colourful Penguin - Pet Conjurer

You even commented on it :scorv:

Things have changed, but could easily apply that devo setup (Remove manticore and add Crown) to a Trinkets build and go to town on Aetherials :stuck_out_tongue:

You have so many builds how could I possibly remember them all!

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By only playing pet builds? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Apparently even that doesn’t help :sweat_smile:


this is my favorite build (before nerfs :rofl:)

Infiltrator Chillwhisper

PS: yes, it is not Paladin :innocent:

@Nery: Glad you like the Warlord, still testing a few things.

My favourite builds:

  1. Bleeding Trickster (my one love; ever changing, will the first to be polished after
  2. Bleeding Druid (the most surprising build, still fun)
  3. Bleeding Witchblade
  4. Bleeding Ritualist

Because really few people make Bleeding Builds, I have to mention @Shoot2033 Warder. I would change a few things because I am not nearly the pilot he is, but it´s really fun to play.

I’m old and not too agile with skills anymore, but I’ll mention 4 I really liked.

mad_lee’s Sorceress

x1x1x1x2’s Runic Bolt Tactician

Maya’s Sanguine Lupus

afanasenkov26’s Retaliation Warder


from mine - in no particular order:
Soulrend Reaper, as my very first build and the one I’ve spent the most time with;
Vitality FS Defiler - for suddenly working very good and being one of the best defilers ever made;
Spam DB Pyro - for fun gameplay and sturdiness;
Desolator Puri - for tankiness and strength;
2H Corba Trickster - for being still strong and being 1 of 2 my builds that can kill Ravager;
Blazerush Elementalist - for bringing an unpopular concept to life.

from others - @mad_lee’s Valdun and Sorcerer.

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This patch only

  1. ML’s Dark One conj
  2. jabrix’s Stormserpent vind
  3. Spanked Rancor bm
  4. Roman’s Ratosh binder
  5. jabrix’s Rimetongue inf
  6. Plasmo’s all his builds this patch (half-Octavius paladin, binder 2h melee, pierce Runebinder)
  7. Fluff’s greened-up SS spellbr
  8. Vali’s Yugol bm
  9. the BwC/EoR Infernal shieldbr (who made it?)
  10. ML’s superburn Infernal shieldbr

EDIT: just noticed 11. Nery’s Harra CT sp-breaker

EDIT2: just remembered 12. JS’s retal BwC commando and 13. ML’s acid retal archon


@plasmodermic did