Random Question of the day - What're your favourite builds?

These builds don’t have to be strong or “viable.”

Just something which resonates with you! Something which makes you go…


Feel free to include GT links! And feel free to include as many as you like (but be reasonable)!

I’ll start.

In no particular order:

  1. @thejabrixone’s & @valinov’s rimetongue infiltrators (the only 2 specs I know which uses bladetrap as a primary skill)

  2. @superfluff’s infamous belgo BM

  3. @Contragor’s HC classless spec

  4. @mad_lee’s chaos AAR MH

  5. @nery’s DW ritualist

  6. @x1x1x1x2’s all green vindicator

  7. My doombolter

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that’s like one of my wonkiest and least creative builds, dude, why ))))

Because chaos AAR always had the stigma that it was a shit skill.

And sure. Maybe it’s because AAR is in an OP state rn which is why chaos AAR is performing the way it is, but it was surprising to me at least that it could perform.

Also, I piloted the spec.

It’s not an easy toon to control. So I was like.

Gawd dayum.

My boy lee picking up dem skizzelz.

EDIT: Also…i feel like wonky and creative go hand-in-hand

Oh thanks for including a build from me. Actually you’ve made collection from different builders. So you like better your Doom Bolter than FW Commando, huh?

What I like? :thinking:

My Vanqusiher Templar exceeded my expectations. I still prefer SR set Chillstrifes, despite the greens as overall monster build.

From other people, I don’t remember most of them sadly. But @sir_spanksalot Dark One Ritualist is one of the best I played. Same for @mad_lee Valduun Purifier and I don’t usually enjoy playing ranged. I love playing @rhylthar Blade Arc Warlord a lot. So fun and underrated build, people should play it more often!

Creativity award should go to @thejabrixone and his tri elemental stuff or Stormserpent build. @valinov is the main challenger for the award. How these guys make so crazy but at same time great builds is beyond me. Your cookies will not be cut by them :smile:


I actually think my doom bolter was the hardest theorycraft I’ve done (except maybe my acid WL, but that’s still unfinished).

It was harder than rancor PB too.

It’s one thing to perform conversion jujitsu on a top tier skill to make a great spec, but it was a whole other challenge trying to make an underperforming skill perform at that same level.

If that makes any sense at all.

@plasmodermic is a strong contender here too.

For ones that I made

  1. Used to be fire BWC sorc but now it’s lightning cyclone + thermite sorc.

  2. Retal DE - still trying to make this good for current patch.

  3. Skaterboi

  4. Honorable mention to AA runebinder tactician which was my undisputed favorite before FG came, and it was the only build I played legit when FG came.

For other people’s builds:

  1. Spanky doom bolt

  2. thejabrixone double chillheart bonemonger

  3. Plasmodermic proc deceiver- when that came out I was like wtf that works?

I also really like @AlkamosHater’s armored af belgo BM.

I laughed when I first saw it. Was a very refreshing take on a typical glass cannon spec.


@maya: Thu king’s Thunderous striking Druid.

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I really don’t know. Would it be fwuffy?

@mad_lee favorite build too!


Picking 1 from each class, my top 5 would be:

o) The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer
o) Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist
o) The Witch Doctor - Pet Ritualist
o) Scheherazade - Pet Deceiver
o) Birds of Bysmiel - Pet Occultist

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I uhh only play the builds with pets.

That’s fine mate. Toss 'em in.

Any elemental conjurer that uses fissure whirlpool elemental storm. It’s very colorful and fun to actually have aoe on a conjurer.

Sorry maya. Your builds may be better but eye candy and aoe is more fun.

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Sounds like makeup to me!

What’s underneath however, is a grim reality you really don’t wanna face :stuck_out_tongue:

No offence intended. Just couldn’t resist making that joke.

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I actually did make one like that, but with Ultos added into the mix: The Colourful Penguin - Pet Conjurer

You even commented on it :scorv:

Things have changed, but could easily apply that devo setup (Remove manticore and add Crown) to a Trinkets build and go to town on Aetherials :stuck_out_tongue:

You have so many builds how could I possibly remember them all!

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By only playing pet builds? :stuck_out_tongue:

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