The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer - SR 170 version :3

How about a pet build without Beastcaller set? Possible?

You know it is…

But if you are asking whether I will ever make one, then does my Ghol’s set Conjurer count?

Added a mini guide to the budget setup.

Just realized that alot of stuff can now be crafted. Or… were they always like that and I just didn’t notice?

Doesn’t matter. But the budget build got an update :smiley:

how come i have version 1.1 but i dont have some of the devotions like you do?

It is updated for Forgotten Gods Expansion :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hence the “Note: Requires both Ashes_of_Malmouth & Forgotten_Gods.” in the Foreword section.)

That only releases March 27th.

Added another budget build for when you want a 26/16 Familiar with only faction/craftable items :stuck_out_tongue:

The Elemental versions with double Familiars added :smiley:

2 new builds added because I wanted more pets. (Ok, just got 1 more pet for now, and it is a freaking skeleton. So no extra fluff to squish :()

EDIT: Also, taking out Primal Spirit from the Flaming, Sparky, Frozen Double Familiar builds for the time being due to mana concerns.

Thanks for the various build options, Maya. I love pet builds. In fact, when the expansion drops next week, my wife and I will be doing dual Conjurors. :slight_smile: Woot. How would you tackle that if you were running with someone else? Skills-wise both players do not need the curse or the Blood of Dreeg since both are party wide. So that might mean the Wendigo totem could be picked up by someone and more points could go into pets.

Devotions too – wondering if the player tagged to doing the curse might opt for Manticore for acid spray?

Glad that you like them :smiley:

I haven’t really thought about multiplayer with dual pet conjurers though. But if you never intent to play Solo, then CoF can be dropped for Totem (would need something else to bind Shepherd’s Crook to) or more points into Pets. With BoD, you still get 2 heals if you both go for them so that is still something to consider.

As for Manticore, with the Mythical Veilpiercer it might not be necessary.

So, I guess time to release the Fluffies officially :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wondering which pet build you would recommend for a fairly new player to start this expansion with?

The Budget Fluffy/Dodo from the first page if you don’t have the Mythical Beastcaller Set yet.

Otherwise, probably the Veil Fluffy.

Edit: Also the Dodo still works beautifully :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Maya,

Appreciate all your help with these guides! I’m new and had been directed over to this build “Familiar Conjurer - Beginner’s Guide (sigatrev / thepowerofmediocrity)” [Note: I can’t hyperlink since I need to post more…^_^]

Can you let me know pros/cons of that build vs your budget dodo? Is the one I linked even valid for FG? Thanks!

Mine should be easier to get the items for, in the sense that everything is craftable, can be bought from the Faction merchants, or farmed from specific mobs. So there is very little luck involved.

Also, I have a very different design philosophy compared to Sig when it comes to builds. He prioritizes speed and damage while I go for ease of use and laziness :p. Basically you can get away with my builds even if you have no idea what you are doing while his builds require a bit more finesse.

As for how the linked build would perform in FG, the loss of the additional Familiar from Will of Bysmiel would hurt its overall viability, but it should still fare decently in its current state. If you want to follow it, might want to wait a bit till it gets updated.

Maya’s builds > any other pet build on the forum -except mines (?)-

The Hellhound is supposed to have had a decent buff. So, would be kind of a shame to not even give it a chance. Presenting to you

The Fluffy Hound:


Did you test it? Hellhound as far as I know is bad.

Hellhound is kinda bad on it’s own. It needs investment from what I’ve experienced.

I think it straight up needs like a 50% life buff. Or better life scaling with level. A 26 hellhound still dies really easily. But the damage it does is fantastic if you invest into ember claw at least a little bit and then infernal breath is amazing. It’s just weird that a level 26 hellhound still dies more easily than a 21 briar, and a level 6 vs 26 isn’t that much of a difference.

That said the potential is there. They just need to live.

Also sidenote: One of the new bosses (that took me 80 minutes to kill) has bonus damage to Eldritch and I’m pretty sure hellhound counts as eldritch, lol. At least the explosions might have helped a bit :smiley: