Let us talk about mechanics in endgame, seriously

Retal warlord Faceroll is actually alive and well. Just won’t do the same amount of DPS anymore if you go with the lazy version that is all. Can Facetank Cally in 6 mins still though it means like 11 min Crucible time. Will be updating my build once GT comes back up.

As for Pets, failing? piano? @Lich wut?

I play GD for years, I know how to pilot difficult situations. I killed all celestials (except crate), I can do stuff, I definitely do not see “unkillable OP builds that don’t rerquire much effort”, see the details of the original post.

I do not know about failing, and I see too many active abilities on the bar for these, thats what I said! If one can advise me, that terrific! I played pet builds in pre-malmouth GD, and these were rolling everything very well, some post-malmouth but without all-BiS items and it was ok, then I took a break from those and in Forgotten Gods idk.

Haven’t checked in on the more recent renditions. How many buttons we talking?

6+, not counting RMB and LMB and pots.

Look at the tags on the thread : The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Also, if you want the bare minimum of active abilities, then try out this one: Skulls & Bones - Pet Cabalist

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From the video:
He uses full bar with 2 pharma. I would put 4 skills on Mouse Buttons (Savagery L, Blood of Dreeg R, Pet Attack/Wendigo Totem Thumb)…then CoF, Bloody Pox, Devouring Swarm and Grasping Vines (and one I don´t know).

It´s okay, saw some builds with more.

Some buttons can be bound to 1 button macro, he doesnt use all buttons on the bar, see how the cds pop. And dps is still a question, right popping can get you more def, true, I have issue with correctly using ALL of these.

It isnt that hard to overcap resists by 30-40, which mitigates any non-stacking resist reduction. And you can get stun, freeze & entrapment res to mitigate all that nasty CC.
I’ve started an lightning AAR mage hunter from scratch recently, and at the time i’ve completed ultimate, i had all resists overcapped by +30, 150k DPS, 80% all CC resists - and was able to farm Gladiator crucible up to 150 wave, facetanking everything…
To be honest, debuffs, that reduce damage (hello, -60% damage multiplier) or make your attacks miss are far more cancerous, cause you CANT mitigate them! You simply get your DPS reduced by 3-5 times, and can do nothing about it.
And although i agree, that dispel should be removed from Arcane heroes, Gravathul could keep it. It has a very long and clearly visible animation while casting it, and you have a plenty of time to run away. IF you dont - well, blame yourself for trying to facetank an ability, that is meant to be avoided.

Exactly the point! I can respec my warlord into eternal semi-afk tanking stump, but it takes 25+++ mins to do CR150-170, making it useless. But when the goal is to rotate 170 cruicible in 5-7mins with your tributes not going down, then you will have to relocate defenses into offenses and the survival becomes an issue again. Look at most build recipes people post for endgame - overcap is often just a few % for a number of resistances. In PoE almost any build can overcap resists to counter the worst debuff situation.

I hear you well on Arcane, but here is the deal: non-boss mobs do not have any time to cast it, they get wiped, meaning that that elite affix has no effect, while other affixes do their effect mostly right up, like support, reflect, void, etc, so its utterly underwhelming. However, if one struggles with killing mobs on the leveling/gearing phase the arcane is absolutely out of the line of other affixes - its right out deadly, especially if there is a large mob bust with tonns of effects on screen and especially if you play melee and you cant dodge pbaoe. So its either useless or nut-cracking, both being extremes.

That is because the devs don’t want a tanky build that also outputs enough dps to do Crucible in 5-7 minutes. Infact they don’t want any build to do crucible in 5 mins.

*any reasonably attainable build. MI stacked outliers aren’t tuned for


Though I wonder whether Z has clarified about their stance on that.

I’ve asked multiple times in various phrasing and they’re not acting on MIs unless it’s a single affix on a single item breaking rules.

Ex 8% cdr chillstrife, 30 rr masters spell-blade

A build using 1-2 well rolled MIs isn’t going to be too far removed from its green free partner and those will track together with nerfs and buffs

3+ is generally where you’ll see grander splits depending on which slots are being swapped. Though prevailing consensus is that’s practically unreachable for any build of relevance. Celiac’s disease is what, 1/100? Compare the gluten free zaniness to the build sub forum and do the math.

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Do you really want a comparison with that shitty game, where players skip bosses, because killing trash is far more rewarding, where you’re meant to oneshot everything off-screen, or it oneshots you, where 24/7 grinding easy-as-fuck content (T3 maps or so) is rewarded more than farming a hard one (T16, etc), where the ACCESS itself to endgame content is gated behind 24/7 grinding of boring faceroll areas, and where players has to deal with either absolutely disgusting trade system, that consumes half of your time for nothing, or (if SSF) with horrible drop rares for everything?

Do you realize, that Gladiator Crucible 151-170 is meant to be an absolute ENDGAME content, consistently farmable only for strongest of the strongest builds with really great gear?
Weaker builds/gear have a decent chance to die and probably requires with full banners, buffs, etc (non sustainable on tributes).
They should farm 130-150 Gladiator, and it yields only slightly less rewards anyway.
As for Challenger 151-170 - my “from scratch” build was able to beat it as it finished ultimate. Rewards are lackluster, though.


Thats not true at all, but

thats true))) I get you got burned on PoE, but it is a strong game in very many aspects, and not without its shortcomings because of the monetization and online-only stuff.

Its not, SR 70+ is an absolute endgame for now, much harder than any cruicible.
And I am talking about heaviest geared builds out there, not some midpoint builds or just things put together in an unoptimized fashion.

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  1. Disagree for the most part, Arcane are non existant in crucible anyways and reflective are non existant in crucible and SR. Arcane are fine overall except for maybe grava in SR.

  2. Yes I agree! Please no more bosses with 500% res to all cc. CC res should be ~100% at max and one specific cc res should be a little lower imo (e.g. grava weak to stuns, alexander weak to freeze, etc.) This would in general also help ranged builds, casters and blade trap nightblades.

  3. Disagree. I think this part is fine as it is, just dodge the cc 4Head

  4. Agree for some bosses. Lower movement speed would be nice on some bosses, yea. Would again help ranged and caster builds.

  5. Disagree. Overcapping with e.g. ointments is part of the endgame, RR from bosses makes endgame more interesting imo.

  6. I play HC exclusively for about a year now and was able to clear all bosses and SR up to 70. Only thing missing for me for now is Crate of Entertainment. I think GD overall is very hardcore friendly. You have to remember than in HC you don’t play to complete all content with one char, but rather to slowly grind up your stash to then be able to make dedicated chars to kill certain bosses with.

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First, SR 70 is easier than Crusible 151-170. At least, from my PoV.
Second, SR is too imbalanced. Players beat SR 70+ only because they pull bosses one by one, otherwise any build gets oneshotted on spot. I feel like it still requires a lot of balancing before it can be considered the only proper endgame. Not to mention, that if you die in Crucible, you’re screwed, but if you die in SR, you just continue further. From me perspective, a mode with death penalty more fits “endgame”, that one without it.
Second, why do think, that crucible 151-170 is meant to be farmable? Go start a new build from scratch and try to farm it. GL.

It WAS a strong game on many aspects. Not anymore - its developers just dont care about balance at all. We see lader totally dominated by a single skill. Who cares, if there exist 200 skills, if one skill beat them all by a mile?

Crucible 151-170 is about SR 55-60.

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First, SR 55-60 often is harder than SR 70-75, cause you cant pull bosses 1 by 1.
If you pull bosses 1 by 1 (though i’m sure it isnt intended), then SR isnt that hard at all… Fighting a boss 1v1 in SR75 is easier, than fighting 4-5 bosses at once in Crucible.