Can't decide on builds to play

Are you playing self-found or are you trading too? Or maybe you want to just gd-stash a build and go wreck faces in Crucible or high Shards?

I would say the availability of certain gear and your readiness to farm it is a big factor. And obviously also this:

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Build around on how you imagine yourself in Cairn fighting whatever comes at you, you can say it. Or if you want to rush for those “best build destroys all content immortal” there is also that

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Thanks for all the replies I’m down to play any damage type and mastery just would have to be fresh start viable. Don’t have any of my previous characters and would prefer self found :slight_smile:

Here’s what I did in your situation:

  1. I decided to try new mastery with FG so created an Oathkeeper. It’s very, very flexible and easy to gear.

  2. I levelled it to fifty-five or so as a single mastery. You could easily go higher. This allowed me to get a feel for all the skills it had to offer and what ones I’d like to build on. I also looked at what gear I had.

  3. I went Warlord as it’s very powerful and not difficult to play. Got to 100, enjoyed Oathkeeper so much I went back and levelled a Paladin too!

  4. Farmed a bit with these characters, next thing you know I’m making Oathkeeper + ‘X’ toons all over the place. Archon is especially good fun.

Hope this gives you some ideas, I honestly think Paladin and Warlord are very powerful in relation to the gear it takes to get them into Ultimate. Ofc you could also go Conjurer, another no-brainer.


Yeah last char I played to 100 was a retal warlord and it was stupid op aha just facerolled the entire game. Was hoping to try something different maybe pets or some type of caster?

Did you say pets? :laughing:


Hahaha was honestly waiting for you or someone else to link this ahaha :joy::sweat_smile:

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When in doubt plays RETA, ez clap. :upside_down_face:

Detail> I went to level 100 and SR 60 (more or less) with only green items.


Yeah I know did that last time and destroyed everything :sweat_smile: any decent bleed/poison based builds? Melee or caster DoT

How does retal work now? Warlord still king?

The best combinations in my opinion are with Soldier+Occultist.

I’m noob with this compilation and I made an SR115 these days and look that you don’t have to do anything basically, just walk around, dodge and press the buttons. :rofl:

Try this one you will not regret it>

Now if you want explosive power have this>

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Well, you did ask. :wink:

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Are either of those fresh start viable? Don’t have any chars to farm with so I’m starting from scratch again ahaha

Thanks bae got any other juicy beginner links for me?

Aren’t you in the mood to play with me? I can help you with something.

I have a set of RETA from low to high level, I started with it, if you want I can give it to you without problems and some more if you need.

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Yes, the FG build compendium - look under Builds for Beginners.


Shoot away hit me with what you got fam

Had a brief look before alot of them are pretty dated now, are they all still viable?

Retal isn’t that fast against annoying mages tho. If you want a really good build to get distracted around and tanky I can recommend Belgo blademaster from here [] Belgothian Blademaster 100SR/Celestials/75-76 easy farm (videos)

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Fun and super boss killer.
I love it.

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Sweet I’ll give that a look :smile: any decent caster recommendations anyone?