New Player looking for a little help

Just bought the expansions and got back into GD and having a blast. Until around level 40 with my Cabalist, then I remembered why I stopped playing originally. I’ve hit a brick wall in progress and can’t get around it. My pets are getting destroyed, and I’m getting one-shotted, even while kiting like crazy. I took a break from this boss (Herald of the Flame) thinking I just need to gear/level up some more, but am having the same problem in other areas as well. I have on every single piece of resist pieces I can find, and the best gear I have, including the only crafted relic I could get. The build does fine throughout the game, and is quite fun, except on bosses/elites. Are cabalists pretty useless now, or hopefully I’m missing something? Should I farm the crucible for a while to get things I’m missing maybe?

Aether resist is actually 27% - it has to be activated.

Thanks for any helpful advice.

Current Leveling Build

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Have a look at Maya’s pet builds - she has several Cabalist ones.

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Quite simple actually, most of your equipment didn’t support pet and are low level. The most easiest to fix that on leveling is to use the faction gear. Check it here on grimtools which item you can buy that support pet. Between 35-55 the faction support pet are DC, Rovers, Death Vigil, and later Black Legion. Those item are enough to use until you get a better item that support pet. Try to buy this item

That boss deal tons of aether and lightning, only on second phase that it deal a bit of burn damage, no wonder you’re getting destroyed by it. If you’re struggling with aether resist, craft the Purified Salt, Aether Soul and Runestone and put it on your item

Thanks. I’ve already had the salt on my weapon, but I’ll look up the others as well as the armor.

I’m used to having to grind for gear at endgame in most ARPG’s, but didn’t realize you had to grind for gear to get through the storyline lol. Just got DC Honored and grabbed all of their gear, already much better stats.


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I would also dump points into maxing out your Familiar and Hellhound. At a certain point and without the right supporting gear, Skeletons become weak as shit. If youre not SUPER attached to using them, it might be worth respeccing all those points into your other Pets, as they will have much better staying power against Elites and Bosses.