[] Winter King+Ghol conjurer SR 75+/Crucible clear

Introduction :

Hi ! This is my very first post here, I love almost everything about this marvelous game, and I just wanted to share the build I currently play.
Even though I was more into two-handed weapon characters (my favorites were builds around stormreaver and those around wildblood set), I recently dove into summoner builds, and what a pleasant surprise it was !
So I read Maya’s grimoire, studied Duskdeep86’s and Alkamoshater’s teachings carefully (and other precious builders whose name I forgot), tested some of the most violent builds when I was lucky enough to have the required stuff (this one for example : [] Beastcaller Conjurers - Bleeding and Chaos/Bleeding hybrid-> Crucible 4:49-5:20/ SR 115/ Callagadra 2:53-3:27 + Ravager 1:23 + Crate ~30 seconds), and I finally decided to try something around Mythical bane of the Winter King , because I have it in my bank for ages and I’ve always wanted to play with it. So, here it is :

Build :


So the core idea was to play with Mythical bane of the Winter King and Primal Instinct (I thought that these cute dermapterans would benefit a lot from the flat cold damages granted by the sword). I then chose to pair it with Ghol Malice (an original idea from Duskdeep86 : [] Ghol + Winter King Set | Man & Dog | Acid & Cold | Pet Trickster | Cloud Build ), because I love the Eldricht Talon + the little spiders from the braces follow the same idea as the Swarmlings.

That said, I decided to play him as a conjurer (for blood of Dreeg and excellent pet skills in general), and as a conjurer, I found the Mythical Crown of the Winter King to be not so good, so I dropped it and opted for Yugol’s rings to supplement my pet’s physical damage conversion (Rumor affect both cold and acid damage, so in the end I have roughly the same RR in both acid and cold, so it’s not a big deal to not have 100% conversion on a single element I think).

Since I play Ghol and the Winter King, I naturally play devouring swarm and curse of frailty, two big sources of bleed RR, and I was going to go for Mogdrogen Howl anyway (let alone sources of bleed damage like Primal Bond), so I decided to complete the build with bleed damage support, hence the Mythical Nosferattis, the Mythical Heart of the Sand King, and the Huntress devotion.

In the end we reach the hard caps in Mogdrogen pact ( the last points add quite a bit flat damages actually, and they are fully converted in acid/cold if I’m not mistaken), in briarthorn and emboldening presence, and in primal bond.

Devotion :

I chose a devotion route around Mogdrogen the Wolf, mostly because I feel Swarmlings needs the total speed bonus. The one in the build is the most offensive one, you can take a more defensive approach with behemoth, or chose more aoe procs like Leviathan. Here are some examples : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQ48A8Z (with Leviathan)
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2ggvG72 (with Behemoth)

Itemization :

I consider Ghol+Bane of winter king+yuugol ring+primal instinct the core of the build, so I won’t detail here why I took them (see above for the thought process) :

Helm : Mythical Necrolord’s Gaze : To be honest, I’m not really happy with this one, i’m pretty sure there are better choices here and there, but I couldn’t find what. That being said, +1 to shaman skill help a lot, pets stats are ok, the mod for primal spirit help a little since with the 2H sword we have an abysmal CDR :confused:

Amulet : Mythical Heart of the Sand King is a cool item imo, even if I have trouble to estimate its actual value in the build…but what is certain is its +skills help a lot ! There are a lot of good option here, Mythical Heart of the Mountain would be an obvious one, but unfortunately I don’t own one yet. Zaria pendant should be a strong one too, or even the shaman conduit with the acid mod on wind devil.

Belt : there are not a lot of belts for pets unfortunately, and this one Mythical Nosferattis seemed to be the strongest here (the support bleed damage is welcome too); a godlike MI might be better though.

Leggs : Again, not a lot of good option outside of godlike MIs. So I ended up taking Mythical Wildshorn Leggard for the + skills it provides (not sure if the pet acid retaliation add anything noticable)

Boots : a couple of boots could work here, I prefer Mythical Grim Harvest cause they allow 26 in briarthorn (but depending on your MIs you could prefer another one).

Performance :

I’m not exactly a good pilot (to say the least…) and I prefer play on a controller, so I don’t know what it is capable of, but I can clear the gladiator 150-170 crucible with it (4 blessing + 3 banners), and I have no problem for SR 75-76. I failed to kill ravager of souls, mostly because for some reasons I can’t keep the aggro on my pets, so I didn’t even try Callagadra or Mogdrogen, maybe with better aggro management/consumable management it is doable.

In conclusion I m’ pretty happy with the build, it performs way better than my previous attempts with ghol (a ritualist) and with winter king, and it is visually quite funny : you’re a walking disaster who spreads locust swarms, cyclones, insects, acid spiders and even a dinosaur ! That said, it can be annoying to maintain wind devil and devouring swarm all the time (definitely not an ice cream-proof build).


Not even a single post by anyone on this thread…


*chocolate icecream with chocolate chips added in, in hand, the birb rolls in to welcome the new beastmaster *

Interesting build btw. If you are struggling with aggro, getting ground slam to 17/12 might help since it becomes Taunt rather than “generate additional threat” at that point. So definitely recommend experimenting with it, atleast if you plan on tackling superbosses again.

Shame about not being icecream-proof though :sob:


But how rude I am ! I didn’t answer you ! Sacrilege again !! I’m very sorry for this mistake, I was on vacations when you answered and then it slipped my mind -_- … Thank for the advice, actually I was already aware of the taunt after lvl 17 (and the very first iteration of the build did have that, don’t remember exactly why I removed it), I’ll definitely try it if I come back to this char (which I will probably do in the next patch).

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I actually built a similar ritualist out that I played just like yours (figured rumor combined the two rr’s, built around that). I have green pants and a green belt, otherwise pretty much the same, even the devos are really close. But, you managed to get ~100 more DA then mine… thanks for posting, may have to steal an idea or two. :slight_smile: