[] Beastcaller Conjurers - Bleeding and Chaos/Bleeding hybrid-> Crucible 4:49-5:20/ SR 115/ Callagadra 2:53-3:27 + Ravager 1:23 + Crate ~30 seconds

Update - Added videos with new setup, chaos + bleeding hybrid, it has higher damage than pure bleeding.

Hello, it’s time for some pets now, with bleeding damage - I never fully made any bleed build because I am not fan of this damage type but for summoner it is working excelent. It even worked way better than I have expected. Main build use many buttons so I made setup for lazy players too.

Main: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOXaDO2
Lazy setup: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gQ5GYZ

Main: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/qNYqlJWN -> slighty more damage than pure bleed due to skipping armor. Changed two rings, some skillpoints and devotion route. Totem can be taken instead of some points into Hellfire. It can do everything main build do, has same defense mechanics and pets configuration.
Lazy: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/1NXQGY82

Totem is no needed outside of very deep SR in practice so if you want one button less - take points into Mogdrogen’s Pact. Every build got own devotion route.
On lazy build I get rid of 3 active skills.

Armor + Helmet + Shoulders + Medal - full Beastcaller set, nothing to explain.

Weapon + Offhand - Salazar dagger because of additional pet which do a lot of damage. 2 Offhands choices are good but from my tests Bloodsworn Codex is bis due to 35% modified damage to Briarthorns and -8 sec recharge which is very helpful on deep SR and vs Callagadra. Second choice is Bound Wraith, I even made 1 second faster :scorv: crucible run with it but due to better RNG, everywhere else it’s little slower.

Rings + Amulet - bleeding damage for our summons. Hybrid version use another rings for converting physical damage and skipping monsters armor.

Boots + gloves + belt - just bonuses for pets and additional survivality.

Pants - best damagewise pants excluding some godly double rares with pet stats. Mythical Runebrand Legwraps can be safer choice due to all CC resistances.

Relic - Swarms do more damage than anything else, absolutely BiS from my tests. Another choice can be Mogdrogen’s Ardor or Bysmiel’s Domination. Even Dirge of Arkovia if you wish to have huge skeleton.

Crucible 5:19 (bleeding) and 4:49 (chaos+bleeding)

SR 115 - bleeding and chaos+bleeding

Crate 23 seconds on pure bleed and slower run on hybrid setup due to bad rng

Ravager 1:22, similar time on hybrid but worse rng

Callagadra 3:27 on bleeding and 2:53 on chaos/bleed (gloves change for Everlivings for pierce res but no totem)

170ex naked 8:12 with hybrid setup

Mogdrogen 1:33 with hybrid setup




Who said pet builds are ded? :slight_smile:


Interesting build. You don’t have Mogdrogen’s proc attached to anything though in the lazy build.


Probably because of editing GT, it should be binded to CoF or Devouring swarm.

Have you also tried with Zaria amulet or is sand king too OP?

Yes, tryied it but sand king seems better for bleeding pets, also way easier to find.

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Yeah, you have something else on CoF so Devouring Swarm methinks.


@AlkamosHater really nice build, props
I like that you’re using DEE for that proc as well
I may try out something like this in the 2nd GD league


You mean relic?

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Thank you! I found DEE on Bysmiel bonds better because of canceling animation sometimes (or eventual miss), I prefer to have Mogdrogen/Shepard uptime all the time in that case.

Yes, corrected. I always confuse it.


30% Pet Chaos Resistance

The bowling balls on this man.

I’m extremely shocked at how well this performs compared to how basic it looks. I don’t know if it’s the Bleed damage doing the work or Falcon Swoop is just that good or you’re just that much better at piloting in the Crucible than the rest of us.

Legit question: Why is Rend bound to Raven? With the rings providing bonuses to Infernal Breath and Ember Claw just getting buffed, I would think the Hellhound would be the perfect pet to proc something that important.

Second Legit Question: I’m also surprised at the lack of Assassin’s Blade. I suppose stacking the Physical RR alongside the Bleed damage wasn’t worth it, devotion wise?

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So is it safe to assume this is the best pet conjurer build?

Does the bleed damage stack per projectile for Familiar? Also, for Ravager , how and why is he not coming after you at all ? When i used my Bysmiel set , he comes after me like 80% of the time hence it took me around 12 mins to kill.

Unless I am mistaken, it should. But since it is 11% flat per projectile and max 5, it is still only half of a melee pet.

One of Fwuffy’s greatest nightmares have been realized. Swarms become op again.



It does not do that on say phantasmal blades and the falcon swoop proc. I see no reason why each familiar projectile should stack then either (unless you have two birbs). But perhaps DoT stacking logic is different for pets projectiles.

By stacking, I mean that if you had 100 flat bleed, each projectile should do 11 flat bleed dmg for a total of 55 on a 26/16 familiar. If it doesn’t stack and just over-rides, that would make familiars even worse than melee pets atm since even on an elemental build they get a decent amount of elemental DoTs.

I don’t think so unfortunately, because that would mean that DoTs work different for pet projectiles than player scaled projectiles.

I mean pets in general work differently from player stuff :woman_shrugging:

Anyone willing to test it? GI should give the data needed since GD doesn’t show pet DoT.

Even within Pets there is inconsistency like Necromancer summons requiring you to pause to summon them while if you press the hotkey for Hellhound for eg, there is no such pause.

It can be issue in very deep sr only, just change auguments in jewelery in that case.

Bird with 1 point lightning strike proc it on whole group of monsters from distance + bird has better survival than dog so it is basically alive all the time in deep sr. In Crucible it make aoe hit when I command my pets to attack target so enemies got bleed rr before rest of my other pets even hit them.

I tested more devotion routes, assassin mark + bear included (and still Rend/Mogdrogen), it was not better, I focused on full bleed damage finally.

I don’t know, for SR there are better builds, many of Duskdeep’s as example.

About projectiles I don’t know, but birds are good for Rend proc. Ravager agro depends of build a lot, Briars hold agro better than Birds. Next thing is trying to not spam offensive skills to not taunt him. RNG is important too, most of my runs he is coming after me a lot, timers go to 1:4x then usually. Good method is staying behind back of your pets too, he is very likely to lose agro fast too in that case.


Honestly it doesn’t even matter, Lightning Strike has a way higher %weapon damage which will override the auto attack projectiles.

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