RawrBringer - Witchblade


The idea was to make a lazy, non-green version of this - [ -] Doom Impending - Rahbinger Witchblade [sr+][vid]
As it turned out, build was already in lazy mode… most of the changes I tried to make simply ended up making it worse :sweat_smile:
But, still managed to go green free :3


  • [Ranged] [1.2.1] (sr+) RawrBringer - Witchblade (Maya)

    • Damage: Chaos
    • Active Skills: Touch of Chaos, Doom Bolt, Blood of Dreeg, Curse of Frailty
    • Passive Skills: Possession, Solael’s Witchfire, Field Command, Presence of Might



ranni-ranni-the-witch –– https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1aMpnV



Crate of Entertainment: https://i.imgur.com/gdXuzj0.jpg
Took around 1 minute.

Callagadra, Scion of Sands: https://i.imgur.com/nqjfdrT.jpg
Took around 3 minutes.

Mogdrogen: https://i.imgur.com/Vobgv53.jpg
Took around 4 minutes.

Ravager of Flesh: https://i.imgur.com/wGylWeN.jpg
Took around 2 minutes.

Shattered Realms - 80 : https://i.imgur.com/xzoUGQ8.jpg
Did not time it, but pretty easy regardless.

Crucible 150-170 : https://i.imgur.com/iZIAtEJ.jpg
Not really ideal for farming, but is easy though.



How to Level –


Everything into Physique, except for when you need to invest into Cunning or Spirit to meet the required stats for equipping items. It is recommended that you keep a few spare points while leveling.


We will be focusing on Hellhound, Familiar and Elemental Damage, since we are going for a Pet Occultist Leveling.

Soldier does not provide much for a Pet build. While leveling, you only need to invest points into it if you wish to make the player character more Sturdy.


  • Focus on the player’s defenses like Resistances, first and foremost.
  • Pet stats are the next priority.
  • Grab items that provide extra skill points to the skills we use, whenever you can.
  • Player’s Offensive stats are irrelevant here since we are going for a pet build.
  • Do not use items that convert pet damage away from Elemental.



  • Purple Crossroads > Shepherd’s Crook > Remove Purple

  • Green Crossroads > Raven > Rhowan’s Crown > Remove Green

  • Blue Crossroads > Eel > 4 points in Amatok (for Blizzard)

  • Yellow Crossroads > Tortoise > Remove Yellow

  • Sailor’s Guide > Crane > Panther > Solemn Watcher

  • Ishtak + 4 points in Tree of Life (for Healing Rain)



  • Lvl 10 – 16/16 Familiar, 1/16 Mend Flesh.

  • Lvl 20 – 16/16 Hellhound, 1/10 Curse of Frailty, 7/10 Vulnerability, 1/16 Blood of Dreeg, 1/12 Storm Spirit.

  • Lvl 30 – 5/10 Curse of Frailty, 10/10 Vulnerability, 1/12 Ember Claw, 16/16 Blood of Dreeg.

  • Lvl 40 – 12/12 Lightning Strike, 1/12 Aspect of the Guardian, 7/12 Bonds of Bysmiel.

  • Lvl 50 – 12/12 Manipulation, 1/12 Infernal Breath.

  • Lvl 60 – 12/12 Bonds of Bysmiel, 12/12 Possession.

  • Lvl 70 – 12/12 Storm Spirit, 12/12 Aspect of the Guardian.

  • Lvl 80 – 12/12 Ember Claw, 12/12 Infernal Breath.

  • Lvl 90 – 10/10 Curse of Frailty, 16/16 Mend Flesh.

  • Lvl 94 – Respec as needed, according to the build you are going for.


Note - The skill point investment does not factor in any additional skill points you may get from items.


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Save File –

_Rani.zip (895.9 KB)



Final Reserbirb and done

Build Updated to be tankier than before. No real DPS loss since we don’t need to kite as much now. Also got more OA :3

Mogdrogen kill time reduced by an average of around 1 minute :stuck_out_tongue:

Just realized that GT unbound the skill I had on the Abom devo proc for some reason, when I uploaded my save to the calc.

Corrected that :yum:

I think this is a very good build, especially since it doesn’t use MI. Your character is a ranged character, which is a great advantage to be able to take down Crate, but I think you’ll struggle in SR with large groups of enemies because you have insufficient AoE skill.

SR upto 80 is fine. Build is designed to farm SR 75-76, not go deep :yum:

If you want to go into higher SR, I recommend this instead - The Fluffy Squishy - Pet Conjurer - SR 150 version :3

Hey, Maya! Just saw this build after posting on your Cabalist guide and found it interesting… Can I play this build as a beginner? How do I level and which devotions do I prioritize?

Hm… would be better to ask someone else about leveling (assuming you want to level this while keeping the playstyle similar), since I mostly focus on pets and this was more of a curiosity since I wanted to play non pet builds a bit :sweat_smile:

Regarding whether the end build is suited for beginners… hm, personally I would say it is not. The build doesn’t have much in terms of survivability and relies mostly on kiting. So, you kind of need to know the fights and the limits of the character well.

If you want to level as chaos damage then just use cadence and items + components with physical > chaos conversion (best for begining would be riftstone from lvl 20)

Try to get relic which allows dual wielding melee weapons and farm two Naren Kur’s blades (no specific affixes needed just ones with physical > chaos conversion).
Put few points in markovian advantage, zolthan technique, solael Witchblade and max cadence. One point in blitz for movement and work your way for possession.

When you get the blades then leveling become really easy (flat damage to MA is enormous at the beginning)

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