Create a transmutation for pet-based skills

Pet skills have good buffs, but they die quickly and are useless because they do not scale with players.
So I would like to propose a new transmutation in pet skills for player based builds.


  • Invincible

Bonus to pet

  • Total dmg modified by -100%
  • Total retal dmg modified by -100%

By doing this, your pet can’t do any damage, just buff / heal the player, but it’s a very useful skill.
Thank you for your consideration.


Would make pet based builds pretty useless since the idea is the pets do the damage for you while you help them out with skills like Curse of Frailty and Blood of Dreeg. Might as well not bother with them at all if that was the case.

If your pets are dying too quickly then you need to look at your builds because pets are some of the strongest builds out there atm. Just have a look at Maya’s Carnvial of Pets thread to see how strong they can be.

Alternatively just make pet builds using player based pets like Guardians of Empyrion and Blade Spirit.

Yup. I know how strong a pet based build is. I just wanted to use that buff effectively in player-based builds.
Well, if my argument is far from the concept, it would not be acceptable. If so, that’s fine.

I personally think this is an interesting idea, but how it would actually work might be underwhelming. It would be a lot more relevant if pets, while doing no damage, were able to generate additional threat and MAINTAIN that threat to pull aggro away from the player. Then the invincibility would make sense, and likely be way unbalanced.

Without pets pulling any aggro though, since they’d be dealing no damage/generating no debuffs, their invincibility wouldn’t matter much aside from giving the pet the ability to maybe provide its buffs to you, and yeah, heal you like Mend flesh on the familiar.

Can you be any more specific? Do you have a particular pet and pet buff in mind?

In theory it sounds good.In practical it does not.What good is a pet build when a pet can’t do damage?If it’s an add on then by all means.but to make an add on for every pet will take time and most prob time the dev team doesn’t have.

Pretty sure a mod like that can be made but then a pet has to be in defense state to not try and attack target as 1 aoe and a pet can die.

The notion is he wants to use pet auras like Hellfire, Storm Spirit, Emboldening Presence etc. on a non-Pet build without having to rely on the pet to survive (which end game without a dedicated pet build is difficult to do).

On topic, something like this got mentioned/asked for in the recent stream. Roughly remembering what Zantai’s response was - he knows why you want this but it isn’t going to happen.

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Yeah, I got that, but still seems to me that defeats the purpose of having pets. But then I like seeing my pets tear into foes while I stand around and watch. :smile: If I want to do the fighting I just play another class.

It’s in same ballpark as current player pets like Wind Devil (with Raging Tempest) or Guardian’s of Empyrion (and Celestial Presence) on characters that investment little outside of the debuffs they provide. I don’t particularly agree with making pet-scaled pets into those as well but get where he’s coming from.

I support the idea for pets that provide auras.

It would open more options to build a character and is no different from leveling a regular buff while also adding a potential role play element.

The transmuter could also make the pets exclusive, meaning that only one transmuted pet can be active at a time. That way it wouldn’t compete with regular pet builds in regards to pet count.


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