Korba's Animalery - Pet Conjurer


Credits to @Monceaux for the Title name & @Superfluff for the inspiration to remake my Cold Moggy Puppy for FG.

Now, while this is modeled after my Fluffy Squishy, the devotion setup is completely different. It provides much more damage at the cost of Tankiness. So this is more of an offensive oriented version.

Also another thing I must tell you is that if you like flashy, cool builds, this one will not disappoint. It has procs for ages :3

Note: Requires both Ashes_of_Malmouth & Forgotten_Gods.

  • [Pet] [] (g3) (c+) (sr+) Korba’s Animalery - Pet Conjurer (Maya)

    • Damage: Pets
    • Active Skills: Summon Familiar, Summon Hellhound, Summon Briarthorn, Summon Skeletal Servant, Wind Devil, Curse of Frailty, Blood of Dreeg, Call of the Beast, Bysmiel’s Authority
    • Passive Skills: Bonds of Bysmiel, Mogdrogen’s Pact, Primal Bond, Presence of Might (x2)
    • WPS Skills: none

O) Ice Cream: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZPOyeGV

Crucible 151-170, with 4 Blessings & Banner: https://i.imgur.com/ZS6pdw9.jpg
No potions/consumables used except for Tonic of Mending.

Shattered Realms, 75-76: https://i.imgur.com/DeZVpD4.jpg
No Potions/Consumables/Shrines used except for Tonic of Mending.



Beginner/Budget Guide:

reserbirbs x2

reserbirbs x3

Got enough Reserbirbs now

Nice build!

But I am disappointed, Korba in the title but no Korba set inside :sob:

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As intended image