What's a build that can do dungeons and SR <40 reasonably?

Sir Superman :face_with_monocle:

Yeah, my bad, Malmoth guys.

If you arent ready to farm faction rep, your request of farming SR up to 40 isnt fair, i hope you understand. To tackle endgame content one must do everything they can (not depending on RNG), and that includes faction farming.

Also i advice you to change your stance against MIs. Some of them are very easy to farm and they can be as powerful as legendaries for certaib builds even with random rolls. For example Viloth’s ring for poison Templar.

Yeah, what I meant wasn’t that I can’t farm the rep, but that it will take a long time since I barely passed honored.

@Maya do you have any budget conjurer builds?

Preferably that don’t require revered status of factions.

Do note that the level up section* is with a Solo Occultist instead of a Conjurer. So, just get enough points in Shaman for a 16/16 Briarthorn and then focus on the Occu side till later on.

The guide also has a budget Conjurer, but that is a level 100 GT link with faction gear.

*Level up section or build diary for Occu is in the Beginner section of the guide, near the end.

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That is some serious work there.

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@Artemix: It seems like you want to be able to farm these legendary items with ease.

That is a pipe dream mate. All we can do is tell you what the easiest way is. But that doesn’t mean that the process isn’t going to be tedious.

Your other alternative is to use GDstash, because it’s also tedious to farm mats for trading purposes.

GDstash is a no-no.

Other than for testing builds purposes I will never understand why people use it.

Btw, one of the reasons why I’m asking this is because I remermber that like a year and a half ago I had this very budget IIRC vindicator, that only had one good item, a cool bow, and with storm spread I was farming quite quickly everything, without any endgame set pieces.

That’s why I think that there are some builds that don’t require full legendry sets to be effective.

Too bad Templar is not one of them for what I see.

I get that. I had a very similar mindset when I first started.

But eventually, GD stopped being an RPG, and moreso an avenue to be creative. You get to test concepts, deconstruct sets to do funky things, etc. etc.

How do you think the community has uncovered so much of the games more subtle mechanics :stuck_out_tongue:

There’d be a lot less people giving you advice if it weren’t for GDstash.

Right. Actually many builds can do this. It’s a shame you picked a templar. :confused:

@Maya I was reading your guide, why don’t you mention Primal Instinct pets?, IIRC those are very good.

They aren’t. Hence why.
They are supposed to be, but I have never experienced a situation where they proved better than the other Relic Choices.

Oh I see, I was just remembering a post from @sigatrev from a long time ago. But maybe I’ confused.

He and I make our builds very differently. He goes for the fastest Crucible Clear times, where Primal Instinct might help.

But I focus on Superbosses first and foremost, then SR and only then Crucible. Even then, I focus on Crucible with extra spawns and without blessings or banners. So under those conditions, the pets from Primal Instinct do not help at all.

Also, a lot has changed from then vs now. So even if you want to focus on the Crucible Clear speed, I don’t know how effective P.Instinct will be. You will have to ask Siggy or someone else for that.

@Maya So my conjurer is level 58, and my bird is a potato.

When does it start doing some relevant damage? (all bird skills maxed)

Do you have resistance reduction?

Mhhh… I have some devotions that do that, like crown. And occultists also has some stuff.

Btw I just put Ancestor relic and now I kill stuff faster.

That’s the issue. Ragin tempest + widow.