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Ha don’t remind me! @medea_fleecestealer has been dropping hints all the time for me to go back and finish it for months now :laughing:

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What good is a guide/tutorial if it’s not finished, um? :upside_down_face:


hi for some reason build guides wont show just goes to a page with grim dawn forgotten gods, new projects and off topic? is there a way to view old build guides - returning player after 3 or so years. Thanks

Try the build compendiums and the search function. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for. Do keep in mind that a lot have changed in 3 years, and that there is a update coming with changes to almost every epic and faction item in the game.

thanks i was specifically looking for the old lazy pokemon pet build i have a half decently geared char from when the cap was 85, look forward to continuing the summoner build if still viable. All links go back to that page.

Sadly I think it might have been one of the threads Crate erased when the forum moved as I’ve looked several times for it and not been able to find it. This is the closest one I think.

Whether it’s still viable these days? Who knows.

If you’re looking for lazy pet builds then have a look at those made by Maya here on the forum.

The Fluffy Squishy build is great fun.

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great thanks, yeah i kept getting dead ends. I started the expansion today and forgot i had set up another bar of just pet summons so i was doing content with only primal spirit and vines - lol. Will def check out these builds hopefully dont have to restart a char

The old forum came under hacking attacks - it was a very old version of vBulletin. So Crate moved the forum to a new platform and the old forum ceased to exist which is why none of the old links work. If you need to find something use the search function using either the title of the thread or keywords.

First off, even though my Account is fairly new, i bought GD in EA and have been lurking the forum ever since, but haven’t had a reason to create an account until recently.

The one thing thats better compared to vBulletin:

  • The interactive reply editor is good

But in general I really dislike the new Board and there are multiple reasons why:

  • The overall “Mobile first” UI Design is not the best choice for a board that is probably 90% of the time viewed on a PC because its for a piece of PC Software. I find it absolutely unintuitive and hard to navigate through, especially on a desktop PC.
  • The loading speed is not acceptable. After the page loaded, i have to wait another 3-10 seconds until something appears because of enormous JS bloat.
  • The fact that there is no redirect from old links is pretty annoying.
  • The badge system triggers me in a way, i don’t understand, but that’s just personal preference i guess.

Discourse is a forum software that is great for quick support, especially for mobile apps. But in my opinion for structured and overseeable discussions inside a community its by far not the best choice. The more old school style Boards are much better for this. And if the reason for change was that you had an old version of vBulletin with Security issues, why didn’t you just switch to something like phpbb3, which is basically vBulletin in Free Software. Also if you really think that a hipsteresque mobile first forum is the way to go, there are other options like Flarum, which are much more lightweight, less bloated and designed in a clearer way.

The old forums you could find a Breakdown of character/classes. and builds with actual guides.
Not so much now, very little explaination of builds other then this is my grimcalc.

I am just returning from being gone almost 2 years and the new forums are not organized very well or easy to find items, builds , or most anything really…I do not like them.

You can find builds in exactly the same way as you did before - in the Build Compendiums in the Classes section. Nothing changed in that respect and the layout of the forum is almost identical to the old one. If you can’t find something then just do a search as you would have done on the old forum.

Is that so?


The new forum is superior in just about every single way to the old forum. I can call up pretty much every single thing I am looking for in seconds from the search bar alone.

I can stay current with every single new post in every single thread if I choose and easily subscribe and track entire forum categories as well as single threads.

I can even bookmark individual posts if I wish…

and review them at my leisure…


this is just my opinion, the old site i did not have to dig, for anything it was easy to find, concise and had a very easy layout.
This is not a very easy Layout, not clear to a new people, do you not want to attract new players to your game?
Hey you say it is easy to find Guides, cause you know how to use it…my point is new players are not going to even bother, they are gonna quit.

Nice defensive reply i am sure your game and these forums are gonna go a long way with your snippy attitude…

I don’t know what to tell you. Builds are in the Classes section exactly as they were in the old forum. If you could find a build in there you can find it here.

Maybe it’s because you’ve been gone for 2 years and the forum has grown much bigger in that time and also the way builds are posted has changed somewhat.

Uh, if you mean ‘snippy’ as in “concise and clear” than sure. Otherwise, please don’t be that person who tries to say "stop being defensive’ just to be passive aggressive when the other person clearly hasn’t been defensive.

The new forums are very easy to use, many things including recently read topics and stuff are right at your fingertips. And searching is a friggin’ breeze. Keywords are equally as awesome. Plus the new formatting abilities that frequent posters can use to make reading their posts easier is fantastic.

It would appear you think I’m a developer of the game. I am not. I find the fact you called my reply snippy humorous when I actually went out of my way to provide you with visual instructions on how to utilize the site simply and properly.

You’re welcome.

And FYI: The game has sold over 2 million copies of the base game alone and the forum has been active for roughly a decade and still is. You’re right… it will go far.

I can’t help but disagree with the most Part of your Arguments.
First of all “Easy Layout” is absolutely Arguable, and most People yourself included argue at this point with a certain bias. If you are used to a layout for 15-20 Years, than no matter how good the new Layout / Forum-Type is or how bad compared to old one, simply for the fact you are used to the old one, you will have a easier time. If you take a step back and look for “real” newcomers which never was in touch with GD’s old forum, and / or overall don’t have much experience with the classic-style layout / forumtype, AND if you take your time as a “old user” to get into the new type of Forum, you will definitely see the qualities of discourse, and i’d go as far for Newcomers it’s more accessable and easier to get into.

You can believe me that i struggled with the new Forum as someone who used the classic Forums like 14 Years, even so far that i really disliked it at first and never got into Gearbox Forums anymore once the shifted towards Discourse. However this past Months of getting used it, it kinda grew to me and now it’s on par with the traditional Forums, if not even in some regards better than the old one. Borderlands / Gearbox however was a different case, because i wasn’t as geniunly invested as in Grim Dawn to really bother, which leads to my next Point.

Most Newcomers and Average People won’t use Traditional Forums anymore anyway. I’d say the first place where such individuals visit and most likely stick to it, simply due it’s fully implemented feature for a tool which you need to play the game anyway, is the Steam Forum (except GoG Users obviously). I’d argue most People who go as far and go to an official, browserbased Forum have overall enough interest and will to get used to a new template / layout / forumtype. So from my Perspective, the type of players you argue won’t bother with the new forum, wouldn’t bother much for the Forum overall due they would visit these forums rarely / casually and as such, aren’t really the target audience. Combine it with the Fact that the Devs like the new Forum better, and regular users seems to like it (or don’t mind) the new Forum, i’d say it’s not a big loss if such people as yours mentioned would “not bother”.


For a moment I thought I was in the “How to use the forum” guide thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

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BTW, do we have such guide here? :thinking:

As stated by @powbam, it’s still “Work in Progress”

If you need further guidance then stalk powbam, he gives useful tips on using the form effectively. But you might have to sort through his “other” posts so trad carefully. You have been warned.:scorv: