New Forum Feedback

The new forum is here, and that means changes.

We understand that changes can be scary, and it will take time to adjust.

The new forum has many powerful new features, such as a much improved search filter and keyboard shortcuts to speed up navigation, that will help make your experience in the Grim Dawn community smoother and more enjoyable.

That said, there may still be room for improvements, so if you are having difficulties with particular aspects of the forums or find that a critical feature is missing, let us know here and we can look into it!


You said many times that this forum is better for mobile compared to the old one. Well it is, on landscape mode. But I only use portrait unless I’m gaming and on portrait it’s got awful display on my phone. It doesn’t capture the whole screen and I can’t even zoom it out. I have to use desktop mode for it to be better.

Other than that new forum seem to be dope :grava_yes:

EDIT: It’s suddenly fixed after like posting this. I’ve got no more problems on portrait. Is this magic you’re doing Zantai?

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Btw, we probably need a new pinned thread on classes, skills and builds regarding the old non working links. New users asking why is okay, but some users who just bash crate for something that should happen on a forum migration like this and not even using their brains to find the migrated thread are annoying.

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You closed the other thread while I was replying. There is a bit of a language barrier, so I can’t give you a pagelong well written essay in English why I dislike your choice of Discourse.

Just a few bullet points:

  • With the change from vBulletin to Discourse you just kill everything in Google’s index, all links are dead now. There is no forwarding, nothing. Less visibility in general is nothing somebody want.
  • “I have had enough vBulletin for a lifetime” - as I said, vBulletin v3 was outdated for years, please don’t blame the developers of XenForo for using an old piece of software and getting hacked several times. You don’t use Windows XP and IE6 for online banking today, why on earth somebody in 2019 should use a forum software that was state of the art in 2004?
  • Mobile support: Yeah, Discourse has mobile support, vBulletin 3 doesn’t - again, in 2004 there was no iPhone. vBulletin 4 has mobile themes, XenForo has mobile themes.
  • Spambots: Again, vBulletin 3 was outdated in spam protection
  • The last shown threads at the mainpage are the pinned one’s. That makes no sense. I don’t wanna know the last posting in lore discussion was 8 days ago or Multiplayer Solutions five years ago.
  • from time to time I wanna read a entire long thread. At some point with infinite scrolling firefoxs says “please, no more postings”. The solution is to reload the thread and jump directly to posting XYZ without loading anything before.
  • I used the old GD forum thousends of times as a silent reader. You “own” one of the best communities I have ever seen. I just don’t like the way the changes were made. Within a few days all old ties were cut. Why you don’t ask your community in preperation of transition, if they have feedback first?
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There was definitely an issue with Mobile view this morning. When setting up the background, I made the changes in the default CSS, which added a 50px padding. While this was fine for desktop, on Mobile it cut off a sizable chunk of the reading space.

My best description of me learning CSS goes about like this… :wrench::monkey:

The old links presently redirect to the new forum, and we had mentioned links breaking in updates we posted on the maintenance, so not sure a sticky is going to be any more effective. It’s one of those things that will have to spread naturally until it is resolved.

You joined our community fairly recently, so you were not around years ago when we did in fact update the forum to the (at the time) latest version of vBulletin. To sum it up, it was a disaster. It was slow, painful to use and had a list of issues.

We had to roll the forum back, losing several days of threads in the process. It was that bad. So my confidence in that team is not exactly high.

Yes, some section show old pins as the latest topics because they haven’t had new posts yet since the forum was converted. That’s an issue that will resolve itself.

I do not know why Firefox would be having such an issue, but I’ve yet to have any problems using Chrome.

It’s great that you think this community is one of the best, and I suspect it will continue to be so as it is the users that determine that, not the software.

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  • Is it possible to add a tag feature?
  • I read Discourse supports collaboration so that multiple users can edit the same topic. How does that work?
  • Can you add a help page with all supported Markdown, BBCode and HTML formatting options? Maybe link it in the editor.

Not sure if this is the correct spot to ask this, but is there any way to hide all the stuff at the bottom of the page when you first enter a given game’s forum? I would just like to see the category titles, not every thread at the bottom of the page. It is waaaaay too much stimulation for me.

As usual, I’ve got problems with my reply box scrolling along my screen, and partially covered by the navigation top bar, which should be hideable. Lack of navigation tools for navigating between threads on a single forum, making inf-scrolling’s problems all the more painful.

With all due respect, this seems only partially implemented. While I may have only recently registered I do have many hours in PoE and love the game and have been using many of the stickied posts as very frequently used guides.

For example: GD Acronym and Abbreviation List - Grim Dawn Forums

Build Compendium V (Base Game) - Grim Dawn Forums

Link catalog for character builds, masteries and skills - Grim Dawn Forums

[Tool] Grim Internals - Grim Dawn Forums

…Just to name a few, these were all direct bookmarks that would take me directly to those forum posts\threads.

Now when I click on any of my old bookmarks they go to Will that return to normal? Also the formatting seems to be broken now too, none of the posts look the same anymore. Will the author’s formatting be returned to normal as well?

Please do not take this as an inflammatory post. Whatever you guys do, we’ll get used to it! :smiley:
Thank you!

It is possible to enable tags, yes. Is this something that would benefit the community? I don’t recall it getting much use in the old forum except as a joke.

No idea about the collaboration threads, may be a setting we have to enable.

The forum uses standard codes, so I imagine such helm guides already exist, but we could link to them if somebody has a good one.

So what you’re asking for is to just show the categories and not all the Latest/Top threads underneath that? That I’m not sure we can/should disable. :frowning:

Having a hard time with your issues cause I don’t even have a tablet to test on. :confused:

Not sure what you mean about the lack of navigation tools.

If by partially implemented you are referring to the broken links, that is unfortunately the way it’s going to be. The old forum was under constant harassment from a hacker and we had to migrate to a new forum in the process of securing the site. The old forum, and thus the old links, no longer exist. The new forum uses a different structure, which is why old links redirect you to the forum homepage.

Because of this, there will be some growing pains, but over time the critical links will be restored.

Not sure what you mean by this. Maybe you loaded the site while we were in the process of changing something (we’re making tweaks/improvements here and there as they come to us).

With Discourse, things update in real time, but at the same time other changes require a refresh of the page.

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On the main forum page you only see the first pinned topic of each subforum. Latest unpinned topics are not shown except for the patch notes subforum, because that one doesn’t have any pinned topics. Can you change it the other way round so pinned topics are ignored and only the latest 3 or 4 unsticky topics are shown for each subforum?

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You have to update your links manually. As long as the threads haven’t been purged due to old age or irrelevance (the threads you listed all still exist) you can find them easily with the search tool. Speaking of which, it’s such an improvement. The old vBulletin search tool was completely useless, this one here actually works :grinning:

edit (because Discourse complained about me trying to triple post :open_mouth:):

For example the posts in this topic (had it bookmarked for years :nerd_face:) look pretty broken, those [li], [ol] and [ul] tags don’t work anymore.

Is it possible to resolve this automatically with a software solution or is it something that has to be done manually? Then it’s probably a better idea to create new guides from scratch, especially in cases like this when the info is years old and might not be accurate anymore.

If you take those links and paste them in google wayback machine or look at a cached page itll work fine. A shame they updated to a design that killed off so many years of player research and discussion.

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Visibility will come back as people find the new site and start contributing to the forum again. Went through something fairly recently like this when the old website was suddenly closed by the owners. A new forum was formed and yes, it took a few months for it to start appearing in google’s search, but now it’s the first thing you see when searching for stuff related to TQ. The same will happen with the new forum here and probably a lot quicker than it did for the new TQ forum which only had a few people at the beginning, GD has thousands of people interested in the game atm.


It’s not killed off for pete’s sake. Unless the threads are pre GD launch date 25.02.16 then those threads are still here for people to find and continue any discussions they were already participating in. It’ll take a while for google to start picking up the links again from the new site here, but it will happen. And I’d rather have broken links than give the hackers a back door into the new forum thank you very much.

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I do have difficulties with searching and I really want back pages, even if it was optional to toggle in the settings. I won’t bother searching if it doesn’t arrive because it takes too long now. As I mentioned in another thread, I never remember appropriate wordings or thread names, so inputting one word to the search tab and then searching for minutes for one damn thread is just stupid and I’ll rather make another thread about the same shit to then have time to do something important and check for the replies later.

On the old forum, searching a thread from October/November 2017 took me about 5 minutes, even less than that, because I just checked page 5, I see January 2018, so I have to go 3 pages further and I found whatever I wanted. Here it takes 20 minutes if not more.

Another factor, if you PC freezes even when browsing websites, waiting till a damn search page loads can take even 10 seconds.

Also, the reply feature doesn’t seem to work for me anymore. I do press it on someone’s message to reply to them, it does show the icon on top left of my message box, but it often doesn’t appear after sending the message.

My old ID can’t receive activation mail. How can I solve it?

Send an e-mail to [email protected]

Thank you for your quick reply.

Can I specify another email address?

So what you’re asking for is to just show the categories and not all the Latest/Top threads underneath that? That I’m not sure we can/should disable. :frowning:

There is something similar in Stack Exchange that I found very distracting - hot topics / latest topics. However, that section of the website was contained in a single element, and so I could use a standard ad blocker to just hide that feature.

In this new forum layout, that feed at the bottom doesn’t come up as a single element, and so I cannot pick the whole thing to block. I wonder if you would be able to change that? This shouldn’t affect appearance, but allow users to hide it if they so desired.

Also as an aside, if there isn’t already a guide on how to use the new formatting, there definitely should be one in a very visible location. I have no idea how to quote properly!