Grim Dawn

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Topic Replies Activity
New Forum Feedback 474 September 15, 2019
Two-Hander feedback thread 236 September 15, 2019
Request to add bleeding damage to bone harvest's dread 13 September 15, 2019
[] War Druid of Cairn - Bleeding Druid SR 65/66 27 September 15, 2019
Playtesters' plea for help - Zantai's Last Secret 380 September 15, 2019
Screenshots/Streamers links not displaying properly 16 September 15, 2019
[] Melee DW Deathmark Cold WPS Infiltrator (vid)(sr+) 24 September 15, 2019
FG SC legit trade thread #1 368 September 15, 2019
[] Conjurer of the Dark Arts - 6:30m Crucible 150-170, "naked" Crucible, easy SR 75-76 no greens immortal Conjurer 57 September 15, 2019
How about adding another spirit guide in vanilla? 4 September 15, 2019
Agrivix set - thoughts on making it a fire-based set? 11 September 15, 2019
What's a build that can do dungeons and SR <40 reasonably? 75 September 15, 2019
[] Random Turning of Ground To Black 2 September 15, 2019
Vanquisher Templar Feedback 5 September 15, 2019
[] Winter has come. Historically accurate Night King roleplay: immense dmg, can be killed by a little girl (2H cold trickster, c+) 19 September 15, 2019
[] Dark one's ritualist megaTANK - (Naked farmer, C+, affixes on greens DON'T matter) 30 September 15, 2019
Spam DEE and DEE set ->discussion on tweaks to the set viable for this and various DEE ideas 22 September 15, 2019
You know there's something seriously wrong with FoI (especially tainted flames) when 55 September 14, 2019
Bonescavenger's Deathgrips does not proc on pet kill 7 September 15, 2019
[Tool] Grim Internals 3727 September 15, 2019
[Tool] Grim Dawn Item Assistant 2476 September 15, 2019
Can't decide! Warlord or Shieldbreaker 10 September 15, 2019
[] Skorkh, Railrocketshotgunner - 2H Ranged Fire Vortex Justicar Purifier (no greens, Gladiator) 11 September 15, 2019
[] Music Not Playing in Certain Areas 3 September 15, 2019
A bloody display - A collection of Bleeding Builds 9 September 15, 2019
Console Commands Reference 11 September 15, 2019
Voice chat on grim dawn v1.1.4.2 9 September 15, 2019
One-Hander Feedback Thread 210 September 15, 2019
Bug with masterful dreeg's vector 1 September 15, 2019
Balance and Game for Nemesis 6 September 15, 2019