The New 'Item tooltips now hide on components, augments and skills'

Is there any way to make this something you can toggle on/off in the options? My dodge is on ctrl and show tooltip apparently doesn’t work if this is the case. I also much prefer the previous tooltip where i don’t have to hold down an additional button to view everything that’s on an item. I’d much prefer all info available on mouse hover and just scrolling down


Totally agree. Pressing ctrl key all the time to check hidden info is…
way too worse gaming experience.
Please add the option to toggle on/off this feature or discard the change.


Awww maaan =/
I got my hopes up when reading the title and saw the linked quote that maybe are working on tooltips rn and was hoping for them adding colorized stats in the tooltips (like similiar to rainbow filter) mode, now to be a bit disappointed on this.

But in itself a cool feature though doesn’t make tooltips as bloated (though i agree for people want auto-filled-tooltip with the components and such, an toggleoption would be cool).

Bumping this cause can something please be done about this?

Why are not more people talking about this? I can’t join playtest, but new behaviour of Ctrl looks like a clear change for worse.
Tooltips are too long, so… let’s hide half of them? And if we press Ctrl we’ll see the old, long tooltips anyway? Who would benefit from this? Probably seasoned builders who know components and augments by names. Or players with UI scaling, whose tooltips are even longer. I happen to be neither.
Grim Dawn needs more transparency, not hiding details. Please make it optional if you really want to change this.


i would imagine that’s part of it atleast, given how there have been several mentions over the years about "endless scroll"items (sets), or people complaining items were cut off so they couldn’t read the bottom(didn’t realize could scroll etc)

for sets atleast, to me, this makes total sense, since those end up humongous in tooltip window length

for already small tooltip windows with a granted skill i find it a bit off,

but on the other hand then might still overlap/conflict if just granted skill stats were still shown on some items with long scroll bonuses

i think currently the main issue, for me, since other wise i’m ok with the change, is we can’t see component slot highlights in stash, because item window pops over and previously CTRL hid that so there was an easy overview

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My issue with this change is that searching for chaos resist or aether resist don’t show Imbued Silver or Purified Salt on blacksmith crafting list.

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anything/stat/word that’s part of a granted skill probably doesn’t appear because it’s not present in collapsed form

This is my big problem with the new implementation.

My small problem is that it now takes two hands to screencap items (Ctrl + Prntscreen) after COUNTLESS YEARS of just poking a finger to the top of my keyboard to do the job. :crazy_face:


This is fixed in the upcoming playtest build.


We’re looking into how to address this.


Please consider making the entire thing an option in the settings or perhaps the loot filter.

All it does atm is cause annoyance, having to hold down Ctrl to get full information, while still having to scroll through in some cases when dealing with set items and such.
So, instead of having any actual benefit, atleast for me it means “have fun holding down Ctrl if you are looking through item tooltips”.

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This has been the first, biggest issue for me with several new characters sub-level 50.

The tooltips will not obscure the stash in the next build.

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Please consider doing this Zantai. Please just make it an option to toggle this feature in settings. Like i said previously, i have my dodge button on ctrl cause i literally have no where else to bind it to and now it’s stuck in my muscle memory. And since you can’t re-bind the show tooltip to another key that just makes it worse.
The best compromise would be to have it toggleable in settings. The 2nd best would be to be able to re-bind the show tooltip key to whatever you want and to make the tooltip key toggle the tooltips instead of having to hold it down constantly

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Just started the public test today, 5 minutes into the game, went into Options hoping to find the toggle for this.
I’m confident that the Crate team will modify this in a manner that will please most.

Hope everyone has a great day! :hammer: :wrench:


And even if I do know components and augments by name, I don’t know all the Granted Skills in the game by name. This includes those hundreds of Chance on Attack, Chance on Critical Attack, etc. procs. I’m not sure Granted Skills that are not provided by components should be hidden at all TBH.


+1 to making this an optional setting

i personally see zero benefit in it at all, so would like to have an option to keep the old behavior, while those who enjoy the condensed view can choose to do that.