It can be confusing to understand when and how the many available bonuses affect particular abilities

I’m new to the game but really enjoying it. I like all of the various systems that can be combined to build a character: masteries, equipment, components, constellations. It’s a blast.

It’s also frequently overwhelming, confusing, and obscure. For example, I’ll choose an ability that says it adds amount X of type T damage. I look at the character screen to see the updated information about what damage my primary and secondary attacks do, but it isn’t always clear how the X of T is reflected. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to be present at all. Sometimes it’s present in unpredictable and different amounts. And this is in addition to the fact that there’s no easy way to see how the X of T effects the rest of my abilities, or if it even effects them. I assume it does, but I’m not confident because the bonuses I see are applied so inconsistently.

With activated skills, there’s a sort of reassurance that comes from the animation accompanying the skill. If I call down lightning on someone, I feel confident that I’ve done lightning damage to them. All of the other bonuses, I mostly just hope work in a helpful way, even if all of my attempts to dive through the impressive list of stats available doesn’t show me that they’re working at all.

Especially with so many different damage and bonus types available, and so many sources for selecting them and (hopefully) gaining them, its confusing to figure what choices to make next as I play through the game. To be clear, I don’t want fewer options, I just can’t always figure out how to see what my choices are doing.

  1. The game shows you damage numbers when dealing damage to enemies.
  2. There are training dummies present in the game.

You can do the math now.

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i’m not sure what exactly you speak of, since to me it seems like you’re mixing 2 elements, one which should be relative simple to understand/deal with, dmg bonuses and %boosters, since we have universal rules for these (and it will be displayed in the next mention)
as for skills/attacks you can slot them to LMB or RMB and in char page 2 it will do a dmg breakdown and list the dmg per hit for said skill/attack, it will be the most accurate display available in terms of which dmg types and increases your skill gets
*which then wont apply to auto procs since only played activated attacks can be assigned to show in page 2
however auto procs should also be relative simple to understand likewise in terms of dmg additions, and should only get complicated once you start to utilize global conversion

  1. The game shows a flat number when dealing damage to enemies, a number which does not seem to be predicated on any of the numbers viewable in the character panel, and a number which varies with every strike.

  2. The training dummies in no way alter the above.

  3. The problem is insufficient clarity concerning the relationship between the numerous overlapping variables and how they produce the outcome. To “do the math,” it isn’t enough to know that there are some particular number of variables, you have to have some sort of formula that relates them. My complaint was that the formula suggested by the descriptions of the various abilities and equipment doesn’t seem to correspond to what the game itself shows, or at least that significant elements of that formula are missing.

because your character is showing you base/“vanilla” dmg
it can not factor the variable that is enemy defences??
how is this not expected/what game factors in that variable in skill tooltip?
how would the game display your base dmg+dmg bonuses “factoring 3000 enemies differing resist, da, armour, additional defence layers and temp buffs”?
^add to that your/player variable offences like RR, DA shred etc

I just want to say, you’re not crazy, @usualfool After hundreds of hours in GD I have a good understanding of mechanics, but figuring all that out on your own is not easy.

Even today I mostly go by intuition, it’s just that this intuition has been reinforced by experience.

If you hit something with a stick (attack has % weapon damage) you get flat number x % weapon damage.

If you on the other hand play a caster that has no % weapon damage all flat damage numbers from anywhere are useless.

He si absolutely right. It is very hard to understand many bonuses.

what does 150% weapon damage do? Does it increase only the damage listed immediately under the name of the weapon, or also the flat damage added to the weapon, that is found on the weapon itself? Maybe you know the answer. Cool. But how exactly is anyone supposed to know this, unless it is written clearly somewhere?

How do resist reductions, or other debuffs work when we have skills that do less than 100% weapon damage? Do they always reduce the effect of the debuff proportionately to the reduced weapon damage, or are there exceptions?

What’s with the conversions on skill transmuters, in the skill tree, working differently than conversions on gear? How exactly does pierce conversion work differently than other conversions? What is the exactl order of conversions, especially when we have item skill modifiers? Does conversion on them count as gear conversion or skill conversion?

Where does it say, in the game, which resistance reduction effects can be combined, and which override the other?

Once you go more deeply into the game, these questions become very relevant, and there are no easily accessible clear answers to them

what are you replying to/why are you replying to me; when nothing that you say is anywhere i’m addressing?

but since you did “ask”
and when something says weapon dmg; it will list the amount of dmg ingame so you don’t have to guess

so, all the other totally unrelated stuff aside, we done/clear on this part?