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Hello Grim Dawn Players and Modders.

I managed to combine the following mods to a single one with synergies and adjustments from myself:


The intention of this mod is to increase the difficulty and playtime of this great game and give the player choices they never had before in terms of characterbuilding and progression, while giving even greater rewards in return. The plan is to SYNERGIZE all the content of these amazing mods that are integrated to give a great new experience. Values for amounts and chances for good items are a bit increased to test out the mod, aswell as there is a MOBILE TESTNPC to check out various functions of this compilationmod to help me make things better. This NPC will someday, when i am very happy with the state of the mod, clearly ripped out, and values will be adjusted, maybe with the help of YOU! Let us figure out what is too STRONG and what is too WEAK, for a hard but rewarding playthrough experience!

Everything you need to know (without reading the given PDF) to get a direction, is described in the new LORENOTE, given by talking to the Emissary in Devils Crossing on Normal/Veteran difficulty :wink:

DL mainfiles: 05g_main
DL additional files: 05g_optional
Nexus: ComboMod at Grim Dawn Nexus - Mods and Community

Install: The usual way! (There is also a small README inside the second archive with detailed install instructions)

You need ALL expansions for this modcompilation!

Savegames SHOULD be compatible from one version to the next, IF NOT PLEASE REPORT!

I can not tell you IF multiplayer is working with this mod, would be amazing, but i doubt it :smiley: at least we should be able to trade items, but let us find out, add me on steam/nexus/forum and we can try it :slight_smile:

Happy hunting!


Seems something may be missing. Reports on the GD discord that the size of the file is too small (Grimarillion is 500 alone) and that only vanilla masteries are included. Maybe check that you uploaded the right file.

He didnt include the masteries from DOM or Grim there is only vanilla masteries. When you read his description hes saying BASE DOM & Grim meaning just some things from the mods.

There is alot going on in this mod make sure to read the pdf file. If your an idiot like me & jump in w/o fully understanding lol… Things you need to know even when he tells you im saying again. (For idiots). You start w/o a weapon. Dont use metal dude till you know whats going on. Talk to emissary to get his little quest & items for starting. Know that all devotions shrines have a purple boss. Do NOT pick up grim souls if your health is low. When you read his lore note from emissary its clear that this mod is mostly for FG & shatter realms? I going through normal campaign now & np after a bad start. O yea you level real slow I wasnt even sure it was moving at first. & I love the wisp in a jar.

Maybe after he works out any bugs he will include the masteries from DOM & grim? Though he would have to pick & choose which to include as there is a limit.

Violesta is right, there are NO masteries added at this state as i did mention :wink: no worries, at some point i might want to add the D3 Classes Mod as it is my absolut favorite! But that will take alot of prework to apply this and also there will be alot work to do in terms of synergizing those new cool classes into the given spec of the mod :slight_smile: Time will show how far that will goes.
And yes, to understand what to do, you should read the pdf at least in a flyover method and then ingame, there is a new LORENOTE which gives the player a direction, for both puremodchars and imported ones :wink: will add this to the mod description later on, is a good suggest! more are pretty much welcome.

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The only issue ive had so far is the is the portal its bigger then classic one. When I portal into DC I have to click outside of the map carefully to move. Its to easy to accidently get the map when your close to the portal. Trying to talk to the mad scientist guy you have to click on his marker, if you dont you open the portal map.

This behaviour is due to the increased bindradius on the first riftstone in DC only. I adjusted it to not miss it, to avoid a conflict on not can teleport back when getting too fast to the Conclave of the Three with a new character. You can hold “Force Move” on your keyboard to avoid this (mine is set to “shift left”), if you play with gamecontroller it should not bother you anyway.

Im guessing this mod is made to be more difficult, but having 8 mini bosses spawn on a devotion shrine is a bit much. Especially if you cant kite proper. Is there anyway for a player to tone this down a bit? Perhaps make an easier mode on the metal dude?
Another weird thing Ive noticed. Destroying doors & forges etc takes alot more then it should, like its physical has been boosted more then it should have been? If your not careful in this mod even trash mobs will kill you.

Yes the intention of the mod is to make the game alot harder with greater rewards. Especially on Elite/Ultimate difficulty. On which difficulty you play and on which “Grimmest Extra Difficulty Mode” do you play? At which devotionshrine did you encounter 8 minibosses? i must have missed that one xD The thing with the forges and doors i have to investigate, have not noticed such a behaviour in all of my testruns and playthroughs with this mod :wink: thanks for the info.

Tested various devotionshrines, can not reproduce a spawn of 8 minibosses, maybe you mean heroes? :slight_smile: On ultimate it should be a maximum of 3 minibosses that CAN spawn. And on that strange behaviour on boosted forges, doors etc, nothing strange on my end here ;D Would need some more informations then we can solve it :wink:

Im playing on normal atm. & i mean orange named heroes? sorry if labeling wrong. It happened on more then one devotion. The one inside the cave on the way to old alkavia (however thats spelled) was the worst one. I dont know how many orange there were there was alot of them.I died 2 times. Had to use the exit of the cave going in & out. Didnt help that there was regenerators as well. & then on the road devotion shrine I had like 5 or 6 not sure. I was able to separate them out so I didnt die there. Alot of running back & forth.
Grimmest is off. I made the mistake of turning it on right away when I first started man that suxed. I usually like double density in dom & grim but thats not an option on this mod. at least that I can see. Another thought it tells me its off when I go into the game but you have grimmest going as part of the mod right? perhaps it aint turning off correctly?

Edit: ok it was me I was using dreegs evil eye for my main & it wasnt strong enough to break things. I dont recall it being so weak before. Anyway just died again to a devotion shrine way too many orange names. I guess this mod aint for me. thank you hope others like it. Its definitely tough.

I am sorry to hear that ;D But yes those “bosses” you encounter seem to be simple heroes :smiley: if you turn on “Grimmest Extra Difficulty Mode” then there will be more for sure yes, but there is NO double density option anymore as i increased the spawns static over gamengine.dbr, so there will always be more normal mobs and champion mobs, extra heroes only come with “Grimmest Extra Difficulty Mode”, so do minibosses :smiley: It is hard yes, but that is pretty much the intention, and i tested it intensified, played through with bleeding shaman and skeletonarmynecro, and there was not that much of an issue until reaching ultimate and the ONB’s :DDDD they will really drain the courage xDD HF

I’ve made a short clip showing that devotionshrine clearing with my necro that has passed maincampaign and is nearly through AoM :slight_smile: (reseted shrine via GDstash :D) There was spawning 1 Miniboss -> Alkamos, the rest are heroes for sure :slight_smile: It was much harder when i first came there, true for sure, but doable also for sure :slight_smile: There is really alot that can boost you even on Veteran/Normal difficulty, just read the lorenote :smiley: so then maybe give it a try again. HF

I really like the idea of the mod so far. I also like that it is not overloaded with masteries. Keep it up! :slight_smile: Do you have any intentions of including the Stellar mod?

Nice to hear that, thanks :slight_smile: I had the Stellar Mod on my list, yes it has the potential to be a nice mod for sure, but i came to the conclusion that it would overwhelm the player a bit with added Treasure Guardians and ONB’s maybe. Also the Stellar Mod is not really finished as i noticed on my playtest a while ago, or was there an update somewhere? Sure, the given background texture for those items is nice :slight_smile:

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Updated mod and initial post.

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Decided to try this again on clean chars. Wow love the changes much better starting. I take it the starter buff buffs the pets too? Didnt lose a one so far. Havent gotten very far yet. Love the new warrior pet. Looking forward to trying this again. Glad u got D3 masteries in. Btw wheres the ring for the Mirage archer? its usually on DC faction seller.

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Hey good morning :slight_smile: Yes, the starterbuff works for pets too and on top pets are boosted in terms of defense accross all difficulties. The Mirage Archer Ring is NOT included, as i reworked the whole mod (as described in the pdf), Sylvana has become a Cold Archer T1 Immortal Merc and the second texture from here was not used. Have a nice day.

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I’m noticing that the enemy hero arcane lasers and poison pools are through the roof overpowered when you’re a low level, at least. I managed to survive 1 tick off of one arcane beam (sent me to like 5% hp though) and the poison one one shots me. It’s especially bad since the damage is instant, which means that I get one-shot before the poison puddle is even visible (The damage appears the moment it spawns if you’re on one). According to Grim Internals, I’m talking about 5.000 damage at level 4. No one has 5.000 health or resists to mitigate that at level 4. There’s also no enemy ability out there in vanilla GD that deals even remotely close to 5.000 damage at level 4. Even 500 is almost unheard of, and certainly not from heroes.

Perhaps you forgot to have those scale (And maybe some others?) down? As it stands, melee characters can’t even get close to enemies that have those abilities at low level. Please test it yourself and see if you agree with my experiences.

I left some comments on your nexusmods bug reports page as well regarding SR. But I’ll keep my posts in here from now on.

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Hey :slight_smile: You are absolutly correct, these skills have no SCALING at all :smiley: i must have missed that and have alrdy updated this on my end, will be tuned in in the next update which will come next week i guess. big THX for letting me know! have a good time :slight_smile: PS: i encountered the same thing it just washed me from the screen before i updated it ;D

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Couldn’t wait to update this :slight_smile: updated initial post and version to 0.2, have a good time :slight_smile: