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Grim Dawn Modding Suite

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Source Code available on github.

The Grim Dawn Modding Suite (GDMS) is a comprehensive tool for developing mods for Grim Dawn. It features the means to quickly find desired occurrences of certain patterns in vanilla Grim Dawn content, check for common bugs within a mod, remove extraneous files from a mod that have not changed compared to vanilla content, and serves as a hub for the modding tools provided by Crate Entertainment.

GDMS has been designed with future-proofing in mind, to the point that it is compatible with the yet-unreleased third expansion, Fangs of Asterkarn, without compromising toolkit functionality in the expansion’s absence.

Version 0.9+ of the mod has been built from the ground up with the intent to modernize the mod suite while maintaining original toolkit features and looks. Moreover, all features are many orders of magnitude faster than earlier versions of the suite, with countless optimizations and techniques implemented to streamline the use of its tools.

Please refer to the above manual for a comprehensive look at the many features offered by GDMS, as well as specific instructions for using each one.

Version: 0.9.5

System Requirements:

  • Java JDK 21.0 or higher
  • ~6MB Hard Disk Space
  • Grim Dawn installed

Is there any tool like GDSearch with a graphic interface to interact with if it looked through the records?
currenly i’m editing a lot proxy, proxy pools, monster, character bio dbr files.
but it is too time consuming in the dbr editor for traversing through the files :stuck_out_tongue:

for example if I select a proxy the Graphical GDSearch should traverse through the dbr files so I could edit them on the fly and save them all with 1 click or mass change 1 parameter on all dbr files (linking to another faction dbr as an example )

here is my take on such a tool
It currently patches all factions for all the creatures in the pool for my map mod (hardcoded)

This feature is what I’m working on for the next release of GDSearch, yes. Sorry I missed your comment when you first made it; not sure how that slipped by.

Edit: Current plan is much less ‘graphical’, however; instead, it will likely take the form of a table with columns that can all be selected and mass-edited. I’d also encourage you to keep an eye on Elfe’s tools as I believe he’s working on this as well.

Ah that’s nice to hear :smiley:

If I combine that with

does that mean we could have a SQL-fashion DB API for the databse, opensource, somewhere on github/lab/whatever in some near futur ?
That one could then transform into a standalone lib that can be used in maaany projects that currently dig into dbr in their own ways ?

Minor update released:

GDModPruner now prunes based on the SHA-256 hashes of all files (.dbrs, assets, etc.) between the mod and the vanilla game. Previously it would only compare text-based files for equivalency; now if any two like-named/pathed files have equivalent hashes, the mod’s file will be staged for deletion. For more info, you can read up on SHA-2(56) here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SHA-2

Resources -> Downloads now links to WareBare’s WanezToolsGD rather than his Mastery Editor alone.

Minor adjustments to internal code, reducing the filesize of the tool by ~15%.


Minor Update Released:


The application now lists its current version in the appbar.

GDModChecker now features more detailed error messages, with a better error report at the end.

GDModChecker now looks for changes to base player speeds (characterRunSpeed, characterAttackSpeed, characterSpellCastSpeed) in files that have no business changing them.


Minor Update Released:


GDModChecker’s summary error report at the end of the error list now correctly filters out errors in the vanilla game if ‘Prune Vanilla Errors’ is selected.

Hello Ceno .
Great job creating all the tools and also thank you for sharing it with us .

A week + ago i started to explore the modding world and i can not say it was easy but i had some progress but when i started to create(it is much said creat , more of a copy -paste and changing stuff) a new mastery there was no result and i posted the problem i had .

Mamba responded to my call of rescue and gave me some valuable info witch made me progress a bit further and also he recomended your tool to check for errors.

This is where i wanted to get , runned the check for errors and there were some lines witch i did not changed but they apeared as “Malformed”


I do not know if that is normal or i have to do something to fix it , know i lack knolodge about modding and that is why i ask people who have experience in this field .

Thanks for reading and sorry if i bothered.

PS : Saw you video of how to create a mastery and was verry helpful :+1:

The modchecking utility unfortunately hasn’t been updated since the first expansion. This means that the “Malformed Reference” can generate false-positives for files that may reference expansion data. That being said, the second error in your above screenshot is not something from the base game or either of its expansions, so I’d pay attention to that. Most of those you can probably go without paying much attention to, though.

I have no panel configuration folder :rofl: …maybe that was the problem all along , did all the steps in your video and still can get the button mastery to show neither the undo selection button .

Thought that the skills by default will link to main game files.
Correct me if i did it wrong but i tryed to copy you in the process :
Folders :
By default the Sources ,Assets,Database

Inside Database>NCM[Mod Name] Mamba gave me this advice witch made sense even for me


  • Creatures /PC [anm_male&femalepc.dbr and female&malepc01.dbr]
  • Skills/Leader[_classtraining&tree_leader.dbr ,also 2 skills]
  • UI>Skills[skills_mastertable.dbr] > and 2 folders

In Sources have a text with the tags and i created the asset like you showed in the video .

For the moment i am making changes to see what works but had no progress from yesterday .

Thanks for readind my post and also thanks for the rest of the things you did to help the people who do not know how to mod.

How do I know how to use them if all these threads are dead? Don’t you have back-ups?

Nope. It’s almost like this thread is from 2017, before the forums changed and those earlier threads got deleted in the purge by Crate and the mod team.

Shame. Maybe try having more attitude?

Spare yourself such comments. I was just asking if you have back-ups or descriptions. I even searched in web archives.
I back-up all my threads. Maybe it’s you who should have more attitude and actually describe your utilities.

Sheesh, with that attitude I am not sure I would post descriptions for you even if I had them.

What attitude? The tool is dependent on others that had topics on the forum in the past and now there’s no info about them. The current thread is active and Ceno responds in it. I’ve been considering getting into modding to see if it’s possible to make camera rotation better than what’s possible with AutoHotkey, used the tool and it didn’t work for me, most probably because I’m a noob at modding and Grim Dawn data structure.

Thus I’ve asked a legit question how am I supposed to know how to use them (they seem very technical and I assume there was a lot of info on them before) and if Ceno’s has any back-ups. I got a mocking comment in response. I can assure you there was absolutely no spite in my 1st post.

I’m not sure why you’re trying to accuse me of attitude, when Ceno could have just responded “I don’t have any back-ups. You need to experiment, I don’t have a spare time for making descriptions at the moment” or something like that / not responded at all, writing a 100% non-constructive comment and admitting that you would rather put yourself on the pedestal instead of sparing a few seconds for copying instructions you have at hand.

PS However I’ve found out Pruner and Merger have some info on them in the about sections in the program itself.

I am not so sure that you can say that about the second post

For the first one I guess it is the ‘Don’t you have backups’ instead of ‘Do you have a backup’.

Enough back and forth folks. Either help or not, but don’t snipe at each over it.

Sorry to Ceno and you then. I seriously didn’t know there’s any difference although I suspected there might be after a whole discussion. In my native language there’s none. Or maybe just in my head. I don’t know all these English differences in expressing intention when you for example change just a preposition in a sentence.

By the way, in the current era of internet communication a lot of misunderstanding is due to people not being meant to communicate only via text but also tone of voice and body language. This is even if both sides speak their native language. And we see the results of it times and times again on the forum.

Hello. Is this tool suite still expected to work with the most recent Grim Dawn?

I downloaded it and ran it. The usage instructions are very straightforward (I individually configured each tool to have the correct “C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn” install path) and entered my mod (folder) name, but none of the various tools work properly.

For example, if I copy a vanilla DBR file into my mod (and build the mod), and then execute the pruner, it says there are no overlaps.

The search tool returns no results on extremely common search terms (e.g., “Class”) that would be found in many DBR files.

Finally, the mod checker returns 6807 errors and 6697 broken references. Looking at the first few, these broken references are clearly pointing to dbrs in the (vanilla) game database. I.e., these references are not broken.

There’s not much more for me to try here. I will add that my mod sources are installed under mods/working as is a common thing these days, so I wonder if there are some pathing assumptions the tool is making, but since I don’t know what those assumptions are I am at a loss.