[Tool] DPYes - Player/pet DPS meter & Misc util

DPYes - DPS meter & Misc. Utils


  • DPS Meter for your damage dealt+received and dealt by your pets
  • Adjust the speed Grim Dawn runs at (TimeScale)
  • Teleport using GrimInternals_TeleportList.txt
  • GrimCam integration
  • Alter/freeze the time of day in game
  • Auto loot
  • Show enemy names above them
  • Configurable auto loot / loot filter
  • Hide items during combat
  • Increased zoom limits for devotion tree


  • Requires 64-Bit Grim Dawn
  • Only supports DirectX11 for now
  • Only tested with Grim Dawn v1.2.0.3 (Steam)
    • There’s a non-zero chance it will work with other versions


dpyes-14b.7z (MEGA)


Similar to GrimInternals, extract the archive so both files (DPYes.exe and DPYes.dll) are in the same folder as Grim Dawn.exe.

Then run DPYes.exe, which will launch Grim Dawn.

F5 toggles the Config window.







Debug logs from DPYes can be captured with Sysinternals’ DebugView.


root folder not X64

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Good catch! I didn’t notice

I report that it works for both GOG and STEAM

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if I put it in the root directory, then like this:


v0.0.2 has been uploaded which removes the dependency on freetype.dll

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Thank you. Everything is working!

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“Freetype.dll” google such down

Sweeet!! Transparent UI and everything :+1:


Yes, it is working. Thank you.

Much attention is being paid to it, hoping to surpass GI. :star_struck: :100:


Are there any plans to add auto pick items option?

Perhaps, if it’s possible to do so in a version agnostic way.
I’m loosely attempting to not tie the tool to a specific game version – the idea being DPYes won’t necessarily need to be updated for new Grim Dawn versions.

v0.0.3 has been uploaded which adds Teleports using entries from GrimInternals_TeleportList.txt!

Also newly hidden away in the Debug section are some font options:



Can it support multiple languages?

In addition, I hope that it can display the detailed information of the item, including the appearance picture and database path, when the mouse points to the dropped item like GI. :heart_eyes:
For example:

In addition, GI can also use GrimCam.dll to unlock any viewing angle, which is also a very practical function.
Normal zoom:

Looking up and looking down:

Attached is a GI operation diagram of the main menu for reference.

I’m a Korean user. The Korean in the teleport list is written as “?” The list is the same as when I used “GD Hacker”, and it worked fine in “GD Hacker”.
Can you solve this problem? Even if I changed the encoding of the teleport list to “ANSI”, “UTF-8”, the result value was the same.

Play around with the font.
Debug → Font config

Oh, thank you. I solved it
Among many fonts, only “Gulim.TTC” is written in Korean correctly. Thank you for your tip

There is also a problem with Chinese encoding not being recognized, which we hope can be solved.


This solved it. :clown_face:


This is not encoding. This is the lack of font. In the post above, a person solved a similar problem. Play around with the font.

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Thank you for your reply. The problem has been solved. :smiling_face:

It’s a pity that the settings cannot be saved.

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