[Mod] D2 Classes aka Noble Paladin

Hi everyone!

Some months ago I start development mod, that transfer classes from Diablo II as accurately as GD mechanics allow.
It starts from only Paladin class and was a modding practique, But gradually evolved to 4/7 classes.
You can see this mod early at [Mod] Reign of Terror topic, but I promice make own.
So I returned to mod with one more class and I’ll publish future updates here.
At last mod contain all 7 D2 classes.

UPD. 22.11.2017 Global Balance 3rd Iteration version. Mod now compatible whis Ashes of Malmouth
UPD. 08.04.2018 Global Balance 3,5th Iteration version.
UPD. 07.07.2018 All Unique and Set items added.
UPD. 10.03.2019 All Runewords added.

Download: Yandex.Disk or GoogleDrive

Previous versions

Previous versions

Paladin class
NoblePaladin.rar — Yandex.Disk

added Sorcerress class
NoblePaladin+Sor.rar — Yandex.Disk

added Assassin class
NoblePaladin+Sor+Asa.rar — Yandex.Disk

added Barbarian class
NoblePaladin+Sor+Asa+Bar.rar — Yandex.Disk

added Necromancer class (Classic Necromancer)

NoblePaladin+Sor+Asa+Bar+Nec.rar — Yandex.Disk
added Amazon class (Rogue & Amazon)
NoblePaladin+Sor+Asa+Bar+Nec+Ama.rar — Yandex.Disk or Google Drive: Sign-in

added Druid class
Download: NoblePaladin (All Classes).rar — Yandex.Disk or Google Drive: Sign-in

Yandex.Disk or GoogleDrive
Yandex.Disk or GoogleDrive

Yandex.Disk or GoogleDrive

Yandex.Disk or GoogleDrive

Yandex.Disk, GoogleDrive

Download: Yandex.Disk or GoogleDrive

Download: Yandex.Disk or GoogleDrive

Download: Yandex.Disk or GoogleDrive

Enjoy and testing!
I’m ready for feedbacks and ideas for balance adjustmens.

Attachment: Druid.jpg


Global balance

Now that all 7 classes are more or less completed, it’s time to discuss the balance so that the new classes are organically built into the game and are comparable to the original ones.
Please familiarize yourself with the main list of proposals and express your opinion. In addition, reinforce your proposals with justifications from the original.

[b]1. Global

  • Maximum/Ultimate level.[/b] At the moment, for all skills are set levels of 16/20 because Basic items can not get more +4 to all skills.
    Taking into account the possibility of adding items from D2, as well as integration into Reign of Terror, different Skills will need to be reconfigured to the maximum levels of 8-10-12-16 in accordance with the types of skills and their imbalance.
    -Adding new damage types. Since there are no some types in D2 it is necessary to think over the system of integration of missing types of damage.
    -ОА vs. Crit damage, DA vs. Armor. In D2, the attack rating parameter is a direct analog of OA. Quite a lot of attacking skills have bonuses to the attack rating, but the mechanic of the GD can not use a similar bonus directly. In a test order for a few skills of the druid such a bonus is replaced by a bonus to crit damage. The question is generally in the advisability of assigning such bonuses since a large number of them can lead to builds with an overestimated OA parameter. A similar situation with the Defense, in D2 it is both DA and Armor. How and in what ratio is it necessary to adapt the parameter for different skills?
    -Resist. As with the types of damage, but the main issue in the parameter All Resistance. In D2, it includes only 4 types. Do I need to extend the bonus and for which skills?
    Dependence of branches. Do you need to keep the need to open higher active skills at least by one point in the previous ones? In this case, we are talking about those skills that will not be reworked by the skill-modifier principle.
    Feet vs. Meter. In D2, the radius of effects are measured in feet, when translated into meters, they will decrease by a factor of 3. Is it worth it to translate, if so, whether all?

-Aura in general.
It is necessary to determine the level of energy reservation and active cost, although this is not the case in D2.
-Might branch, Might vs. Concentration. From a technical point of view, these skills will be equivalent in DG, although Concentration in D2 gives Uninterrupt Chance: 20% which has no equivalent in the DG. The first sentence is to make Concentration a transmutor for a branch. Fanaticism is essentially the averaging of Maight and Blessed Aim, so the second proposal is to redo the entire branch under a single aura.
-Vengeance. To simplify the chance of extra damage mechanics, i can remove freezing.


  • Frozen/Shiver/Chilling armor.[/b] Make the entire branch a Skill with two modifiers?
    - Ice ball/ice blast/ glacial spike. Make the entire branch a Skill with two modifiers?
    - Fire bolt/Fireball. Make the branch a Skill with one modifier?
    - Cold/Lightning/Fire mastery. Align bonuses from passives
    - Lightning/Chain lightning. Maybe it’s worth making a Skill branch with a modifier, but lightning has different effects.


  • Shadow warrior/shadowmaster[/b] Make the Skill with transmuter?
    - Lightning Sentry/Death Sentry. Make the Skill with transmuter?
    - Finishing Moves. Skill from the dragon branch in D2 discharge skills with charges and can finish off the enemy. Do I need to add a chance of a high damage multiplier or a high crit bonus?


  • Passives.[/b] Not so trouble but, Barbarian have full skilltab of passives.
    - Warcry. Do I need to merge any warcries into one with modifiers? Most likely Baffling branch.
    - Leap/Leap Attack. Skill with transmuter?
    - Berserker. Do it must debuff own DA or Armor, or both?


  • Skeletons.[/b] In general, everything is fine, after the release of the addition of magicians will be divided and spawned randomly out of 4 options. Is not there a lot of 8 skeletons?
    - Revive. And 20 monsters? And what also mobs can be used for this skill?
    - Golems. OH! Is it worth doing one pet with three modifiers and three transmuters? This is the only option to call only one golem, although in D2 you can freely switch between them.
    - Curses. Do I need to merge any curses into one with modifiers?

- Javeline. Split the “throwing” poison-electrical branch, while doing poisonous skill + transmuter?
- Fire arrow/Cold Arrow. Make both branches Skill + Modifiers?


  • Spirits.[/b] Make spirits branches Skill + Modifiers?
    - Beasts(Wolves and Bear). Make branch Skill with 2 modifiers and 2 Transmuters eauql to golem?
    - Twister vs. Tornado. Twister is Projectile Skill, Tornado - is Pet, everything okay?

You can also offer your own optimization options for individual skills.
If there is an opportunity to check with http://classic.battle.net/diablo2exp/skills/ and do not forget to give reasons (for example: Holy Frost can be considered a combination of Veil of Sahdow and Chilling Weapons, from this, you can build proposals for the rocking of damage)

Thanks for reading this google translate text :slight_smile:

I’ve been half-ass starting something like this for like two months now XD I’m so glad someone else beat me to it cause I was going nowhere fast. Definitely testing this out!

Hi Denis, good to hear you are back. Many thanks for letting me use your classes in RoT.

Btw, if you want to change Frozen Orb skill, check Lost Treasures mod from okami29

Played Necromancer and found some issues with the following skills:

Raise skeleton / mage:

  • summons have no pet UI (icons / bars)


  • only the Clay golem is exclussive skill, meaning you can have all golems at the same time

Poison nova:

  • has the same skill name / desc. as Bone spear + could use a proper poison nova skill template which is in vanilla GD

PS: Frozen orb skill in the current version doesn’t scale with invested skill point and it’s requirement is 50 mastery points while it’s in 40 skill points tier

Raise skeleton & skeleton magi haven’t widget because at max rank they have up to 8 summons. Each summon have own widget which overflows screen.

Yes. Unfortunately summon skills doesn’t work as Exclusive. Probably version that i send you in PM a later than versioin in 1st post and have some test changes.

Poison nova: I’ll fix skill name, but current template similar to D2

I’ll fix Frozen orb. Also i’ll check Lost Treasures mod

For golems you might want to consider using a transmuter.

Transmuter does not allow creating a skilltree equivalent to the original one. It is enough for him 1/1 point.
At the current stage, I do not want to redo skilltree.

You can set transmuters to have more than a single point. The purpose of a transmuter for a pet skill is to alter which pet it summons.

For example look at the storm totem’s transmuter and how it functions. It’s really just using a “petmodifier” to create the new pet which is the Corrupt Totem. You can have the base Clay Golem as a template and then create 3 modifiers, one for each other golem. The first will allow the clay golem to become the blood golem, and you can just link these new transmuter/modifiers to the golem files that you already have.

And like I said, you can have more than a single 1/1 point, you can have as many as you want and just have them scale the values for the passive stats of the golem if you want.

I mean if you don’t really intend to match how it was in D2 then whatever, I’m just suggesting something that works and would create the same gameplay that D2 provided.

Yes, i know that i can make 3 modifiers for single skill
I previously try pettransmuter for shadowwarrior/shadowmster skill, but failed.
I need more tests.

Some minor fixes upload.

At the current stage I left golems as separate pets. Perhaps they will be redone with global balance after all masteries will be complete.

Frozen Orb not changed.

I plan start work on the next mastery on Saturday.

Do You have not enough gun-based class? Meet the Amazon! Even her spells look like shots :smiley:

Added 6th mastery: Amazon (Rogue & Amazon)

Download: https://yadi.sk/d/cdMT1Vqx3HXMtk or https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1shZxAD3uJgMHF3R3ZMZWdjRkk

Quickly tested and the only skill that does not work properly is Valkyrie. She doesn’t scale with invested points. Other than that, good job.

Btw, did you consider my suggestion for adding D2 skill sounds?

Valkyrie fixed.
GD sounds also good. Besides I don’t know where I can find D2 soundpack yet.

Here: Sounds

I can show you how to use them if you are interested.

Here: Sounds

I can show you how to use them if you are interested.

Thanks, I know how to use sound modding.
Not sure I’ll do that soon.

this is pretty cool

Neat mod. So far I’m running a barbarian…

Double Swing is doing no damage…

Will update as I find other flaws. Balance isn’t my strong suite… though I suspect the passives are on the high side.

Thanks. Double swing fixed.

Currently most of all skill parameters taken from original. I plan to work on the balance after completion all 7 classes.

Please rate new projectile animation for Poison/Plague Javelin: http://coub.com/view/u0eyz