[English font] GD clear fonts + london gothic fonts OR normal clean fonts versions

File is smaller as i had removed other languages and only English.

Highly compatible with higher resolution. I am using 3600x2024 resolution (thanks to deferred rendering).
Step to install:

  1. Backup your grim dawn/resources/fonts.arc file
  2. Replace it with my fonts.arc
  3. If Crate patch again, the fonts.arc will be reset, just redo the replacement.

note : If the World Map fonts are squished together, you need to tweak your GUI rescale just by 1. This should fix it.

Sample screens




Sample pics below at my post (fixed the World Map - cleaner font)


sample pics at my posting -> you have to scroll down to my posting.
Changes for version 2: (This is to be in-line with item descriptions)

  1. Credits.fnt
  2. Cinematics.fnt -> splash screen font
  3. combattext.fnt -> smaller fonts compared to version 1
  4. Jura.fnt -> refined fonts for items dropped on ground so it’s not so cluttered, hp + mana font
  5. Titlescreen.fnt -> GD start screen texts
  6. Monster Hud -> it’s not so ‘up your face’ font


Version 3 (normal fonts) is up.
This time , i am using a free font KOTORI ROSE (KR font).
Sample pics at my posting -> you have to scroll down to my posting.
This version is also well-suited for players with eyes issues on screen.

  1. Credits.fnt -> KR font large
  2. Criticalhit.fnt -> KR font large
  3. Titlescreen.fnt -> KR font large
  4. briosopro.fnt -> KR font regular (Items headings, dialogs is bigger[ i cannot control this])
  5. cinematic.fnt -> KR font regular
  6. jura.fnt -> KR font regular (GUI parts)
  7. linbiolinum_shadow-lg_spaced.fnt -> KR font regular (Monster hud - main title)
  8. nevisshadow-lg_spaced.fnt -> KR font regular (Monster hud -lower text)
  9. nevis.fnt -> KR font regular (Start Menu buttons)
  10. nevisnooutlinespaced.fnt-> KR font regular (Master window tabs etc)
  11. nevisshadow.fnt-> KR font regular (Game screen upper left difficulty level, upper right place name)


Version 4 (normal fonts) is up. This now my favourite :slight_smile:
Using free font DESIGNSAUR (DS font).
Sample pics at my posting -> you have to scroll down to my posting.

  1. Titlescreen.fnt -> DS font regular
  2. briosopro.fnt -> DS font regular (Items headings (slightly condensed), dialogs is now normalized with this font)
  3. cinematic.fnt -> DS font regular
  4. nevis.fnt -> DS font regular (Start Menu buttons)
  5. nevisshadow.fnt-> DS font regular (Game screen upper left difficulty level, upper right place name)
  6. Jura.fnt -> (GUI parts eg. Items on ground etc)


(normal fonts with ROAD RAGE combat font) is up. Per @mamba suggestion.
Sample pics at my posting -> you have to scroll down to my posting.

  1. combattext.fnt -> RR font.
  2. Criticalhit.fnt-> RR font
    The combat now looks like ‘Pretty Damage’ for Torchlight 2 mod.
  3. nevisshadow-lg_faced.fnt -> This is monster hud font changed to road rage font. The ~ sign somehow is not renderd in road rage font hence it’s depicted as a “square” per diagram. I may find out a one suitable later with the ~ sign.
    Everything else stays from version 4.

VERSION 6 now has PRETTY COMBAT effect :slight_smile:

(normal fonts with ROAD RAGE combat font and THE GRIMM MONSTER HUD) is up. I think it’s my best so far.

  1. nevisshadow-lg_faced.fnt -> THE GRIMM font for monster hud. It’s font name is so fitting.
  2. Cinematic.fnt -> GRIMM font
    new: Reupdated : Aug 5 2019 1:14 am PST.
  3. linlibertine_r.fnt -> GRIMM font (Active Quest Column headers, achievement title headers)
  4. linlibertine_r_nooutline -> GRIMM font (Player Name; class name; stats headers)

Everything else stays from version 5.
Edit : Reupdated : Aug 5 2019 1:14 am PST.

Edit :
Version 6 - alternate 1 : with combattext bloody bacon (removed road rage combattext)


Using new font FELINA GOTHIC (FG font).

  1. Credits.fnt -> FG font
  2. Criticalhit.fnt -> RR font
  3. Combattext.fnt -> RR font
  4. Titlescreen.fnt -> FG font
  5. cinematic.fnt -> FG font
  6. jura.fnt -> FG font (GUI parts: Items on ground, Gear item name, Dialog slightly bigger etc)
  7. nevisshadow-lg_spaced.fnt -> FG font for Monster hud
  8. nevis.fnt -> FG font (Start Menu buttons slightly bigger)
  9. nevisnooutlinespaced.fnt-> FG font (Mastery window tabs etc)
  10. nevisshadow.fnt-> FG font (Game screen upper left difficulty level, upper right place name)
  11. linlibertine_r.fnt -> FG font (Active Quest Column headers)
  12. linlibertine_r_nooutline -> FG font (Player Name; class name; stats headers)
  13. linbiolinum_shadow-lg_spaced -> FG font (not sure what this is for patch

Everything else copied from Version 6.

More sample screens at my posting below.


Using new font BLOODY BACON (BB font).

  1. Criticalhit.fnt -> BB font
  2. Combattext.fnt -> BB font
    Everything else copied from Version 7.

VERSION 9 (FELINA GOTHIC with BLOODY BACON combat+DinRoundedBold GUI Parts).

Version 9 (normal fonts) is up with FELINA GOTHIC + Bloody bacon combat + DinRoundedBold
Using new font DINROUNDEDBOLD (DRB font).
A copy of version 8.

  1. jura.fnt -> DRB font (GUI parts: Items on ground, cleaner dialog , Skill name, Skill attributes mouse over etc)
  2. Briosopro.fnt - > DRB font (A lot GUI parts effected, Item name, Interfaces)


Alternate 9.1 : with RoadRage combattext and criticalhit
Sample: [more pics at my posting below]

Alternate version 9.2 (RoadRage combattext+Felina Gothic+DinRoundedBold+KotoriRose MHud.
What a pain to adjust the Kotori Rose Mhud but thanks to @Matougi.

  1. nevisshadow-lg_spaced.fnt (main overhead mhud)
  2. linbiolinum_shadow-lg_spaced.fnt (clearer monster hp)

Alternate version 9.3 is up with RoadRage combattext+Felina Gothic+DinRoundedBold+COLUS MHud.
Using new COLUS font.

  1. nevisshadow-lg_spaced.fnt (main overhead mhud)-> Colus font (used fontforge adjustments)
    Monster hud wording now has fx2 black edges.
  2. linbiolinum_shadow-lg_spaced.fnt (-> Colus font (used fontforge adjustments)

Alternate Version 9.4 is up with ZANSTOKE monster level number + monster HP
Using new ZANSTOKE font. Useful for higher resolution players.
A copy of 9.3 version.

  1. linbiolinum_shadow-lg_spaced.fnt -> Zanstoke font (monster level number+ monster hp)
    (a) fontforge adjustments to move down level numbers slightly
    (b) fontforge individual characters adjustments for 0-9, comma, /, and brackets () so that it’s centered.


Alternate Version 9.5 is up with VANILA EXTRACT + ANKO font+FELINA GOTHIC.
New fonts used:
A. VANILA EXTRACT (VE) - for combattext, criticalhit ( for players that wanted a ‘normal’ clearer combattext)
B. ANKO (AK) ( this is almost same as default GD font but clearer) - most GUI fonts are now replaced to this.
A copy of 9.4 version.

  1. Criticalhit.fnt -> VE font
  2. Titlescreen.fnt -> AK font
  3. briosopro.fnt -> AK font (Items headings, dialogs)
  4. cinematic.fnt -> AK font
  5. jura.fnt -> AK font (GUI parts)
  6. nevisshadow-lg_spaced.fnt -> VE font regular (Monster hp+level number) - fontforge adjustments
  7. nevis.fnt -> AK font (Start Menu buttons)
  8. nevisnooutlinespaced.fnt-> AK font (Master window tabs etc)


Fatmarker : Monster hud texts
Poltergeist : Monster level + hp
ConcertOne : Inventory items name , items on ground etc
Salsa: GUI parts, Combattext, criticalhits, Start menu, Mastery /Devotion names, Character names/class attributes ,credits, Quest titles, Journal titles, Loot Filter, Dialog etc
Just 1 image to satisfy your curiosity

A copy of version 10.
Changes : CTHULHU font : Monster hud nevisshadow_lg_spaced.fnt (Name and monster type)
Pronouce as /keˈtuːluː/ - this is the HP Lovecraft horror font. I thought this is pretty fit for this game monster hud.
https://mega.nz/#!2pdi0azI!jb4TCujYsegiW1AjYq97EgQFuiYhGTbTYitQNxvZuqw : updated


Slight update: CTHULHU font was missing apostrophe ’ and the R was truncated , fixed both
Re-updated mega link with the new link.

Version 10.2 (a copy of 10.1)

Fira Bold - briosopro.fnt (Inventory item gears headings, dialogs) --> clearer dialogs (had to use this font for item gears so that it does not “shivers” on the item name).
Nunito-Bold.ttf -->Jura.fnt -> (GUI parts eg. Items on ground etc) -
Mega link : https://mega.nz/file/j49RyI6I#hhBrDeHHoY7ZAXdaZFeAPq0U_35L50lFQGdSzd3y7LY

Version 11 (a copy of version 10)

Combattext.fnt - > Bloody bacon (for your halloween fans)
Colus font - > nevisshadow-lg_spaced.fnt (main overhead monsterhud with fx2 black edges)
Colus font - > linbiolinum_shadow-lg_spaced.fnt (Monster hud level and level text)
[NEW FONT] Robaga bold - > linbiolinum_sansserif.fnt (Player items stats , GUI parts etc) -> Bigger font size for visual impaired
[NEW FONT] Nunito Bold - briosopro.fnt (Inventory item gears headings, dialogs) --> clearer dialogs
Jura.fnt (GUI parts: Items on ground, cleaner dialog , Skill name, Skill attributes mouse over etc)


Every one of those shots is blurry as hell for me. Why spoiler them?

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Removed spoiler.

I like it and it fixes the kerning spacing issue for the Enemy Health Bars but I do have one request… Could you perhaps pack an ‘alternate’ normal version that doesn’t use the London Gothic font for the titles and such?

@powbam : Is the the kerning spacing issue for the Enemy Health Bars introduced in recent patch ? I am not aware of it. Not sure what that is.
Didnt you like the london gothic ? too glaring ?
The item name title, constellation name, etc are tied to briosopro.fnt, I will try it tomorrow evening.

Thank you and yes the kerning issue is new and came with the patch and the new feature. I had hoped that Crate was going to change it before the patch released but it appears they ignored my suggestions to do so. Now the rest of the public is pretty much requesting it be changed as well so I expect it will be rectified by next patch.

Your fonts seem to over-ride Crates setting for it tho and the spacing is normal.

Yeah, I just find it hard to read quickly when I am in the middle of battle. I need something my eyes can effortlessly/rapidly digest on the fly.

Not a fan of London Gothic myself. Too difficult for me to look at, even with my bifocals on. Or perhaps because of my bifocals. It’s “pretty”, but a bit too “busy” for my eyes, to be able to read quickly during battle, or at length when out of battle trying to compare weapons, or gear.

It’s a mod, so i don’t have to use it. And honestly, I won’t. My eyes are hurting already, just from trying to read all of the text in the images you posted.

First of all, while i give you credit for sharing it with us and showing us, that everyone who might have issue with the Fonts of GD can fix it themself, and take in consideration that i’m one of the weirdos which find the new Font of the Top-Hud introduced with readable and immersive… i have a pretty hard time to read the names of this font, alteast in that iteration. Than again, the tooltips itself are pretty readable, maybe even more than Maingame, but it doesn’t fit GD for me.

Still thanks and amazing job!

Here is the normal version of FONTS.ARC
If you dont like it, just revert back to Crate one. It’s just personal preference.


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That’s perfect. Thank you.

Update: Just thought I should add my own screen showing loot on the ground. Perfectly readable for me now. Wish we’d have had this long ago because I actually do agree that the GD default fonts could be improved/upgraded.

But until/if that day ever comes, this works quite nicely.

And I gotta say that these fonts combined with the Grim UI theme makes the Quest/Journals absolutely beautiful to read now. Great work to the both of ya.

What kinda luck is it that you both pretty much released both of these within a day of each other? Couldn’t have planned that any better I think :grava_yes:

i was thinking the same, weird kind of luck with JMD GRIM UI.
I am trying to perfect the World Map fonts , even default Crate’s one is smudgy.
I am also saying that Crate should have improve their fonts - it’s also an immense quality of life for avid GD players.

Yeah I agree there about the map. Might have to go with something a little thinner on it I think.

i got it working for the world map for cleaner font - normal version
(Updated top post)
Here is comparison:

Stargater version:

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Looking good. I am noticing that on the default UI scale/zoom it seems to ‘squish’ the letters into each other. If I increase the size then it tends to space out more. I’m at 1920x1080 btw if that matters.

I’m guessing this might be a limitation of the map itself.

@powbam yea it’s out of my control, the map has auto resize due to GUI rescale. Just rescale your GUI by 1? i think it should fix it.

Yeah tweaking it up a hair alleviates most of the ‘squish’. I don’t like my UI too big tho but I can live with this and anyway I’ve been playing long enough to have most everything memorized :wink:

i am actually happy that you requested for “normal” fonts, i kinda like it as well. haha.
It’s helping my eyes as i have astigmatism i.e seeing double vision.

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lol nice… glad you like :smiley:

Hello. Thanks for the mod! The updated font however seems to be breaking the Color Filter mod in a way when dropped items can’t be readable. There is a mess of symbols instead. Everything is fine with the original fancy font version.
I would also like to ask, why no love for other languages? :cry: Is it simply too much work?