[Ressource] GrimLoot - Collection of loot VFX and SFX

Change the visual effects of your loot drops. Items (Magic, Rare, Epics, Legendaries) will receive unique lootbeams where effect intensity rises according to the item rarity. Use the item drop sounds for your mods or tools (like Grim Internals).

Table of content

  1. Overview and Content

  2. Installation


Overview and Content

Visual Effects

The collection features effect replacements for the loot particle effects with respective colours and intensities matching the item rarity levels.

Item rarity levels included are: Magic, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Double Rare

Note: Visual Effects for double rares do not have a separate effect trigger and therefore only work when using Grim Internals or other specific mods set up correctly!

Sound Effects

The collection features item drop sounds for following item rarity levels: Epic, Legendary, Double Rare

Note: Currently only possible to use with Grim Internals (Legendary/Double Rare Drop Sound) or by adding with specific mods!


  1. Download the wished .zip archive from the download section .

  2. Extract the .zip archive and place the extracted settings folder into your grim dawn installation directory.

  3. (Optional) If you want effects not to be used simply delete them from the
    …\settings\fx\particlesystems\items folder.

    • pfx_lootsparkle01.pfx == Magic
    • pfx_lootsparkle02.pfx == Rare
    • pfx_lootsparkle03.pfx == Epic
    • pfx_lootsparkle04.pfx == Legendary
    • pfx_lootsparkle04_purple.pfx == Legendary (for Grim Internals only)
    • pfx_lootsparkle02_green.pfx == Double Rare (for Grim Internals only)

You have the option to download visual and sound effects combined or both seperately.

In order to use the drop sounds you currently have to have [Tool] Grim Internals installed and set up to play legendary and double rare drop sounds. Grim Internals will then check if you have costum sounds in /settings/sound/ and play them instead.

The only way to implement the epic drop sound at the moment is by using or creating a specific mod.

In case you have issues replacing Grim Internals Drop Sounds check the Grim Internals FAQ post:

Grim Internals (FAQ) by @Darkstalix


Visual Effects

GrimLoot_vfx_v2.0.zip (27.6 KB)

Older Versions

GrimLoot_vfx_v1.3.zip (18.4 KB)
GrimLoot_vfx_v1.2.1.zip (17.8 KB)
GrimLoot_vfx_v1.2.zip (13.9 KB)
GrimLoot_vfx_v1_1.zip (11.6 KB)
GrimLoot_vfx_v1_0.zip (10.8 KB)

Sound Effects

GrimLoot_sfx_v1.2.zip (1.2 MB)

Older Versions

GrimLoot_sfx_v1.1.zip (1.3 MB)
GrimLoot_sfx_v1_0.zip (845.6 KB)


Great work bruh

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Updated Visual Effects to Version 1.1

  • Color changes to the rare and legendary beam (the legendary beam should now appear more purple)
  • Added different star effects to the legendary beam to make it stand out more compared to the epic beam
  • Some smaller adjustment to the stars and the ground glow effects

Older Versions can be found in the download section.


If you rename pfx_lootsparkle02.pfx to pfx_lootsparkle02_green.pfx, it only triggers for double-rares in Grim Internals :wink:

On that note, could you do a green/rare version of your legendary style beam for that exact purpose?? Pulease heh

Thanks man and great work!

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Thanks for the information. Sure, I will include a green version in the next update named accordingly. I will also include that note as well.


Updated GrimLoot visual effects to version 1.2

  • Added a new green loot beam for double rares (for now only working with grim internals or other specific mods)
  • All loot beams have been reworked with some tweaks to the stars and ground glow effect

Note: Green lootbeam for double rares has not been tested (since I dont own double rares). Would be nice to get some feedback if its working fine with the latest version of Grim Internals running and set up correctly.


you could rename it to the regular green lootbeam and test it that way :smiley:

Thanks for your help. Using it for regular greens worked fine so far, that was also the way the .gif animation was created. I just did not had a chance to test it with Grim Internals using this effect instead of the built in effect for double rares. I applied the name convention suggested by @lqdhorror, so in theory it should. But I can’t confirm because I haven’t tested it.

FYI, for your legendary beam to work with Grim Internals, you need to rename the file to “_purple” (like the double-rare etc)

Otherwise it uses the default GI beam that Darkstalix made. :wink:

Awesome work and thanks for the double-rare beam!

EDIT: Final request I swear lol, but any chance you could make the epic beam just a little bit bluer? (it appears almost white as is). Many thanks sir

Ok, who modded Russia…



Corrupted Wealth update look lit

Thanks for your work. It’s awesome!
Double rare beam works perfect.

@kakikakeks Excellent mod here… the loot beams fit perfectly with GD in my opinion, much better than the sparkle effect on the ground! Colors are great as well.


Thanks for your feedback and the helpful information regarding the naming convention with Grim Internals. I am usally not using Grim Internals so I am thankful for actual user feedback.

Don’t worry. You can give as much feedback and suggestions as long as it stays constructive and is based on reasonable user experiance.

EDIT: Your welcome, thanks for your invested time testing it out and giving feedback.

Your welcome.

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GrimLoot Visual Effects v1.2.1 GrimLoot_vfx_v1.2.1.zip (17.8 KB)

  • Rare Loot Beam build up has been reworked to appear more fluid and consistent
  • Rare Loot Beam color has been adjusted slightly
  • Epic Loot Beam is now more blue and has less white blow out
  • Double Rare Loot Beam color has been adjusted to make it apper more green and slightly less yellow
  • Added a new file pfx_lootsparkle02_purple.pfx to kindly ask Grim Internals to replace the build in legendary loot beam effect with this one

MagicBeam RareBeam EpicBeam LegendaryBeam DoubleRareBeam

I wish everybody a blessed christmas and holiday season. Take care of your self.



Thanks man and have a Merry Christmas!!

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I like these loot vfx very much. For me they are already a part of the game. :slight_smile:

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For real, kaki really nailed it with this latest update :+1:

Wow nice, I have to try this. I love game eye candy :slight_smile:makes the game more enjoyable.
thanks :slight_smile:

GrimLoot Visual Effects v1.3 GrimLoot_vfx_v1.3.zip (18.4 KB)

  • Finaly fixed the issue which prevented the ray build ups from being more consitent and fluid without leading to blow out in the center of the beam
  • Completely reworked the magic loot beam
  • Rare loot beam got completly reworked
  • Applied smaller changes to the epic, legendary and double rare loot beams to also decrease blow out at the center of the beam

MagicBeam%2C RareBeam EpicBeam LegendBeam DoubleRareBeam

Feedback as well as testing with Grim Internals is always welcome, especially for the drop sound replacements and the timing of the drop sounds since I did not get a chance to test it properly.