[Tool] Loadscreen Switcher

Loadscreen Switcher


What it do?:

  1. It automates the process of giving yourself some custom loading screens in Grim Dawn. The alternative is doing it manually, as detailed here by @Darius : Custom loading screen

    I highly recommend taking a browse thru his thread so you more fully understand what is what.

  2. Other than that my tool simplifies the process of setting the loading screens and it even has a randomize feature to really mix up the loading screen goodness!

  3. Read the How-to section below.


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  1. Download the Loadscreen Switcher zip file above. Extract the executable from the zip file wherever you wish. Fire it up!

  2. Upon launch it will create a folder at:
    C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\Documents\My Games\_gdswitcher\load_screens

    Place your images here. Extension type doesn’t matter too much - if it is .jpg, .png, or .bmp you will be fine.

  3. In the top combobox you select which loadingscreen file you want to create, GD allows 3 total.

  4. In the bottom combobox you will see a list of the images you have placed into the folder:

  5. Now just press the Set button:

    Do this for each loadingbackground if you wish. Switcher keeps track of and remembers each loading screen file you set. You can even click the text lines to launch the listed photo for viewing…

  6. Want to randomize it? Easy:

    Click anywhere in the area shown. With this option checked the tool will randomly choose from all images placed within the folder and update each loadingbackground file. You can set the time for between 1-30 minutes or between 10-59 seconds. This can be done with the game running no problem.

  7. There are two small buttons next to each combo dropbox…

    1. Opens the loadingscreen tex folder location at:
      C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings\UI\loading

    2. Opens the tools own operating folder:
      C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\Documents\My Games\_gdswitcher\load_screens

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Extra Tips
  • Left-click the display text (marked in the below image) to open the listed images…

    Plus, you can also right-click on them as well to instead open the converted .tex files of said images within Crate’s modding tool, TexViewer.exe.

Enjoy! :scorv: If you have good backgrounds to use then, by all means, share 'em!


Update 1

Ok. Loadscreen Switcher has been considerably ‘tweaked/improved’ upon over the past couple of days.

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New look

Old Look


  • It now checks for default GD install paths and retrieves them from you if other than defaults. Upon doing so it is then able to retrieve the needed TextureCompiler.exe and freeimage.dll on its own. Which it will.

  • It now has a default folder location where it performs all its operations:
    C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\Documents\My Games\_gdswitcher\load_screens
    It will create the location on first launch. You will want to place all your images here.

    This means that the tools executable can now be ran from anywhere you wish to place it. I also wanted this location for future tie-in/compatibility with my main GD Switcher tool… eventually.

  • You may have noticed the 3 text lines at the bottom of the application in the screenshot above…

    The tool now displays, and remembers, which image is used for each loading file that is set. Furthermore, clicking each of these text lines will open the photo listed for viewing…

  • Small buttons were added to the right of each of the dropdown combos…

    1. Opens loadingbackground tex files location folder:
      C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings\UI\loading

    2. Opens the tools own operating location folder:
      C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\Documents\My Games\_gdswitcher\load_screens

  • Other than that I made some improvements to randomization feature and cleaned up the code a bit. Downloads available in the OP above.

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Enjoy! :scorv:

Update 2

Alright. Another update.

  • No longer do you have to be tied to just 4 mins on the Randomize feature. Now you can choose between 1-30 minutes and you can even choose between 10 to 59 seconds.

  • Decided to throw in support for using .tga and .psd files and .ico files since hilariously the TextureCompiler.exe will indeed convert ico’s into tex files. Sadly, I was hoping .gifs would make the cut too but not to be :sleepy:

  • Last update I added the ability to left-click the active image text and have it open the images for immediate viewing. But what about the images after they’ve been converted into loadingbackground*.tex files you say? Well, I got the solution for you there! Right-clicking instead on the text display will immediately open the images in Crate’s TexViewer.exe now (Switcher will now check for and copy the TexViewer directly into its folder).

  • Get it in the OP above.

Enjoy! :scorv: