Custom loading screen

Update: Since the new expansion has a cycle of 3 loading screens, there are also three different tex files for main loading background in the “ui/loading” folder instead of one as before ( loadingbackground01.tex, loadingbackground02.tex, and loadingbackground03.tex as the original Occultist, the Malmouth expansion, and the Forgotten Gods loading screens respectively).
So, the additional step is to add more texture files and rename appropriately in the ui/loading folder.

If you don’t like the rotation and prefer one or two specific backgrounds, then make 2 or 3 copies of the same tex file with different names.

Below is an example of modified loading screens folder with three backgrounds ( Mountain Valley Town, Necropolis Gate, and Winter Teaser 2017):

For those who don’t like Byscilla, Matron of Rifts (only Occultist and FG guys):

For those who don’t like Forgotten Gods guy (only Occultist guy and Malmouth girl):


  1. copy and paste “ui” folder into “C:\Users\User_name\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings”.
  2. or you can make a new settings file in [GrimDawn Installation Directory] and copy “ui/loading” to the created folder.
  3. If you want to turn back the original one, please remove the “ui/loading” folder.

Do it yourself guide:
(You can turn your prefer images into custom backgrounds and use them in game)

Update: There’s a better way that @powbam suggested for making a Grim Dawn custom background, refer to this post

If you don’t want to follow above suggestion, below is the original guide.


  • an image file with 1920x1080p resolution (with any extension - we will convert it later. Someone has pointed out that the image doesn’t need to be 1920x1080 res, but I haven’t tried that)
  • a tool to convert “.jpg” or whatever image file to “.tga” file (it is needed to make compatible with asset manager)
    Suggestion: “paint .net” (free version)
  • “Asset Manager” tool (found in the grim dawn installation directory)
  • “Texviewer” tool (found in the grim dawn installation directory)


  1. Convert the image to “.tga” extension file (some convert tools may not have extension that is compatible with the asset manager). If using paint .net, open the image file with the software and then save as “.tga” file to convert it.

  2. Make a new mod file by using asset manager. Open asset manager -> work offline -> Mod -> new -> enter a name -> ok.
    The tool will create a folder of the new mod in the “mods” folder (in the installation directory).
    e.g. E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods\YourNewModName

  3. The new mod folder will contain three default subfolders: assets, database, and source. Copy the converted “.tga” file to the subfolder “source”.

  4. Open asset manager -> Mod -> Select -> YourNewModName
    Choose “Sources” tabs in the lower pane -> double click “YourNewModName/source.” You will see your copied “.tga” file in the right pane. Then right click the “.tga” file and choose “Auto-create Asset”. A new “.tex” file will be created in the subfolder “assets”, but we’re not done yet.

  5. In asset manager, click Build or F7 to build the new mod (you may get an error message at this step, but it doesn’t matter. Simply close the asset manager program). Another “.tex” file will be created in “resources” subfolder of the mod file(this subfolder is created automatically after we built the mod). We will use the “.tex” file in “resources” folder for our loading screen, not the one in “assets” folder. To confirm the “.tex” file will work, open it with Texviewer tool.

  6. Create a new folder “ui/loading” (ui and its subfolder loading).
    Copy our “.tex” file to this folder and change its name to “loadingbackground01.tex”. Put “ui/loading” folder into “C:\Users\User_name\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings”.


Old post:
The links below may not work anymore

From threads here and here, I’ve tried to make some custom loading backgrounds. But I figured out the game only allows one background at a time.
I made some beautiful backgrounds below here, but I don’t own any of these pictures.

Added a new loading screen from the upcoming expansion wallpaper “Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods.”


Mountain Valley Town

Necropolis Gate

Winter Teaser 2017

Link for custom loading backgrounds:
Necropolis Gate
Winter Teaser 2017
-> Grim Dawn: Forgotten Gods <-


  1. copy and paste “ui” folder into “C:\Users\User_name\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings”.
  2. or make a new settings file in [GrimDawn Installation Directory] and copy “ui/loading” to the created file.
  3. If you want to turn back the original one, just remove the “ui/loading” file.

Impressive work :wink:

Would be helpful to people who don’t like the new loading screen

Only the doctor would help to people who don’t like the new loading screen :smiley:
Still very cool work.

Added new screen from the teaser of upcoming expansion Forgotten Gods and a guide.

Thank you so much for posting this guide! Really enjoying my new loading screen now :smiley:

The 2nd one is Cool!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Any way to add in/remove loading screens now that fg has come out?

Anyone know if this works after FG? Please let me know

Hi, I’ve updated a solution for FG expansion. You can check it out.

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Awesome, thanks man

Ahh thank you so much for this! I’m a girl and for me the loading screen has been really uncomfortable. I know some people get really mad at others when they ask for modifiable screens but it’s really awkward to try to play the game sometimes at school or if my mom is there when the loading screen keeps popping up. I really appreciate you doing this for the pre-FG expansion and post-FG expansion game versions, so thank you. (>_<;) :sparkling_heart:

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This is marvelous! I love them. Thanks so much for posting the guide.

I would like to share the loadingscreens i did too. :slight_smile:
I searched around to find some GD images that fit 1920x1080 res, so i picked the cover of the soundtrack and 2 wallpapers from crates website.

I’ve added black borders on a way so they will fit more these other loadingscreens…
(You have to rename the tex and replace one since you can not have more then 3… )






After some messing around with this I’ve realized that you don’t even need to convert any of the files to .tga nor do you even need to use the AssetManager. Everything can be done via the TextureCompiler.exe.

You want to copy two files from your GD install folder:

  • TextureCompiler.exe
  • freeimage.dll

Copy them to wherever you want to work from - lets say C:\New Folder:

You will also want to place your images in this location as well. Now just open up PowerShell at this location and type in:

.\TextureCompiler.exe .\NameOfYour.jpg -nopoweroftwo "C:\Users\powba\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings\UI\loading\loadingbackground01.tex"

^Naturally, make sure you set the user path to YOUR own user path.

…and that’s it. TextureCompiler will happily handle and convert jpg, png, and bmp wallpapers no problem.


To use a regular old command prompt it’s only slightly different:

TextureCompiler.exe KymonChrisYuen.jpg -nopoweroftwo "C:\Users\powba\Documents\My Games\Grim Dawn\Settings\UI\loading\loadingbackground01.tex"

^And again, make sure you set the user path to YOUR own user path.


And yea, from what I can see you don’t need to sweat the width/height of the image much - seems that GD takes care of that end of it.

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Hi @powbam, nice finding!
Your way looks better than all of the hassle on my old guide :))
I didn’t know that tool even exist in the installation folder. Actually, I haven’t played this game for a while, so I don’t know if this converting tool is added later or not. Anyway, thanks for contributing. I’ll update your finding to the top post for everyone.

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Yea no problem. Someone on the GD Discord was asking stuff about this thread (I knew of it from long ago but never really used it) but I started looking closer at it and then realized the TextureCompiler was a command line tool and started messing with it and searching around on how to use it.

It took me a couple of hours searching around to finally find out how to get it to work properly for this particular task but I persevered and got it done. Information is scarce on the finer details and the tools own help text on the command line:


…leaves a lot to be desired, as you can see above :smirk:

…but there is a handy little thread here: Mod Tools - Strings Dump - Research tool use

That hides some very useful hidden details on its usage:

Thanks for linking it in the OP :scorv:


Thanks a lot. Tips from me - copy the loading screen 2 times with a different number in the same folder:


I’m guessing they’re used for Window and Windowed Borderless mode
(that I used while making the following gif @Maska322):

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Np… And as for the 02 and 03, look closer at my screenshots above :wink:

Nope. Crate enabled the game to cycle thru 3 loading screens max with the release of FG. Which is why you can set 3 different ones (or you can make them all the same). Has nothing to do with Windowed or Borderless.

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Created a separate thread for the tool, here:

[Tool] Loadscreen Switcher


Hi, @Darius @powbam .

I wanted to thank both of you for your posts. Well done!

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