[MOD] Mirage Archer - Not really

Mirage Archer - Not really

While trying to make a Mirage Archer skill (a ghost above the head of the character attacking with bows), I imported Sylvanas model, but unfortunately failed to make the skill work as I wanted.
So I share with you this mod that uses Sylvanas model from Hots (credits Blizzard) because it’s still a nice pet to have.
The video is just to show off, the mod is more balanced (still needs adjustments) : only 1 Mirage archer maximum and I changed the ring.
Talk to Devil crossing faction vendor to have the ring with the skill.

It can randomly cast 2 models :

  • transparent like a ghost

  • normal

Download: https://mega.nz/file/Fkk2EKyK#S-1E3DGp7Pz-pkl9rBk5OXRtJ8ZCyYdXjpTq4i5dDcY
Credits : Blizzard for Sylvanas model
You can do whatever you want with this mod.


1 max? lol I got 2 rings 2 pets. They are cool. Definitely a little op atm.
Maybe make a diff version a fire one? A poison one?

I should have made the skill on an amulet, but I am too lazy to change it now.

I like it man , thank you and great job