"Warglaives of Azzinoth" Search help for compensation

Dear Modding Community,
I am looking for someone who can add an additional item including 3D model for me in an already existing mod.
I have no data for a 3D model nor any experience which is why I am grateful for your help!

If someone is interested to help me with it can get in touch with pleasure!

best regards to all Grim Dawn fans!

You should take a look at the 3ds guide, it’s very easy to add a sword model because it’s a static mesh :GUIDE: Installing & Using 3DS Max Plugins:
I am currently playing PoE so I don’t have time for this.

If you want to add it to an exisiting mod, you should learn modding because if someone else do it for you, he will need to do it everytime your mod is updated.
Maybe ask the mod creator where you want your item if he wants to do it.

Thanks for your help, but as I said, I’m completely untalented when it comes to this. So I’m looking for someone who can help me.
I hope you continue to enjoy PoE and thank you again for your answer! :slight_smile:

Here is a quick test to show how it works, I imported the wow model but it has many issues like the normal textures missings which makes it glow.
weapons.zip (514.3 KB) illidan
Type game.spawn “records/items/gearweapons/swords1h/illidan.dbr” to show ingame.

I won’t work on this anymore.


A genius! :heart_eyes:

Does game.spawn work in grimillon this doesn’t spawn for me at all.

This isn’t working for me, does it drop normally?

The item is not in Grimarillion, so game.spawn won’t make it appear and it also will never drop. You will need to add it to a mod for game.spawn to work and add it to a loottable for it to randomly drop

Thanks for the Reply Mamba any chance making this part of your next update that would rock!

If not can it just be put in game overwriting files with his file or its there like a loot table in game that needs to be updated thanks.

This would look so cool in grim dawn.

Either way thanks for your reply!

If you want to add it to a mod you should not be overwriting any files from it. You need to figure out what changes the mod made, what changes this made (compared to vanilla) and then combine those changes.

Or you just add the item (should not overwrite any mod files) and then need to game.spawn it

I doubt I will add it, it is too weird an item / does not fit well imo