[] Pyrans Blazing Light, Regen based Fire Mortars, Devastation, Stormfire Sorcerer (Celestial Killer, SR 75-76, SR 80, Gladi 150-170)

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It all started with me trying to make a theme based (tons of meteors) sorcerer build around the pyran set, blazeseer set & the mythical herald of the apocalypse amulet.
Sadly it became clear very quickly that the usual devo approach (magi, torch) was not so great… The build lacked proper hp recovery, a decend hp pool (was barely able to get over 10k) and proper damage reduction. I could’ve taken BWC but that resulted in the build starving for skillpoints.
So back to the drawing board it was for a few days & after some more testings I decided to ditch the idea of going for tons of meteors. (even tho I wasn’t very pleased with that thought at first)
Since all attempts at trying to make this toon sustain with things like bat, wendigo, scales and the likes failed, I went with regen instead and the change was worth it! :partying_face:
A build that I thought was doomed to fail (was very close to droping the idea of using pyran + blazeseer together, but where would be the fun in that?!) thankfully turned out to finally be sturdy while still providing respectable damage.

Here are the results of a long struggle that paid off:


Ravager of Minds:

Avatar of Mogdrogen:

Crate of Entertainment:

Bourbon Clones:


Shattered Realm:


What you CAN expect from this build:

  • A character that is able to beat EVERYTHING the game can throw at you if you are willing to read what it can’t do.

What you CAN NOT expect from this build:

  • It doing your taxes for you, jokes aside… you can’t expect it to be immortal even with the good life regen it provides, meaning you have to pilot it well! Pay attention to debuffs / enemy buffs so you know when to use Nullification, make good use of your Mirror when surrounded or in a pinch - it synergizes well with Light of Empyrion! Good positioning is required too! Your devastation is VERY important! It is damage & most of your RR at once! So dont just spam place it willy-nilly without paying attention. :wink:
    Use of your Flashbang! It gives Dryad heal, great DA shred & fumble + impaired aim.
    Spam Stormfire when skills are on cooldown + it also procs Phoenix!
    In short: You can’t expect it to easily faceroll the entire game for you.

I think that’s it, hope I didn’t forget anything. :thinking:

As is tradition, if you have any feedback, questions, suggestions or constructive criticism ur welcome to post it bellow! :partying_face:

Cheers, Mergo! :sunglasses: :clinking_glasses:


Patch v1.1.9.5

The Conduit of Destructive Whispers: reworked Vindictive Flame variant to support aether damage; removed health regen

Vindictive Flame reduced health regen by ~54%

Dont you dare! :scream: :rofl:

Interesting build, I’ll give it a try. I just finished up this build by Rekt, it seems very strong, I haven’t tried any of the super bosses yet. Elementalist

thank you very much! :partying_face:

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EDIT: Added screenshot for SR 80.

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How can we get those Devotions that require green? Can you put a guide for getting those devotions filled out. No clue how you got there but interested in trying build.

Nice to see a mortar build again. Every now and then I kick the tires on my old mortar toon but I never get around to properly finishing it.

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Also any recommendation for which spells to take in what order for leveling? Might help smooth things out or maybe help with people that don’t know well enough how all the skills work

By picking up another green devo like spider for example, that gives alot greens, and removing it later when it’s not needed anymore.

Demolitionist is fairly easy to level with.
Here Blackwater Cocktail, Canister Bomb & Thermite Mines are you best friends for a fair amount of time.
Here’s a leveling example with some green items and early devos that greatly help along the way.

I can also highly recommend checking out @RektbyProtoss youtube channel.
He has highly informative videos on how to level up any mastery from scratch.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! :sunglasses:
Mortars do indeed take some time to get going. (see MI offhand for them being in AoM as example)
Worth the effort tho! :wink:

This build is fantastic dude. I been messing around with a mortar build for a while but this one works way better than mine.

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Hey there!
Glad ur enjoying the build!

Cheers! :sunglasses:

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Been reworking & testing pyran sorc on the new playtest.
Thanks to the recent burst summon buff for mortars, the overall increases to health regen on the set & devos I’m happy to tell that pyran is back. :tada:

75-76 was no issue at all.
Still gotta be very mindful of that new “sundered debuff” but thanks to making good use of nullification it’s not that big of a deal imo.

Gladiator CR 150-170 went very smooth too.
Again, be mindful of the new debuff and readded arcane heroes roaming it as well now!

Our favourite pet dog :deer: the ravager went well too!
Be careful tho! He also receiverd the new sundered debuff on top of his already dangerous res. debuff!
Making proper use if mirror & null is required here!!!

Calla is the usually happy kite fest around the desert, only that on top of her very damaging sand abilities she now also has… you guessed it… SUNDERED!
Very dangerous! Again, be careful and make proper use of abilities!

And that concludes my pyran testings on 1.2. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Mergo! :clinking_glasses:

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Hi Mergo, have you considered or tested to take points out of the big one and put them in VF? The big one used to be not really the thing a couple patches ago

no point in grabbing more VF points.
regen is good enough as is and getting more speed is very minimal after 11p.
also big one is big dmg when loaded and imo well worth the investment, especially since we summon 3 mortars at once now.

Current lastest Grim Tools on the 1.2 Playtest fyi!

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why do you have star pact over reckless power? I’m kinda new and don’t understand why you’d go for it

Because of the high skill cooldown reduction % which affects a lot of skills & procs on this build and is therefore much more valueable: