[Conjurer] La Magra Summoner

La Magra Summoner

First and formost i would recomend anyone who is wanting to do this build to follow JayNyne’s build on The Lazy Pokémon Master Build for leveling. JayNyne has done a wonderful job of putting together a great mass of information. It was recommended by JayNyne and Several others that i went ahead and put together my take on Summoner builds here.

“The Blood god’s coming and after tonight, you people are history. He’s a hurricane. An act of God. Anyone caught in his path will instantly be turned.”
~ Deacon Frost ~ Blade

Build Concept
This build uses all the debuffs to bleed. In total it is 150% reduction to bleed. For General mobs this usually translates into 1500-2000% bleed damage. The other concept of this build is that it capitalizes on the dots critically hitting. With this build your pets will have around +60% OA and +100% Crit Damage. Since the numbers are speculative as we do not see the actual damage from the dots. I can only Asume that the dots from rend are hitting close to 20,000 a tick.

800% pet dmg 1000 per/t dot = 8000 per/t * ( 39% (30% crit * 130% crit dmg)) = 11120 * (70% (150% bleed resist reduction - 80% bleed resist )) = 18905 per/t
800% pet dmg 1000 per/t dot = 8000 per/t * ( 39% (30% crit * 130% crit dmg)) = 11120 * (100% (150% bleed resist reduction - 50% bleed resist )) = 22240 per/t

GrimCalc Build

Build in action
Video of the Gear

More Video’s

Suggested Gear

Main Hand = Black Scourge | Black Hand of Sanar’Siin
Off Hand = Empowered Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh | Black Grimoire of Og’Napesh
Helm = Beastcaller’s Cowl
Chest = Beastcaller’s Shroud
Leggings = Empowered Legplates of Valor
Belt = Empowered Acolyte’s Cord
Boots = Empowered Rifthound Leather Boots
Gloves = Touch of the Everliving Grove
Shoulders = Mantle of the Patron
Relic = Bysmiel’s Domination
Amulet = Sovereign Ruby of Domination
Rings = Subjegators Bloodsignets - Farmed from Kazzog
Medal = Beastcaller’s Talisman
Suggested Leveling Path
Please refer to The Lazy Pokémon Master Build

Suggested Devotion

1 Point Red Crossroads
3 Points Jackal - Remove 1 Point Red Crossroads
1 Point Purple Crossroads
5 Points Falcon - Skill Bound to Briarthorn - Remove 1 point Purple Crossroads
4 Points Raven
5 Points Shepherd’s Crook - Skill Bound to Grasping Vines
4 Points Empty Throne
5 Points Wolverine
5 Points Rhowan’s Crown
1 Point Yellow Crossroads
3 Points Lion - Remove 1 Point Yellow Crossroads
5 Points Crane
5 Points Huntress to Rend - Skill Bound to Reverent of Og’Napesh
5 Points Oleron to Blind Fury - Skill Bound to Hell Hound
1 Point Scales of Ulcama

Reserved for more space as needed.

Bump for Ya’ll… Build is more or less complete now. I’ll be working on the gear rec’s tomorrow to add in links.

The GrimCalc link (NfBZ39) doesn’t seem to have Grasping Vines, which is supposed to have Shepherd’s Call assigned to ?!

Corrected ~ Thank you =)

Why not use any 75 level sets? What about immune bleed mobs\elite? What about BoC video? Thx for answering.

the reason being is that these peices offer much higher pet damage. The focus of these gear selection is to offer as much pet OA as possible. I am currently sitting at 60 % OA. That OA translates into Crit / Crit multiplier for the dots. It’s actually a very Clever exploitation of the Dot Mechanic.

As for Bleed Immune mobs… they still bleed. With the new patch Rend got nerfed. But this build still hits 133% reduction to bleed. highest Bleed Resist in the game is 100% i believe. Skelly’s and Stone Bleed to this build.

This is pretty damn cool, nice twist on a bleed build. Never considered applying them through pets!

Pretty cool twist on the pet build. Nice work!

Yay! A new summoner build!
Boo! Another conjurer!
Yay! It’s at least interesting and makes use of a neat game mechanic!

Can’t wait to see the rest of the guide. :slight_smile: Very cool.

Finishing the gear, components, and augments would be appreciated.

Yup, I’ll get that done this weekend. Maybe sooner if i have time. Just Finished my Trickster Guide

You might post a short bit going into how it is different from the lazy pokemon master and why you make those decisions. that will likely generate more interest than a slight twist on a well-known build without any written detail.

Hi again. What about ressistance\Hp in this build (gemming)?
And once more. Can u get transfer file with Mantle of the Patron, for test this build (Dropbox for example).

Filled out the Gear the gear Portion of the build.

I wont be offering a DL of the character as i am greatly against it. HP and Resistances i’ll gather that tonight with a video of the gear. I currently am missing a couple pieces to really make this build shine. Overall though it is much higher damage than the basic Lazy Pokemon. All in all though this is ment to be a variation. It is also why i have several links in the build pointing back to Lazy Pokemon. Just a variation… not really it’s own “new” build. It’s just hard to keep all the differences visibile while keeping it in the lazy pokemon thread.

added the video of the current gear selection i have.

Don’t you steal all the aggro with devouring swarm?

not really because everything gets tagged plus my summoner can tank bosses when standing next to the totem

Hi Cryodacry,

Thanks for posting your variation on the Lazy Summoner build, I’m just about to try it out now after steamrolling during levelling but now beginning to suffer with low damage towards the end of ultimate, I’ve had bad luck with drops and recipes - still using a savage relic.

As I was respecing however, I noticed a few changes that may or may not work better / worse, maybe I’m not getting the numbers right but can I have your thoughts on:

Swapping Lion for Assassins blade.
Rhowans Crown for Panther.

My thinking: With the number of pets attacking, that extra - physi resi stacking with CoF should end up doing more then the elemental storm.
And the Panther gives even more OA and Crit Dmg for pets.

Unfortunately we do miss out on the Elemental Storm resi shred, but that only really affects itself, and the minor ele damage from the hellhound + Revenant.

Your thoughts? Did we already hit enough pet OA% that we don’t need more?