The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Corrected the link to my Skulls & Bones Cabalist after the thread’s Title change.

Also found out that you can now change the titles of your own threads, unlike in the previous forum. That is a great news :blush:

Hello Maya,

Thanks a lot for your great effort and for your builds. Playing your Conjurer and it is great!
Right now i was finaly able to kill Crate of Entertainment boss (7th attemp at least) and it was quite easy when i finally understand how should i fight with him.
Now there is last challenge - Calagadra :slight_smile:

Once again thanks a lot :wink:


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Glad to hear that it was of help :blush:

Bookmarks added. You can now navigate to specific sections from the Index page.

Download links + Online pdf updated.

I am new to the game, and just found all your pet build info/guide. I made a Ritualist…I don’t see it anywhere…did I choose poorly? haha

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…and welcome to the forums :grava_yes:

Look in the Beginner Builds section of my guide. Note 3 to be exact.

That said, you will see links to 2 Single mastery Necromancers and 1 Shaman in the OP. Just combine those 2 in any way you want to and instant Ritualist. I might make one later on. But kind of want to finish my guide first.

But here is the GT link to the build I have planned:

Edit: GT link updated. Also made a thread so that I can link it in the OP

And after testing, I can say that you definitely did not choose poorly in going for Ritualist :blush:

That thing does monstrous damage and fits right in with the rest of my lazy builds. Also since we are using pets as bombs, no need to worry about pets dying either :smiling_imp:

It got a place in the guide.


Guide Updated. Includes a Budget Guide to Ritualist among other stuff. All links are now up to date.

Note: The Download links contain most of the info needed, but I will be making changes to the Online Guide bit by bit every now and then. Since there is still a bit of stuff to add, the offline download links will stay the same until after I have added something major.

Also, since I am making this for you guys, if you have any suggestions or stuff you would like to see included, let me know in this thread or by messaging me. While I can’t promise much, I will try to make it as detailed and helpful as I can.

Another note is that while the Occultist Build Diary (GT links for every 10 levels and stuff) is in the works and nearing completion, I still have plans to try and level Necromancer and Shaman to level 100 using SSF (or at best Lokarr) gear. But that will take some time.

All build threads have been reformatted and updated properly to the new forum links & layout.

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Budget Ritualist steals

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:scream: :scream: :scream:

All beginner builds except for the Ritualist that was stolen in the middle of the night, under the veil of snow and ice, has been updated.

As such both the Online Guide and Downloadable versions were also updated to reflect the change.

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Ok, some stealth updates done to the guide.

Also since majority are using ZippyShare, removed the alternative download link. I will put it back up if needed.

The Ritualist that was born out of this thread proved to be quite good. Testing has been completed and it has been confirmed to be able to kill everything except Crate of Entertainment (too much AoE = Too many Boxes).

@Maya - just an FYI (even tho you decided not to use Dropbox) - I was using Dropbox for my GD Switcher program and I was just recently informed that Dropbox was ‘blocking’ the link for a time period due to high traffic even tho it appeared that only roughly 20 or so people had clicked the link.

So, looks to be a bad choice and I’ve since opted to start using instead.

Hm… that is weird indeed.

I sure am glad I asked about rolling my ritualist haha. Thanks!


I am glad too :yum:

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Pet Defiler added to the list. Yes it is Sr 75+ viable and easily does Glad Crucible 150-170 2x.