Build Ideas

So am looking to try some builds that are typically outside of my normal ones…Am thinking of either a Summoner of some kind,Ranged Inquisitor,or something else I typically play vitality damage builds and most my gear is built around that…So questions are 1-Since I have NO Pet gear currently how viable would a summoner be and 2-If I go the Ranged Inquisitor or something else route preferably something not too heavily gear dependent as I said focused mostly on Vitality damage so don’t have all that much gear for other builds. It doesn’t HAVE to be a ranged inquisitor just something for a change not involving Vitality damage anything else besides that is on the table currently and thanks!

Every build is more or less gear dependent end game. Cheapest pet build is probably Familiar Conjurer, you should check Maya’s guide.

Inquisitor is suitable for ranged playstyle. You want as class Purifier or Vindicator.

I just wanted to try something I didn’t normally try hence the summoner or Ranged inquisitor and wanted something that I could level as without amazing gear already found is what I was getting at with the gear dependent something I could play as while finding said gear. Sorry I did write that while tired so probably didn’t word things the absolute best.

What @Nery said.

Ranged Inquisitor: Purifier, Vindicator (or Tactician)
Pet build: Conjurer or Cabalist.

I’ve got a pretty good idea what I do as a ranged inquisitor or ranged anything really but for summoner do I just sit there pretty much?

Depends on how you want to play them. Maya makes “lazy” pet builds where you do just pretty much stand around and let the pets do everything. If you want to be more involved then look at sigatrev’s pet builds.

What others have said :yum:

But on the topic of pet builds, I can tailor make one for you (even if you don’t have any pet gear) with easy to get items if you have something specific in mind.

Or just take a look here if you don’t mind the lazy playstyle: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets