Occulist 100% Pet Summoner Build For New Players

ah I see yea I was kinda scared if I ran into a big piercing melee boss :smiley:

The good news is that there aren’t many of those around. You will need to watch out for Fabius (Nemesis boss) if at low pierce res. And Callagadra if you decide to fight it.

Other than those 2, pretty much everything else can be handled decently.

Builds come in all shapes and sizes. Here a link to easily access all 3 of the build compendiums on the forum.

Btw, you can reach +2000% pet damage without using green items too. Just, will have to sacrifice some other things if you do so: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62a1odO2

(The community usually doesn’t like it when you include too many green items in your builds, so the above link might come in handy)

I’m having some trouble with the devotion tree you linked me

I can only unlock the first star and 1 constellation?

Red crossroads -----> Jackal

then other items are locked

I am making a mistake ?

That is because of devotion dependencies. You can read about it in my guide: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Look under the Beginner builds section > Devotions

I will try again

I tried to adapt the suggestions

It would not let me pick certain devotions they were locked behind dependency

how do you start with only 1 star and keep expanding?

ill read your guide again…


this is what im working with now

btw I found some slightly higher dmg versions of the gear you linked via a different ‘seed’ number

lol I didn’t know you could buy back points – reading into it now – thanks again


Btw, GrimTools also shows average values on items. So yes, you can get higher dmg numbers with the right seeds, ingame :wink:

Ok I figured out how to properly enter in your devotion tree, whewww lol

Ah yea I just noticed it’s not showing up on grim tools but some of the items are pretty high dmg now.

thanks a lot again :wink:

Np, glad I could help :smiley:

Ok I tried it as is and I actually had some issues

I’m personally not a fan of bloody pox or devouring swarm
I realize dropping these will be a dps loss , especially with the tied devotions
I simply moved the points into more HP%
and now I can use my standard rotation again.
[pet summoning rotation + simple curse aoe debuff spam]
adding more spells and keybinds felt clunky [ I play on xbox controller]

I had found a way to get more keybinds by putting my buffs on the mouse/keyboard bar, and using rest of my pets/spells on controller binds but honestly I just wanted to go back to the playstyle I knew and loved.

I can still use this build, the gear, the devotions [for the most part] , and a slightly modified skill tree [just put more points into physical dmg aura ]

overall this is a huge upgrade, an improved devotion tree and the proc’s I lost are minor imo.

I took a screenshot , when I activate my 4pc set + pop a beast potion , I do break 2000% dmg now

so that’s great! I can continue to use simple play style and do more damage and more tanky, overall its a nice improvement .


This will likely be final build for me – thanks for helping optimize

Congrats. And yeah, I forgot that you were using a controller. More active skill can be difficult with that.

You do lose out on the extra pet from Bysmiel devotion though :frowning:

yea I lose the acid hound , but it’s ok I gain that sword-pet ! I think its more than strong enough now :wink:
technically I could get the hound back , but I kidna like your other bind to curse debuff
straight +pet dmg 25% of time is neato , keep in mind my primal spirit does like 51% + of my entire damage so boosting him is helpful always , the rest of the pets try their best to do damage but ultimately they are just face tanking to buy time :smiley:


Well, as long as it gets the job done :3

Btw, I think you should actually be able to do superbosses now. I know that I said it will require a different setup, but Ravager, Mogdrogen and Lokarr should be possible. Give those a try.

Mogdrogen is basically about having decent lightning resistance and you got that covered.

Lokarr is easy with pets, should be able to kill him in less than 1 min.

Ravager might be a bit hard at first, but once you get familiar with him, should be easy too.

I will give it a shot for sure-- I plan to try to do all content –

I did manage to kill at least 2 nemesis or celestial bosses inside SR

some big melee monsters that looked like a beast
and another giant etherial type thing that was static and shot me with green lightning


btw in case you wonder this is my idea setup for keybinds
if you ever drop some money on a controller , I know they kinda expensive but works well with a variety of single player window10 games.

– basically it lets me pop my on-use buffs, debuff the enemies, drop an explosion hellhound on a group and pull out my kitty :smiley: lol and in a pinch I can toggle bars and resummons pets.

pretty straight forward and simple yet strong and effective

Hm… you can use Dreeg’s Evil Eye in place of the default attack btw, if you need something to trigger an extra devotion.

Also, now that I think about it, if you can raise your damage a bit higher, and play carefully, you might be able to do Crate of Entertainment also. With high enough burst damage, he goes down before his pets become a problem. I also have a picture guide (of sorts) that might help you with piloting in the Crate boss fight.

Hmm I will consider trying to reincorporate evil eye. I actually have experience with that spell and used it before I got pet damage gear. Still tho part of it is about playstyle , my main goal is to simply manage my pets and aoe debuff :smiley:

Lokarr Down

So Far So Good!!! :slight_smile:

how is acutally the controller support? i tried to paly D3 back in the days on my PS4 but some GD piano builds maybe really hard to play with it or?